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Information about
Railway Heritage in Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia's Locomotives

Tracking your railway ancestors

Wentworth ... then and now

Questions & Answers

Railway Maps:

Map of Railways in Nova Scotia 1820-1829

Map of Railways in Nova Scotia 1830-1839

Map of Railways in Nova Scotia 1840-1849

Map of Railways in Nova Scotia 1830-2005


Listing of Nova Scotia railway history books. We have compiled a listing of books about the history of railways in Nova Scotia.


We have collected photographs of many of the railway stations that have been built across Nova Scotia but our collection is not complete. If you have photographs of any of the stations not included in our collection please contact Steve Boyko (steve@theboykos.com).  

The photographs are illustrated in geographic sequence and are divided into two pages - Canadian National Lines and Canadian Pacific (Dominion Atlantic Railway) and other lines.

Canadian National lines

Candian Pacific (DAR) and other lines

Nova Scotia Museum: Listing of railway related images in the Nova Scotia Museum compiled by Steve Dickie


Listing of Railway Workers in Nova Scotia from 1907 MacAlpine Directory
compiled by Jay Underwood


We have compiled a listing of resource materials available on the Internet. Please let Steve Boyko (steve@theboykos.com) know of other pertinent material and notify him of any broken links.

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