Listing of Railway Workers in Nova Scotia
from 1907 MacAlpine Directory.
Compiled by Jay Underwood.

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Because this directory was not an official census, people were not obliged to answer fully. Sometimes addresses were not given, sometimes employment was given without additional detail hence, some descriptions may not relate to railway employment.

"Engineer" does not necessarily mean the person was a railway engineer. Most marine engineers listed their vessel; most stationary engineers listed factory of employment.

"Fireman" does not necessarily mean the person was a railway fireman. See Note 1 above. Some fireman listed here may actually be "firefighters’, not all city firemen listed their fire stations. Many firefighters did list their companies and platoon numbers.

"Porter" does not necessarily mean a railway porter. Most hotel porters list their place of work; dockyard porters might also be included in this category. Some individuals listed here may have been "freelance" porters, who waited outside the railway station and offered to carry the bags of travellers as they left the premises.

"Checker" does not necessarily mean railway checker. Firms operating warehouses on the wharves and piers also employed checkers.

CPR= Canadian Pacific Railway, DAR = Dominion Atlantic Railway, HET= Halifax Electric Tram Co., ICR=Intercolonial Railway, H&SW Rwy=Halifax & Southwestern Railway. DI&SCO = Dominion Iron & Steel Co., NSI&C = Nova Scotia Iron and Coal. PS&DC = Pullman Sleeper & Dining Car, trv. pas. agent = travelling passenger agent, CR&C Co. = Cumberland Railway & Coal. Co., L.I.&M Co. = Londonderry Iron & Mining Co., CBE Co. = Cape Breton Electric Co., S&L = Sydney & Louisburg Railway, D. Coal Co. = Dominion Coal Co., S&GB = Sydney & Glace Bay Railway, NSS&C Co. = Nova Scotia Steel & Coal. Co., col = colliery, IR Coal Co. = Inverness Railway & Col Co.

bds = Boarding house address, h=home address, Tel.=telegraph

The directory listings are organised by region but you can go to a specific city, town or county by clicking on the name in the following list:

Amherst, Annapolis County, Annapolis Royal, Antigonish, Antigonish County, Arichat, Baddeck, Bridgetown, Bridgewater, Canso. Cape Breton County, Colchester County, Cumberland County, Dartmouth, Digby, Digby County, Dominion, Glace Bay, Guysborough, Guysborough County, Halifax,
Halifax County, Hants County, Hantsport, Inverness, Inverness County, Kentville,
Kings County, Liverpool, Londonderry, Louisburg, Lunenburg,
Lunenburg County, New Glasgow, North Sydney, Oxford, Parrsboro, Pictou, Pictou County, Port Hawkesbury, Port Hood, Queens County,
Richmond County, Shelburne, Shelburne County, Shubenacadie, Springhill,
St. Peter's, Stellarton, Sydney, Sydney Mines, Truro, Victoria County, Westville, Windsor, Wolfville, Yarmouth, Yarmouth County.




Abraham John J. Sr. machinist ICR h 49 Birmingham

Adams James A. conductor, HET h 20 Robie

Aikenhead John section man ICR h 61 Duffus

Aitken William motorman HET h 38 Veith

Allen Edmund S. employee ICR h 22 Duffus

Allen William checker ICR freight h 14 Belle Air Terrace

Allison John G. checker ICR h 22 Russell

Allison Joseph engineer h 129 Agricola

Alner John car cleaner ICR h 8 Lady Hammond Road

Alner William car cleaner ICR bds 8 Lady Hammond Road

Anderson Alexander engineer h 111 Gerrish

Anderson Charles lineman HET h 51 Henry

Anderson Robert W.L. car repairer h 17 Morris

Ansty George employee ICR h 63 East Young

Arthur Alexander S. checker ICR h 73 Gerrish

Arthur Fred employee DAR bds 72 West

Arthur James employee HET bds 6 Falkland

Arthur Norman employee DAR h 72 West

Arthur William L. conductor HET 9 McCully

Ashe Robert fireman HET 46 Bloomfield

Auld Nelson fireman ICR bds 99 North Albert



Bailey George fireman HET h 16 South Hollis

Baker Harry J. motorman HET 38 Birmingham

Baker Leverett E. brakeman bds 83 Willow

Barnaby James car cleaner HET h 26r Hunter

Barnes William Jr. employee ICR bds 242 Gottingen

Bartlow Thomas conductor HET 26 Moran

Bashford Harold B. motorman HET h 11 Harris

Bates George T. engineer h 22 Mercer Ave.

Bauer Middleton B. ICR employee h 76 Veith

Bauer William baggage master DAR h 51 North Albert

Baxter Egbert employee ICR bds 94 Duffus

Baxter Richard carpenter ICR h 54 Duffus

Bayers Thomas car inspector ICR h 21 King’s Place

Beamish Fred employee round house bds 24 Uniacke

Bean John motorman HET bds 399 Brunswick

Beck Harold A. city ticket agent ICR h Dartmouth

Bell Leo brakeman ICR h 68 Union

Bell Thomas car fitter ICR h 153 Campbell Road

Bennett John H. employee HET h 163 Windsor

Bennett Walter clerk ICR bds 63 Cunard

Bent Frank P. supt rwy mail service, room 37 Roy Building Barrington bds Hillside Hall

Bentley Charles Henry employee ICR bds 114 ˝ West Young

Beresford Harry motorman HET h 11 Harris

Berry Joseph H. linen clerk ICR depot bds 99 North

Beswick Roger conductor HET h 69 Dresden Row

Beswick Walter employee Tramway Co. h 145 Agricola

Billington Charles F. night policeman ICR h 17 South Brunswick Court

Billington George A. messenger ICR bds 17 South Brunswick Court

Bisson William clerk ICR depot h 67 Dresden Row

Blaikie William night police ICR h 66 North Albert

Blakney Cyrus employee ICR freight shed bds 8 Belle Air Terrace

Boak Edward station agent Richmond h 61 Campbell Road

Boice Henry engineer h 37 Stanley

Boileau William car cleaner ICR h 30 Almon

Bonnevie George car repairer ICR h 91 Grafton

Bourke James motorman HET h 27 ˝ Pleasant

Bowe Michael conductor HET h 83 Albermarle

Bowen George foreman round house h 162 Campbell Road

Bowes Timothy clerk ICR freight department h 18 Gray

Bremner Arthur news agent ICR h 282 Maynard

Brenton Sydney tel. operator ICR bds 15 North

Brever George section man ICR h 192 Campbell Road

Brinston Henry employee ICR bds 60 east Young

Brinton C. motorman HET 254 South

Broderick William employee ICR h 40 Veith

Brown F.R. Clerk ICR h 243 South

Brown John blacksmith ICR h 9 Needham

Brown John employee ICR bds 10 Willow

Brown John P. carpenter ICR h 10 Willow

Brown Martin engineer h 21 Lockman

Buchanan E. conductor HET bds Cecil Hotel

Buchanan P.F. employee ICR h 68 Gerrish

Burg James Clifford employee ICR bds 107 Wallace

Burgess Adam car inspector ICR bds 74 Veith

Burgess George carpenter ICR h 46 Rector

Burgess George engineer h 74 Veith

Burgess Theodore inspector RR HET h 208 ˝ Argyle

Burgess Willard car cleaner ICR bds 74 Veith

Burke Frederick bookkeeper ICR bds 227 Brunswick

Burke James motorman HET h 27 Pleasant

Burke James D. motorman HET h 27-27 ˝ Plover

Burke Joseph employee ICR h 19 Stairs

Burton James W. signal master ICR h 6 Veith

Bushenpin Peter porter ICR h 22 King’s Place

Butler Alexander blacksmith ICR bds 11 Kaye

Butler Frank machinist ICR bds 26 Campbell Road

Butler James blacksmith ICR bds 77 Bilby

Butler M.E. clerk ICR h Bedford

Butler Nelson boilermaker ICR h 7 Rector



Cahan Lewis yardmaster ICR h 139 Campbell Road

Cahill Colin clerk CPR telegraph bds 11 Spring Garden Road

Callaghan Joseph C. checker ICR bds 277 Barrington

Callis Jane car cleaner ICR depot

Cameron Frederick machinist ICR h Roome

Cameron George car repairer ICR h 307 Campbell Road

Cameron James F. machinist ICR h 66 ˝ Roome

Cameron Thomas fireman ICR h 5 Ross

Cameron William O. machinist ICR h 17 Ross

Campbell Fred C. asst. car inspector ICR h 18 Needham

Campbell John car foreman ICR h 93 Kenny

Campbell John cook ICR h 88 Kempt Road

Campbell John A. waiter ICR h 253 Creighton

Campbell John G. machinist ICR bds 30 Compton Ave.

Campbell Joseph watchman ICR h 281 Campbell Road

Campbell Martin carpenter ICR h 15 Needham

Campbell William F. checker ICR h 3 Maitland

Cann A.V. conductor ICR h 277 Gottingen

Cann Lewis W. yardmaster ICR h 139 Campbell Road

Canty Anthony brakeman ICR h Dartmouth

Carlton George H. freight handler ICR bds 18 John

Carney William F. clerk ICR bds 91 Pleasant

Carr Charles R. newsagent ICR depot h 156 Lockman

Carr Sadie clerk news stand ICR depot bds 156 Lockman

Cartile Samuel Percy machinist ICR h 366 Dutch Village Road

Casey Benjamin car cleaner HET bds Glendale, Hollis

Casey Clarence clerk CPR bds 110 Morris

Casey Fred J. stenographer CPR ticket office bds 123 Morris

Casey John brakeman ICR bds 309 Campbell Road

Casey Michael brakeman ICR bds 309 Campbell Road

Cashen Richard employee ICR bds 178 Gottingen

Chapman Frank brakeman ICR h 34 Russell

Chipman J.D. city passenger agent CPR h 64 Lemarchant

Chipman Kenneth L. chief clerk DAR office bds Lorne House

Christian Thomas conductor HET h 25 Macara

Clancey James E. operator CPR h 164 Argyle

Clarke Fred C. tel operator ICR bds 305 Brunswick

Clarke James employee ICR bds 34 Kaye

Clarke James engineer ICR h 18 Russell

Clarke William train dispatcher DAR bds Adams House

Clayton Thomas porter ICR bds 58 Gottingen

Cleary Thomas storekeeper ICR h 27 Lockman

Clements John HET employee h 7 Yukon

Cochran Andrew pipefitter HET h 303 Campbell Road

Cochran Thomas boilermaker ICR h 8 Campbell Road

Cochran William boilermaker ICR h 293 Campbell Road

Coleman Christopher locomotive driver ICR h 8 Russell

Coleman James F. conductor ICR 150 Brunswick

Coleman Vincent J. tel. operator ICR bds 105 Maynard (EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the hero of the 1917 Halifax Explosion, whose last-minute telegraph warning saved lives by stopping the inc-coming train at Rockingham. Coleman died in the explosion.)

Comeau Francis G.J. general freight agent DAR 126 Hollis, h 171 Pleasant

Comeau J.R. postal clerk DAR bds 227 Brunswick

Connolly James D. engineer bds 31 Maynard

Connolly Thomas I. employee freight dept. ICR bds 238 Maynard

Connolly William J. employee ICR bds 282 Campbell Road

Connor George M. clerk ICR h 142 Brunswick St.

Connors Charles electrician ICR h 429 Barrington

Connors J.J. employee ICR h 19 Birmingham

Connors John C. cashier CPR Tel. Co. h 109 Dresden Row

Connors Thomas employee baggage room ICR bds 42 Artz

Conrad W.H. employee ICR h 50 Russell

Conrod Levi motorman HET 18 South Hollis

Cook Benjamin engineer ICR h 20 East Young

Cook William employee ICR h 42 Brunswick

Coolen William motorman HET h 38 Sullivan

Corbett Edward C. Pullman conductor ICR h 30 Kaye

Cordon Joseph fireman HET h 19 Lower Water

Coulstring Alexander employee HET h London

Coy Edward carpenter and car repairer h Birmingham

Coy Mrs. Edward car cleaner h Birmingham

Croft Joseph motorman h 3 North Creighton

Cronan William C. laborer ICR bds 282 Campbell Road

Crooks Edward S. employee freight dept ICR h 194 Maynard

Crosby J.W. manager HET bds Queen Hotel, Hollis

Crowley David employee ICR h 44 Union

Cullen James porter ICR freight shed h 175 Gottingen

Curren John checker ICR h 73 Sackville

Curren John employee ICR h 19 Bauer

Curry Elijah brakeman ICR h 37 Livingstone

Currie George A. engineer ICR h 49 Duffus

Currie George C. employee ICR h 37 Livingstone

Currie William E. employee ICR h 39 Duffus



Daine Arthur mechanic ICR bds 51 Duffus

Daine John fireman ICR h 51 Duffus

Daine Richard H. employee DAR bds 18 Fern Lane

Daley Henry R. postal clerk DAR bds 227 Brunswick

Dane R.H. car inspector DAR bds 14 May

Daniels James employee ICR h 25 West

Dares John W. employee ICR h 89 Longard Rd.

Darrach Rupert carpenter ICR bds 63 Charles

Davidson William foreman ICR h 10 Richmond

Davidson John W. clerk ICR bds 10 Richmond

Davie Frank motorman HET 4 Victoria Lane

DeBlois William J secretary HET Co. h 9 South

Degan Michael employee ICR freight shed h 125 Cornwallis

Delaney Alice F. clerk ICR bds 77 Agricola

Delaney William J. machinist roundhouse bds 120 Windsor

Delaney William P. clerk ICR bds 185 Agricola

DeYoung Alfred employee HET Co. h 37 East Young

DeYoung Henry J. brakeman ICR h 117 Creighton

Dibbon Joseph carpenter ICR h 5 Needham

Dibbon Richard carpenter ICR h 155 Agricola

Dickson John A. foreman car house HET Co. h 32 West

Dickson William J. conductor ICR h 185 Brunswick

Donahue Patrick truckman ICR h 22 Cornwallis

Donovan William G. clerk CPR tel. bds 7 Bishop

Doyle Edward section man ICR bds 331 Campbell Rd.

Drake James brakeman ICR h 295 Campbell Road

Drake Saul fireman ICR bds 71 Union

Driscoll Dennis ICR policeman h 18 North Clifton

Driscoll Francis J. ICR conductor h 27 North

Driscoll Walter brakeman ICR h Duffus cor Albert

Druhan Frank foreman shunter ICR Deepwater h 268 Maynard

Drysdale Patrick trackman ICR h 171 Campbell Road

Duke William fireman bds 31 Veith

Dulhanty James P. clerk HET Co. bds 27Brenton

Dunn Bernard G. police inspector ICR h 93 North

Dunn James employee ICR depot h 133 North

Dunn John J. employee HET Co. bds 93 North

Dustan Henry B. terminal agent ICR bds 10 Lorne Terrace

Dwyer John boilermaker ICR h 330 Campbell Road



Eaton William Payzant railway postal clerk bds 20-22 Sackville

Edgar James employee ICR freight shed h 45 Agricola

Edgar James D. employee HET bds 45 Agricola

Edwards Phillip brakeman ICR h 21 Gray

Edwards Richard blacksmith ICR h 217 North Albert

Edwards R.J. motorman HET h 254 South

Elliot James fireman ICR 81 Campbell Road

Elliott J. Percy employee ICR bds 27 East Young

Elliot John fireman ICR 198 Campbell Road

Ellis Joseph coal contractor ICR h 38 Artz

Ellis Robert employee ICR h 169 Lockman

Emmett W.J. checker ICR bds 157 Lockman

Esther Leo G. electrician HET h 68 Brunswick

Etheridge Frank H. dining car conductor ICR h 6 Black

Evans James H. employee HET h 15 Gottingen

Evans Thomas laborer ICR bds 2 Union



Fader Jacob car repairer ICR h 64 North Albert

Fahie Charles employee ICR freight shed bds 17 North

Fahie William brakeman ICR bds 17 North

Farmer John fireman HET h 95 Wellington

Farquharson John motorman HET bds 4 Fawson

Farquharson William motorman HET bds 4 Fawson

Feetham Andrew trackman ICR bds 141 Campbell Road

Feetham W. Bernard brakeman ICR h 43 North Albert

Fegan Miss Mary A. clerk HET bds 96 Victoria Rd.

Ferguson Sydney clerk ICR bds 258 Gottingen

Findlay Thomas employee ICR bds 23 Bloomfield

Finlay William J. checker ICR bds 127 Pleasant

Fitzmaurice Charles T. baggage master DAR h 17 BA Terr.

Flannigan William conductor HET h 231 ˝ Brunswick

Flemming Ferguson W. car cleaner ICR bds 37 Union

Flemming William cleaner ICR bds 333 Campbell Road

Flinn Andrew H. foreman ICR freight shed h 62 North

Fobin Allan J. foreman ICR h 14 Duffus

Fobin N. conductor HET h 140 Lockman

Fogarty Robert J. brakeman ICR bds 100 Cornwallis

Foley Clifford H. porter ICR Deepwater bds 42 Lockman

Foley Edward W. clerk ICR h 9 Willow

Foley Thomas car cleaner ICR

Foster William H. engineer bds 417 North

Fougere Frederick fireman bds 55 Grafton

Fraser George A. porter ICR h 149 Creighton

Freeman Brinton motorman HET bds 254 South

Freeman Phillip A. chief engineer HET h ˝ Wright Ave.

Fripp Elizabeth car cleaner ICR

Frizzell Alfred conductor DAR h 43 Duffus

Fudge George employee ICR h 65 Almon

Fudge Leo employee ICR bds 65 Almon

Fultz William S. mail clerk ICR h 25 Kaye

Fursey William motorman HET h 7 ˝ Kempt Road



Gardiner H. conductor HET h 38 Quinpool

Garrison W.G. conductor HET h 173 Agricola

Garvey James porter ICR bds 124 Maitland

Gaston John CV. Foreman blacksmith ICR h 10 Roome

Geizer Arthur foreman depot ICR bds Fairview

Gibson Fred W. employee ICR h 27 East Young

Gibson Joseph jr. fireman roundhouse bds 69 Kempt Road

Gibson Walter porter ICR bds 192 Creighton

Giles Richard dining car conductor ICR h 26 Pleasant Ave.

Gillie Amos engineer h 31 Starr

Gillis Harry waiter ICR bds 66 Birmingham

Gladwin Robert D. clerk ICR freight h 74 North

Godsoe Herbert D. chief operator CPR Tel. bds 123 Morris

Godsoe Walter M. manager CPR Tel. h 85 Birmingham

Goodhew James William employee HET h 282 Maynard

Gordon Edward R. railway mail clerk bds 23 North

Gordon Joseph fireman HET h 7 Granville

Goudge Fred S. ICR operator bds 168 Windsor

Gough Charles J. ICR employee h 64 Roome

Gough James brakeman DAR bds 331 Campbell Road

Graham Charles E. baggagemaster ICR h 272 Creighton

Graham Clarence brakeman ICR h 264 Maynard

Grant John D. tinsmith ICR bds 59 North Albert

Gray Charles W. inspector ICR h 252 Lockman

Gray Henry G. conductor HET bds 1 Morris

Gray Roy M. clerk H&SW Rwy bds 252 Lockman

Green Charles employee ICR h 77 Russell

Greenough Francis H. employee ICR bds 29 East Young

Greenough Herbert E. car inspector ICR h 29 East Young

Griffin John laborer ICR freight shed h 38 Lower Water

Guess John blacksmith ICR h 130 Campbell Road

Guild Edward brakeman DAR bds 51 North Albert

Guinan James machinist ICR h 319 Campbell Road

Gunn Fred E. express messenger ICR bds 9 Richmond

Gunn William conductor ICR h 9 Richmond



Haley George electrician HET h 9 Falkland

Hall William employee ICR freight shed bds 66 Edward

Hamilton George A. fireman ICR bds 71 Duffus

Hamilton H. Stanley conductor HET bds 176 Robie

Hamilton Stanley H. conductor HET bds 176 Robie (duplicate entry?)

Hamm Hilton workman ICR bds 39 Acadia

Hannan William watchman HET Miller’s farm Pt. Pleasant

Hanrahan Leo E. checker ICR bds Tremont Htl 1 George

Hardesty William H. Jr. waiter ICR bds 35 Creighton

Hardy A. conductor HET h 69 Agricola

Hardy Charles Motorman HET h 69 Agricola

Hartland Charles Sr. iceman ICR depot h 38 Artz Lane

Hartlen Charles Jr. employee ICR h 18 Bauer

Hartlen Clarence J. car repairer h Lynch

Hartlen Elijah freight handler ICR 207 Lockman

Hartlen Harold fireman ICR h 12 Rector

Hartlen John J. carpenter ICR h 23 Starr

Hartlen Ralph machinist ICR bds 8 Rector

Hartlen Reginald machinist ICR bds 8 Rector

Hartling Edward A. mail clerk CRP h 240 Lockman

Harvey James porter ICR bds 124 Maitland

Hatcher Archibald lineman HET 34 Chestnut Place

Hawkins George carpenter ICR h Pleasant

Hawkins Samuel G. carpenter ICR h 12 South Hollis

Hector Alexander agent H&SW Rwy. Bds 78 North Albert

Hector William checker DAR freight h 78 North Albert

Heffler Harry machinist ICR bds 138 Campbell Road

Heffler John T. brakeman ICR bds 313 Campbell Road

Heisler Herbert S. conductor HET bds 5 McCully

Hessian J.F. clerk ICR bds 2 Kenny

Hibbits John E. brakeman ICR bds 32 Campbell Road

Hibbits William shunter ICR bds 321 Campbell Road

Higgins John waiter dining car ICR bds 15 Almon

Hill John lineman HET h 84 Charles

Hiltz Joshua employee ICR h 9 Edward

Hinch Edward machinist ICR bds 130 Campbell Rod

Hinch John brakeman ICR bds 130 Campbell Road

Hinch William foreman ICR h 1 Low

Hines Michael fuel man ICR h 93 Campbell Road

Hingston George H. watchman ICR h 257 ˝ Gottingen

Hobin Richard checker ICR freight shed h 94 Cornwallis

Hope William A. baggagemaster ICR h 32 Russell

Hopkins R.F. railway mail clerk bds 23 Morris

Horan Dennis car cleaner ICR

Horne Dennis employee ICR h 155 Campbell Road

Horner Joseph L. clerk ICR bds 13 Russell

Horton James motorman Het h 25 Pleasant

Howell John freight handler ICR bds 2 Lockman Terrace

Hubley Aaron carpenter ICR h 500 Gottingen

Hubley Louis employee roundhouse h 208 Gottingen

Hudd Edwrad J. inspector CPR dining cars h 260 Creighton

Hughes Charles watchman ICR bds 194 Campbell Road

Hughes Herbert conductor dining car h 242 Lockman

Hunt John H. inspector ICR h 98 ˝ West Young

Hunter R.E. clerk ICR bds 120 Quinpool

Husbends Augustus porter ICR depot h 177 Maynard

Hutchison Alfred employee ICR mechanical department

Hyde Michael A. fireman h 8 Macara



Inglis Edward J. clerk ICR office h 183 Agricola

Innis Charles conductor HET h 102 West

Isner Ernest E. employee ICR h 17 Duncan



Jackson James employee ICR 18 Duffus

James George machinist ICR h 323 Campbell Road

Jamieson John M. waiter ICR h 260 Creighton

Jenkins Arthur W. engineer h 9 Lockman

Jenkins Walter G. cook ICR bds 36 North

Johnson Edward J. freight handler ICR h 193 Creighton

Johnson Richard P. coppersmith ICR h 41 Duffus

Johnson Thomas B. porter ICR h 30 King’s Place

Johnson Thomas P. porter ICR h 44 King’s Place

Johnson William porter ICR h 118 Creighton

Johnston D. conductor HET h 42 Wellington

Johnston Donald employee ICR freight dept. bds 104 Cornwllis

Johnston John W. engineer h 207 North

Johnston Richard employee ICR h 41 Duffus

Jones George A. railroad porter h 9 ˝ Kempt Road

Jones Michael watchman ICR h 22 Veith

Joyce John employee ICR h 216 Gottingen



Keating Charles motorman HET h 90 Charles St.

Keating Charles H. trimmer HET h 8 Woodill

Keating James P. mail clerk ICR h 109 Creighton

Keating W.J. operator CPR Tel. Co

Keefe Michael E. Jr. clerk ICR office bds 52 Quinpool

Keith J. Thomas railway mail clerk h 12 Carleton

Kelly James railway mail clerk h 2 Plover

Kelly Joseph fireman h 36 Lockman

Kelly Peter brakeman ICR h 3 North Maitland

Kelly Richard employee ICR h 24 Merkel

Kelly Thomas W. engineer HET h 34 Louisburg

Kennedy R. motorman HET h 82 Tower Road

Kidbey Herbert G. engineer h 36 Dresden Row

Kimber James car cleaner ICR h Longard Road

Knight T.F. accountant ICR bds 177 Gottingen

Knight Thomas carpenter ICR h 73 North Albert



Landry Peter lamp trimmer ICR h 250 Creighton

Landry Peter lamp trimmer ICR bds 452 Gottingen

Langille Edward employee HET h 17 Lower Water St.

Langille G. helper HET bds 17 Lower water St.

Langille George employee ICR h 11 Kane

Langille H. oiler HET bds 17 Lower water St.

Langille Wallace carpenter ICR h 241 Creighton

Lannon James chemical engineer HET h 8 Gas Lane

Laphen James E. laborer HET bds 17 Lower Water St.

Larkin J. machinist HET h 14 Wright Ave.

Layton F.W.F. conductor HET h 71 Duke

Leary J.D. station agent Rockingham h Bedford Road

LeBlanc Camille M. sleeping car conductor ICR h 47 Almon

LeBlanc V.M. conductor ICR h Bedford Road

Levy Harvey brakeman ICR bds 61 Creighton

Leydon John J. asst. ticket agent ICR bds 15 Maynard

Lilley Arthur employee ICR bds 7 School

Lilley Henry fireman ICR bds 7 School

Little Frederick trainman bds 19 Louisburg

Little William H. pipefitter ICR h 32 West

Livingston John machinist ICR bds 11 Stairs

Lloy Norman machinist ICR h 1 Acadia Square

Logan David B. machinist HET h 14 Wright Ave.

Lomas Frederick C. tel. operator ICR bds 229 Maynard

Love H. motorman HET h Lockman Ave.

Lovett William engineer ICR h 87 Campbell Road

Lovett William Jr. clerk ICR bds 87 Campbell Road

Lowe Michael motorman HET h 6 Lockman Ave.

Lowry Samuel blacksmith ICR h 16 Richmond

Luke Walter electrical engineer HET bds 294 Gottingen



Mahoney Thomas cook ICR h 145 Brunswick

Malcolm George foreman ICR h 20 Duffus

Malloy Thomas R. clerk DAR bds 40 Union

Malone Ellen car cleaner ICR depot

Malone John T. conductor HET h 43 Fenwick

Mann William fireman HET h 4 Black

Mann William C. electrician ICR h 54 Russell

Manning Gordon machinist ICR bds 23 Roome

Manning William engineer DAR

Marrach Lorne C. employee HET bds 209 Lockman

Marriott John J. car repairer Richmond h 6 Bloomfield

Martell Charles postal clerk DAR bds 227 Brunswick

Martin Alex. Conductor HET h 145 Pleasant

Matheson John conductor DAR h 23 Acadia

Macaloney C. draughtsman HET Fairview

McAuliffe John motorman HET h 9 Kempt Road

McCann William blacksmith ICR Campbell Road & Duffus

McCarron Cyral call boy roundhouse bds 308 Campbell Road

McCarron James J. conductor HET 18 Duncan

McCarron Peter Sr. machinist ICR h 308 Campbell Road

McCarthy Edwin car conductor HET h 47 Charles

McCarthy Thomas baggage checker ICR h 22 Albermarle

McCarty J. motorman HET 86 Hollis

McClacerty William B. ICR conductor h 45 Brenton

McDermott Barnabas employee ICR h 27 East Young

McDonald Alexander employee HET bds 84 Willow

MacDonald Alex. C. clerk ICR ticket office bds 97 Jubilee Road

Macdonald E.F. Rwy mail service h 8 Walnut

MacDonald John employee ICR bds 195 Lockman

McDonald Joseph H. foreman ICR, Deepwater

MacDonald Laughlan carpenter ICR h 25 Russell

MacDonald Thomas brakeman ICR h 8 Kaye

McDougall Duncan conductor HET h 124 Creighton

MacEachern Ernest A. brakeman ICR bds 7 Richmond

MacEachern John baggagemaster ICR bds 7 Richmond

McGill James fireman ICR h 371 Campbell Road

McGill Peter fireman ICR h 288 Campbell Road

McGillivray Duncan R. operator CPR bds 233 ˝ Barrington

McGillivray T.R. operator CPR Tel. Co.

McGrath J.R. employee ICR bds 222-1226 Lockman

McGrath James employee ICR h 20 Merkel

McGrath Joseph clerk ICR bds 16 Gottingen

McGrath Patrick N. porter ICR depot bds 58 Macara

McGrath Robert car cleaner ICR h 55 North

McGrath Thomas car cleaner ICR h 41 Almon

McGrath William employee ICR electric power h 44 Kaye

McHale James motorman HET h 187 Agricola

McInnis John errand boy CPR bds 87 Tower Road

McInnis John checker Richmond Station bds 325 Campbell Road

McInnis Roy laborer ICR bds 325 Campbell Road

McKay John employee HET h 55 Duke

McKenzie A.W. foreman ICR Pier 5 ˝ bds 49 Brenton

McKenzie Alex. freight agent DAR North h 7 Bloomfield

McKenzie William brakeman ICR h 14 Uniacke

McKinnon John A. section foreman H&SW Rwy. H 247 Campbell Road

McKinnon William employee ICR bds Adams House

McLatchy A.C. clerk railway mail service bds 3 Hollis

McLaughlin Thomas motorman HET h 187˝ Agricola

McLean Alexander laborer ICR h 136 Longard Road

McLean John fireman ICR bds 160 Campbell Road

Maclellan James machinist ICR bds 3 School

Maclellan John employee ICR bds 5 School

MacLeod Daniel clerk ICR h 55 Almon

MacLeod Edgar car conductor HET

McLeod G. conductor HET bds 60 Chebucto Road

McLeod George motorman HET h 20 Harris

MacLeod John carpenter ICR h 11 Ross

MacLeod John engineer h 8 Duncan

MacLeod John checker DAR freight bds 55 Almon

MacLeod John H. conductor HET h 25 Edward

McLeod John S.T. railway mail clerk h 170 Spring Garden Road

McLeod William baggagemaster ICR depot h Longard Road

McLeod William clerk ICR h 51 Russell

McNab Frank motorman HET bds 16 Lower Water

McNally Joseph machinist round house h 102 Argyle

McNally Martin J. machinist Richmond h 121 Gottingen

McNeil Anthony carpenter car shop Richmond bds 22 Gray

McNeil D. employee HET h 85 Lockman

McNeil Frank ICR car shop h 4 May

McNeil William brakeman ICR bds 218 Agricola

McPhee Fulton Edward car repairer ICR h 100 W. Young

McPhee John watchman ICR bds 9 Russell

McPhee Rufus H. painter ICR h 92 Duncan

McPherson Archibald baggage master ICR h 10 Kaye

McRae Christopher mail clerk ICR h 103 Creighton

McTiernan Bartholomew fireman ICR bds 285 campbell Road

McTiernan Charles cleaner ICR bds 285 Campbell Road

McTiernan Cornelius locomotive driver ICR h 18 E. Young

McTiernan Patrick Boilermaker ICR bds 285 Campbell Road

McTiernan Thaddeus brakeman ICR bds 285 Campbell Road

Meagher Edwrad J. foreman care inspector ICR h 37 Union

Meagher Henry F. machinist ICR bds 37 Union

Meagher Thomas blacksmith ICR bds 37 Union

Meehan Miss M.A. employee HET bds Elmwood

Merrick Lorne C. fireman HET h 209 Lockman

Miller Frederick C. hostler ICR h 3 Acadia Square

Miller William ICR laborer h 317 Campbell Road

Mills Thomas S. engineer h 281 Robie

Minnie John conductor DAR bds Campbell Road

Mitchell Collie porter ICR h 201 Lockman

Mitchell James M. employee ICR freight shed h 36 Gottingen

Mitchell Sterling car repairer h 10 Lockman Ave.

Mitchell W. Errol clerk ICR office bds 107 Pleasant

Monahan G.P. clerk terminal agent’s office ICR bds Hanley House Dartmouth

Mooney Patrick general freight and passenger agent H&SW Rwy. Bds Alexandra South

Moore Samuel W. car repairer ICR bds 76 Roome

Morash Charles car repairer ICR depot

Morine H.A. secty-treas Port Hood Richmond Railway & Coal Co. h 130 Robie

Morrison Hugh A., engineer H&SW Rwy Co. bds 12 Compton Ave.

Morrison William watchman ICR h 4 Proctor

Mosher Aaron checker ICR freight shed h 71 Cornwallis

Mosher Ernest employee ICR bds 237 Campbell Road

Mosher Roy L. employee ICR bds 72 North Albert

Mosher Sidney motorman HET h 21 Summit

Mosher Waldo E. clerk CPR office bds 125 Argyle

Mowatt James A. fireman ICR bds 7 Roome

Mowatt Simon H. clerk UCR bds 7 Roome

Moxon Charles T. fireman ICR bds 17 Roome

Moxon Thomas J. carpenter ICR h 24 Duffus

Moxon William H. carpenter round house bds 159 Campbell Road

Muir Seymour clerk ICR bds 463 Agricola

Muir Sidney cleaner ICR bds 463 Agricola

Mulcahy John P. clerk ICR bds 130 Maitland

Mulcahy William clerk DAR freight bds 187 Lockman

Mullane Timothy E. Pullman conductor bds 24 Smith

Mullaney Hugh checker ICR bds 101 Gerrish

Mullins Driscoll D. employee ICR h 169 Brunswick

Mullins Leo employee ICR bds 164 Argyle

Mullins Michael D. employee ICR h 169 Brunswick

Munro John employee DAR bds 3 Roome

Murdoch George J. brakeman ICR h 44 Bloomfield

Murphy Alex employee ICR electric works bds 552 Gottingen

Murphy Arthur messenger CPR Tel. bds 7 Bauer

Murphy James P. carpenter ICR h 552 Gottingen

Murphy John electrician HET h 7 Bauer

Murphy Martin motorman HET h 46 Hollis

Murphy Martin E. carpenter ICR h 35 North Acadia

Murphy Michael porter ICR h 259 Gottingen

Murphy Patrick car inspector ICR h 33 Duffus

Murphy Vincent checker ICR h 44 John

Murray David W. car inspector ICR h 6 School

Murray George T. conductor HET 185 ˝ Lockman

Murray John employee ICR roundhouse h 401 Agricola

Murray Johnson trainman ICR h 338 Campbell Road

Myers Fred employee ICR bds 8 Needham

Myers James W. employee ICR bds 83 Longard Road

Myers William foreman North Street Station h 83 Longard Road



Naking Charles employee dining car ICR h 384 Gottingen

Naugle How employee ICR bds 36 Union

Nauss Samuel foreman CPR h 90 Bloomfield

Nicholson Donald porter ICR bds 1 Lockman Terrace

Nigus Arthur employee ICR bds 36 Union

Noble Alfred W. operator ICR h 118 Windsor

Nokes William J. conductor HET h 7 Kempt Road

Noller Charles A. porter ICR bds 108 West

Noonan Jesse employee ICR h 8 Kane

Norris George blacksmith HET h 72 Lockman

North George engineer h 40 Bauer

Norton Albert C. conductor HET bds 7 Yukon



O’Brien Edward machinist round house bds 17 Woodill

O’Brien James mechanic ICR bds 26 Duffus

O’Brien John D. employee HET bds 146 Robie

O’Brien John J. chef ICR bds 17 Woodill

O’Brien Joseph fireman ICR h 27 ˝ Macara

O’Brien Thomas engineer ICR h 26 Duffus

O’Brien Thomas F. mechanic ICR bds 26 Duffus

O’Connell John employee ICR bds 123 Cornwallis

O’Connor John C. cashier CPR Tel. office h 109 Dresden Row

Ogilvie Frank motorman HET h 90 West Young

O’Grady Edmund baggagemaster ICR h 231 Campbell Road

O’Leary John porter ICR h 228 Cornwallis

O’Leary John freight handler ICR h 221 Lower Water Street

O’Leary Michael checker ICR Lower Water Street

O’Malley Frank J. checker DAR bds 33 Brunswick Lane

O’Malley John foreman checker ICR h 33 Brunswick Lane

Osbourne Howard J. brakeman ICR h 184 North Albert

O’Sullivan Dennis employee ICR 198 Lockman

O’Toole Phillip locomotive engineer ICR h 16 Kaye

O’Toole William clerk ICR Deepwater bds 16 Kaye

Oxner William porter ICR h 115 Agricola



Pace Eliah S. checker ICR h 411 Brunswick

Pace Percy E. operator CPR Tel. bds 411 Brunswick

Page J. checker ICR

Page T.E. porter ICR h 1 Lockman Ave.

Paget Thomas employee ICR h 85 Hollis

Parks William car oiler ICR depot h 35 Duffus

Parsons Henry employee HET h 5 Yukon

Patterson William employee ICR freight sheds bds 25 Gerrish

Pearce Arnold conductor HET bds 274 Maynard

Peoples V. Pullman car conductor bds 277 Gottingen

Perrin Francis engineer h 30 Salter

Perrin John porter ICR h 258 Agricola

Pettipas Samuel employee HET h 20 South Hollis

Pettipas W. helper HET bds 20 Hollis

Phelan George waiter ICR dining cars bds 28 King’s Place

Phelan James employee ICR h 29 Richmond

Phelan John P. employee ICR h 171 Gottingen

Phelan Luke carpenter ICR h 24 Union

Phelan William J. clerk ICR bds 46 North

Phelan William J. clerk ICR bds 305 Brunswick

Phillips Mansen engine cleaner roundhouse bds 67 Kempt Road

Phillips Thomas employee ICR bds 65 Kempt Road

Pickering Morton machinist ICR bds 23 North Albert

Pickering William employee ICR h 230 North Albert

Pickles George engineer HET h 64 Wellington

Pickrem J. Burton brakeman ICR h 4 Veith

Pinheiro Charles porter ICR h 54 Gerrish

Pirie Walter shunter ICR h 50 North Albert

Pirie William H. employee ICR h 50 North Albert

Pitcher James carpenter ICR h 48 Lawrence

Power George checker DAR h 249 Creighton

Power Henry G. checker ICR h 414 Gottingen

Power J. motorman HET 296 ˝ Robie

Power LeMont motorman bds 296 ˝ Robie

Powers John W. operator CPR Tel. bds 30 Fenwick

Price Austin porter ICR h 110 Cornwallis

Prindeville W.A. Supt. HET h 2 Wright Ave.

Prowse Frederick conductor HET h 103 ˝ Charles

Purcell Clarence brakeman ICR h 310 Campbell Road

Purcell George wrecking foreman ICR h 506 Gottingen

Purcell H.C. operator CPR Tel. bds 32 Hollis

Purcell Reuben policeman ICR h Fairview

Purcell Stanley employee ICR electric power bds Cunard

Purdy Henry engineer HET bds 3 Chestnut Place

Purvis John brakeman ICR h 62 Lockman

Pushie Joseph engineer h 16 South Park



Quinn Harry P. conductor HET h 162 North

Quinn John employee HET h 1 Plover


Redman Patrick employee ICR h 79 Agricola (erroneous entry, See; Redmond, Patrick)

Redmond Emma car cleaner ICR

Redmond Harry J carman ICR h 3 Dresden Row

Redmond James employee ICR bds 79 Agricola

Redmond Patrick employee ICR h 79 Agricola

Redmond Robert brakeman ICR h 37 Gerrish

Reeves William A. clerk ICR h 169 Agricola

Reilly Michael checker ICR freight dept. bds 14 Maynard

Reis Charles W. motorman HET h Cunard

Rennels Claude W. ticket agent ICR h 268 Gottingen

Rennels Ernest G. asst. ticket agent ICR bds 268 Gottingen

Reynolds Alex engineer h 31 Veith

Reynolds Freeman engineer bds 31 Veith

Reynolds William engineer bds 31 Veith

Rhind Charles B. foreman shunter ICR h 14 Kaye

Rhind Gerald S. messenger ICR depot bds 14 Kaye

Rhind William A. employee freight dept. ICR h 345 Brunswick

Riley Michael F. checker h 16 Maynard

Ritchie Frederick brakeman ICR h 17 Gerrish

Robinson George car repairer ICR h 36 Union

Robinson Leonard news agent ICR h 20 Cunard

Robson Charles CPR lineman h 153 Agricola

Roche Edward W. employee ICR bds 64 Russell

Rogers George A. cook ICR h 213 North

Rolfe James station master Fairview h Fairview Station

Ronnan Richard F. clerk ICR h Bedford

Rooney W.M. operator DAR freight dept. bds 90 Agricola

Rose James E. conductor HET bds 44 ˝ Spring Garden Road

Ross Allan lineman HET h 9 Agricola

Ross Cortland mechanical foreman ICR h 218 Campbell Road

Ross James A. machinist ICR h 8 School

Ross John R. locomotive driver ICR h 27 Russell

Ross W.D. Pullman car conductor ICR h 22 Bloomfield

Rudland Robert brakeman ICR h 20 Gray

Russell John A. engineer ICR bds 399 Brunswick

Rutt William C. motorman HET h 177 Oxford

Ryan Charles B. shunter foreman ICR station h 14 Kaye

Ryan Dennis employee DAR freight bds 126 Hollis

Ryan Thomas G. shunter ICR h 240 Campbell Road

Ryder James employee ICR h 9 Yale

Ryder Vernon employee ICR bds 9 Yale



Salterio Thomas L. baggage master ICR h 47 Campbell Road

Saunlier William P. express messenger DAR bds Albion 20-22 sackville

Scanlon Thomas checker DAR h Lockman

Sellars Percy engineer bds 58 Lockman

Shannon Michael employee ICR bds Cunard

Shaw Richard laborer ICR h 301 Campbell Road

Shea Maurice S. fireman ICR h 56 Veith

Shea Peter machinist ICR h 233 Campbell Road

Shea Richard painter ICR h 237 Campbell Road

Shea Thomas P. foreman ICR h 141 Campbell Road

Sheehan Alfred E. tel. operator CPR bds 128 South

Sheehan I.W. electrician HET h 92 Wellington

Sheehan William lineman HET 92 Wellington

Sheppard Creamer car cleaner ICR

Sheppard martin carpenter ICR h 43 Livingston

Silver Frank checker h 95 Maitland

Silver Harry messenger ICR bds 95 Maitland

Sim George W. conductor ICR bds 1 Bedford Ave.,

Simmons Arthur checker ICR h 75 Cabot

Simmons John blacksmith ICR h 83 Roome

Simmons Joseph L. brakeman ICR 1-7 Harris

Simmons Walter baggage master H&SW Rwy. H 81 Roome

Simmonds William trackman ICR h Bedford Road

Sims A. clerk Pier No. 2 ICR

Simpson Samuel G. porter freight shed h 45 Windsor

Skinner Andrew B. porter ICR bds 24 King’s Place

Skinner Charles locomotive driver ICR h 19 Russell

Skinner Joseph A. porter ICR h 149 Creighton

Smith Frank motorman HET 65 West

Smith Henry employee ICR h 69 Russell

Smith Henry conductor HET h 18 Blowers

Smith Henry W. employee CPR freight shed h 46 r Charles

Smith James C. blacksmith ICR bds 1 Roome

Smith Lewis engineer h 83 Lockman

Smith Robert dining car conductor ICR h 22 Bloomfield

Smith Thomas waiter ICR dining car bds 60 North

Smith William E. ICR car sealer h 7 Moran

Sohmer --- employee DAR bds 93 Hollis

Soper John employee ICR mechanic h North

Soper Robert foreman HET h 5 Waverley Terrace

Soper Wesley carpenter ICR h 182 North

Soper William electrician HET 139 Morris

Southall Frederick railway mail clerk h 136 Pleasant

Spencer Lillian J. clerk HET Buckingham, bds 50 Argyle

Squires Charles employee ICR h 71 Russell

Steele Charles brakeman ICR h 310 Creighton

Stevens Miss Jennie clerk HET bds 110 Argyle

Stevenson Arthur conductor ICR h 248 Lockman

Stevenson Arthur L. engineer bds 7 Upper Water Street

Stewart C.E. engineer h 50 Fenwick

Stockall Charles engineer DAR h 8 Veith

Stockall Edward day foreman ICR h 32 Union

Stockall James engine driver ICR h 13 Kaye

Stockall James Jr. employee ICR bds 13 Kaye

Stockall Thomas fireman ICR bds 13 Kaye

Stokes John car cleaner ICR h 233 Campbell Road

Story D.A. div freight agent (ICR) h 115 Spring Garden Road

Storey Robert Jas. employee ICR freight shed h 40 Cornwallis

Stratton William boilermaker ICR h 147 Campbell Road

Streeter Henry motorman HET h 23 Artz

Sullivan Alfred T. pipefitter ICR bds 254 Maynard

Sullivan Daniel employee ICR h 73 Russell

Sullivan George F. brakeman ICR bds 13 Brunswick Court South

Sullivan T. Alfred employee ICR bds 254 Maynard (duplicate entry above)

Sutton James baggage master ICR h 163 Agricola

Sweet William Jr. brakeman ICR bds 193 Agricola

Symmonds Ambrose brakeman ICR h 150 North



Taunton George W. clerk ICR bds 21 ˝ Spring Garden Road

Taylor Charles H. mech. foreman ICR h 4 Richmond

Taylor Francis employee ICR h 369 Campbell Road

Taylor Gordon pattern maker ICR bds 4 Richmond

Taylor Hanson car cleaner ICR depot

Taylor Thomas employee ICR dining car bds 384 Gottingen

Taylor William H. employee ICR h 25 Livingston

Teahan James motorman HET h 50 Grafton

Terrio Steven conductor ICR bds 11-13 Upper Water Street

Thomas William J. porter ICR h 19 Moran

Thompson William employee ICR h 18 Jacob

Tobin Alfred employee ICR mechanical dept. h Bedford Ave.

Tobin Frederick M. fireman ICR h 9 Roome

Tobin John A. pipefitter ICR h 5 Bedford Ave.

Tobin Michael engineer ICR bds 184 Campbell Road

Tobin Norbit employee HET bds 140 Lockman

Topp George conductor HET bds 159 Pleasant

Totten Freeman brakeman ICR h 4 School

Townshend Samuel motorman HET h 56 Dresden Row

Tremaine Albert M. employee ICR h 39 Bauer

Tufts Richard car inspector ICR h 91 North Albert

Tufts Richard employee DAR h 48 Veith

Tummonds Emma matron waiting rooms ICR h 305 Campbell Road

Tuppen Henry clerk ICR depot h Spring Garden Road

Turpel James car repairer ICR h 13 Roome



Upham Charles Hooper brakeman ICR h 156 Campbell Road



Valentine Joseph car cleaner ICR

Vance Almon B. conductor ICR h 153 North

Vaughan James T. commissary agent ICR, PS&DC Service h 185 Lockman



Wagstaff George brakeman ICR h 11 Roome

Wakeley Madge M. stenographer ICR station bds 42 Starr

Walker A.E. conductor HET h 61 Almon

Walker R. Edward chief clerk ICR PS&DC Service bds Dahlia Dartmouth

Walker Robert employee ICR bds 8 Rector

Wallace Frank car cleaner ICR bds 101 Robie

Walsh John engine driver ICR h 6 Rector

Walsh John William machinist ICR bds 60 Russell

Walsh Steven porter ICR h 18 King’s Lane

Walsh Thomas J. brakeman ICR h 95 ˝ North Albert

Walsh William employee ICR bds 60 Russell

Ward Albert carpenter ICR h 155 Kempt Road

Ward Edward employee ICR bds 57 Livingston

Ward Thomas F. conductor ICR h 30 Lockman

Ward William P. employee ICR h 12 Kaye

Watts Thomas D. motorman HET h 12 Gas Lane

Weis Arthur employee DAR freight bds 27 Bloomfield

Weis Herman checker ICR Deepwater h 27 Bloomfield

Welsh Steven porter ICR h 18 King’s Lane

Whalen Edward M. employee ICR h 22 Kaye

Whebby John asst. cashier ICR bds Dartmouth

White John motorman HET h 62 Pleasant

Whitney Henry T. laborer ICR h 148 Maynard

Whittemore James H. employee ICR h 246 Creighton

Wickwire Cameron employee ICR bds 58 Duffus

Wickwire David carpenter ICR h 58 Duffus

Wier Joseph foreman ICR electric power house bds 114 Tower Road

Williams George employee ICR h 291 Campbell Road

Williams Morris brakeman DAR h 33 North Acadia

Wilson Edward M. foreman ICR Station h 118 West Young

Wilson Hugh W. machinist ICR bds 49 Rector

Wilson William carpenter ICR bds 49 Rector

Wisely J.A. chief operator CPR Tel. bds Hillside Hall

Withell John machinist ICR bds 50 Russell

Witts Henry employee ICR h 95 North Albert

Wood William H. waiter ICR dining car bds 220 West Young

Woodill J. Seymour clerk ICR h 26 Creighton

Wournell Alexander clerk ICR bds 157 Campbell Road

Wournell Charles switchman ICR h 77 North Albert

Wournell George R. trackman ICR h 26 Richmond

Wrayton William W. motorman HET h 322 Robie

Wren Dennis carpenter ICR h 10 Veith

Wright John mechanic ICR h 23 Livingston

Wright William conductor DAR h 37 Pleasant



Yates Robert chef ICR h 218 Robie

Yeomans John H. brakeman ICR h 142 Lockman

Young Chester motorman HET h 182 Agricola

Young Edward meter reader HET h 280 Robie

Young John messenger CPR Tel. bds 32r Lower Water Street



Zinck Hugh conductor HET h 18 Bishop




Barry William freight porter ICR h Fairbanks

Beck H.A. city ticket agent ICR h Portland

Brown Joseph fireman ICR h Water



Canty William brakeman ICR h Church



Daley John J. conductor ICR h North

Down John engineer h Prince Albert Road



Elliot L.B. engineer bds Pleasant



Gay George W. trackman ICR h Tuft’s Cove

Gray James employee Marine Railway h Pine



Hilchey Hiram O. trackman ICR h Maitland

Hilchie Hiram W. trackman ICR h Portland

Hughes John car painter HET h Boggs



Innis Peter employee Marine Railway h Dahlia



Lynch Arthur cleaner ICR



Martin Patrick employee ICR h King

McGrath Andrew engineer ICR h 127 Portland

Mitchell Charles employee Marine Railway h Prince

Monahan George PS ICR bds Handley House



O’Hearn John trackman ICR h Tuft’s Cove



Purcell Alfred brakeman ICR h Fairbanks



Saunders William porter ICR bds Prince Albert Road

Stone Robert track foreman ICR h Upper Water Street



Walker John freight porter ICR bds Water

Walker R. Edward clerk ICR freight bds Dahlia

Whebby John clerk ICR freight dept. bds Pine




Beck Edward employee ICR Rockingham



Davison J.W. ICR employee Rockingham

Dorey Esrom rwy section man Head of St. Margaret’s Bay



Eastwood Robert section foreman Bedford



Fitzmaurice J.A. section foreman Bedford



Geizer Arthur ICR employee Fairview

Gray Albert trackman ICR Prince’s Lodge

Gray W.Y, ICR employee Prince’s Lodge



Hall Robert trackmaster Enfield

Harris W.A. ICR station master Windsor Junction

Hewitt Thomas engineer Prince’s Lodge

Hines Christopher ry employee Oldham

Houlihan Patrick ry employee Windsor Junction

Howlet James ry employee Waverley

Howlet Joseph station agent Wellington



Johnson James ICR employee Windsor Junction

Jollimore Garfield station master Hubbards



Keefe William fireman Fairview

Kelly Charles railway section man Head of St. Margaret’s Bay

Kelly Maurice railway section man Head of St. Margaret’s Bay

Kelly Michael railway section man Head of St. Margaret’s Bay

Keough Michael Jr. employee ICR Windsor Junction

Knight Thomas ICR employee Bedford



Leary James D. station agent ICR Rockingham

LeBlanc V. ICR employee Rockingham



Marriatt Peter railway section man Beechville

McGuire Charles baggagemaster Windsor Junction

McKay John bagaggemaster Windsor Junction

McKenzie William station agent ICR Bedford

Miller Angus ry section man Waverley

Misener John engineer Eastern Passage Road

Mitchell Malcolm ICR employee Bedford



Oakes Walter ICR employee Bedford



Purcell Albert ry trackman Dartmouth

Purcell James ICR employee Dutch Village



Rankin William engineer Head of St. Margaret’s Bay

Redmond James ICR trackman Rockingham

Redmond Robert ICR employee Rockingham

Riche James ICR employee Dartmpouth

Roche Harry employee ICR Bedford



Sarty Melvin ry section man Hubbards

Shaffleberg Sidney ICR employee Bedford

Short John ry employee Waverley

Simmonds William Sr. ICR employee Bedford

Skerry Michael trackmaster Wellington

Spain W. ICR employee Rockingham



Thomas John station agent Waverley



Umlah Francis railway sc. man and Post Master Beechville

Umlah John agent Seabright

Umlah Louis ry section man St. Margaret’s Bay Road

Urquhart --- station agent Enfield



Yetter Albert engineer Tuft’s Cove PO Dartmouth



No railway listings



No railway Listings




Barry Charles R. employee ICR Mulgrave

Barry John F. employee ICR Mulgrave

Brophy William M. employee ICR Mulgrave

Bruce Eldridge employee ICR Mulgrave

Byers John employee ICR Mulgrave

Byers John A. brakeman ICR Mulgrave



Campbell Roderick station agent Mulgrave

Carter John employee ICR Auld’s Cove

Carter Richard employee ICR Auld’s Cove

Crittenden George H. employee ICR Pirate Harbour

Crittenden Hiram fireman ICR Pirate Harbour

Crittenden Peter fireman ICR Pirate Harbour

Cunningham George employee ICR Pirate Harbour

Cutler Clementine deck hand Scotia Mulgrave



DeCoste Edward employee ICR Pirate Harbour

DeCoste James employee ICR Mulgrave

DeCoste Patrick employee ICR Mulgrave

Dunbar Alex engine driver Mulgrave



Forrestall Archibald employee ICR Mulgrave

Fraser Colin night watchman Scotia Mulgrave

Fraser John employee ICR Mulgrave



Garvie George employee ICR Mulgrave

Gellow James employee ICR Mulgrave

Gordon Alec R. employee ICR Mulgrave

Graham John employee ICR Mulgrave

Grant Alex. Employee ICR Pirate Harbour

Grant John policeman ICR Mulgrave



Hart Frank employee ICR Mulgrave

Hart Levi R. employee ICR Mulgrave

Howard Hattie bagagemaster Pirate Harbour

Holmes Alexander employee ICR Steep Creek

Holmes John E. employee ICR Pirate Harbour

Holmes Stephen employee ICR Steep Creek

Holmes William employee ICR Mulgrave



Irish William employee ICR Mulgrave



Keating Richard Jr. mate Scotia Mulgrave

Keay Ambrose employee ICR Mulgrave

Kelley James employee ICR Mulgrave

Kelley John employee ICR Mulgrave



Maguire William employee ICR Steep Creek

McDonald Allan G. employee ICR Mulgrave

McDonald Angus A. brakeman Mulgrave

McDonald Daniel W. employee ICR Mulgrave

McDonald Jas. Employee ICR Mulgrave

McDonald John mate Scotia Mulgrave

McDonald Roderick B. section man Mulgrave

McDorman Hugh conductor ICR Mulgrave

McEachern John engine driver Pirate Harbour

McInnis Alex. car inspector Mulgrave

McKeough E.A. employee ICR Mulgrave

McKinnon John car inspector Mulgrave

McLean Arthur brakeman Mulgrave

McLean John E. employee ICR Mulgrave

McMullen James section man Fair

McMullen Ronald section man Fair

McNeil James fireman Scotia Mulgrave

McNeil John cook Scotia Mulgrave

Meagher John employee ICR Fair

Meagher John P. employee Scotia ICR Middle Milford

Meagher Morris employee ICR Pirate Harbour

Morrison Allan employee ICR Fair

Morrison James employee ICR Fair

Morrison Kenneth 1st engineer Scotia Mulgrave

Murray Frederick employee ICR Mulgrave

Murray Samuel employee ICR Mulgrave



O’Neil Samuel employee ICR Mulgrave



Peeples A.G. employee ICR Mulgrave

Peeples Alfred employee ICR Pirate Harbour

Peeples George W. employee ICR Pirate Harbour

Peeples Henry A. employee ICR Pirate Harbour

Pushie Nathan conductor ICR Mulgrave



Reeves Alex. employee ICR Mulgrave

Robertson Jas. conductor ICR Mulgrave

Ross George brakeman Mulgrave

Ross William employee ICR Mulgrave

Ryan Charles employee ICR Mulgrave

Ryan Daniel section man Mulgrave

Ryan James yard master Mulgrave

Ryan Neil employee ICR Mulgrave

Ryan Robert E. employee ICR Mulgrave



Scott Bruce 2nd engineer Scotia Mulgrave

Scott Lindsay 3rd engineer Scotia Mulgrave

Scott Thomas employee ICR Mulgrave

Stewart Daniel employee ICR Mulgrave

Stewart Neil section foreman Mulgrave

Swaine Charles employee ICR Mulgrave



Whorton Charles A. brakeman Mulgrave

Whorton Murray employee ICR Pirate Harbour PO Mulgrave

Wilkinson Alex employee ICR Mulgrave

Wright George employee ICR Mulgrave

Wyley Edward engine driver Mulgrave




Comeau G.P. station agent bds Lincoln



English Roger railway employee bds Fox



Knickle Alonzo railway employee bds Lincoln



Mailman Albert baggage master h Broad

Martins Harry railway engineer h Prince

Mosher Hants railway conductor h Dufferin



Oxner S., Watson accountant, President Marine Railway h Cumberland



Smith Charles (of Al) engine driver h King



West Manfred engine cleaner h Fox




Adams A. railway brakeman bds King



Barnfather William R. engine driver bds Pleasant

Barteaux Louis engine driver bds King

Bent George locomotive fireman bds LaHave

Bent W.E. train despatcher H&SW Rwy. H Maple

Bigelow A.M. freight agent H&SW Rwy. H Pine

Boucher M.W. locomotive foreman bds Prince

Bradbury Robert railway employee bds King

Brooks C. railway car repairer h Conqueral Bank Road PO Bridgewater

Burrell Oliver car repairer h Phoenix



Carter Frederick engine driver h King

Chipman John railway brakeman bds King

Chisholm C. fireman bds Elm

Chisholm F. roadmaster H&SW Rwy. H Elm

Chisholm W.F. yardmaster h Elm

Christopher F. railway conductor h King

Cook Henry L. railway clerk h Victoria Road

Copeland L.D. railway fireman bds King

Copeland Robert railway fireman bds King

Cross J.E. railway fitter PO Bridgewater

Cutten Albert railway fitter bds King



Dalgleish R.P. purchasing Agent H&SW Rwy. h Phoenix

Daris George railway employee h King

Deveaux P. engine driver h Elm

Dodge Frederick locomotive fireman bds LaHave

Dovey George engine coaler h King

Driscoll Walter baggage master bds King

Duncan C.O. asst. train despatcher H&SW Rwy. bds Pleasant



Edwards H.L. railway conductor h King

Eikle Elias railway employee bds St. Philip

English Roger baggage master bds King

Ernst John engineer h Prince



Farish George C. asst. supt. H&SW Rwy. bds Pleasant

Feener Ephraim railway laborer h Cornwallis

Ford D. McK. chief clerk H&SW Rwy. bds Phoenix

Freeman F. railway clerk bds Empire



Garber Hunter railway fireman h King

Gillander H.A. engine driver h Pleasant

Gillingham R.L. clerk H&SW Rwy. bds Pleasant

Gordon --- railway employee bds Pleasant

Grant J. Howe railway engineer h Phoenix



Hebb A.M. railway car repairer h King

Hebb Wilfred J. railway brakeman bds Jubilee Road

Herriott George engine driver h LaHave

Hirtle J. railway employee h Victoria Road

Hubley Edmund cart cleaner h King

Hubley John engine coaler h King

Hubley Morton car cleaner bds King

Hubley Richard engine coaler h King

Hull William railway section man h King

Hunt Abraham railway employee bds LaHave



Johnson E. railway fireman bds King

Jones Frederick L. engine driver bds LaHave



Kemp Fletcher railway car foreman h King

Kerr Vernon C. railway bookkeeper h Scotia



Lamey Alexander railway conductor bds King

Langille Artemas railway laborer PO Bridgewater

Larder T. railway brakeman bds Pine

Lowe John engine coaler h Hebbville PO Bridgewater



Mahoney William railway employee h King

McDougall P. railway brakeman h Wileville PO Bridgewater

McEntee H.R. railway conductor h Prince

MacFarlane J. railway laborer bds King

McGuire James railway conductor h LaHave

McGuire Thomas railway employee h Aberdeen

McInnis Archie railway employee bds King

McKay Robert railway employee bds LaHave

McKay Robert L. railway fitter h Victoria Road

McLaughlin O. railway brakeman PO Bridgewater

McLellan C.M. railway engine driver h Aberdeen

McLeod Daniel A. fireman bds King

McLeod Roy engine driver bds Dominion

McLeod T.R. master mechanic H&SW Rwy. h Dominion

McPherson Walter railway engine driver h King

Miller W. railway laborer h Lahave

Millett Charles clerk H&SW Rwy. h Phoenix

Morash Robert railway brakeman bds King

Mosher Millege train inspector h King

Munroe Charles F. paymaster H&SW Rwy. bds Pleasant

Murray C.P. clerk H&SW Rwy bds Phoenix



Probert Joseph railway engineer bds Pleasant

Probert J. engine driver bds Victoria Road



Rafuse T.H. yard master H&SW Rwy. H Victoria Road

Richardson Murray railway yardman h Aberdeen

Ritchie F.J. fireman bds King

Ritchie Forrest railway employee bds LaHave

Robinson W. clerk H&SW Rwy. bds Pleasant

Rodenhiser L. railway brakeman h King



Snyde Frank engine driver bds King

Spidle Howard railway section man h North

Storey H.W. ticket agent H&SW Rwy. bds Pleasant



Thomas Owen H. railway fitter bds Empire

Turpel S. railway laborer h Hebbville PO Bridgewater



Walsh F.J. railway brakeman bds King

Walsh Maurice railway foreman h Victoria Road

Weagle Joseph railway employee bds King

Wentzell Otto railway employee bds King

Wheaton L.H. engineer H&SW Rwy. h King

White S.O. railway fitter bds King

Wile Charles railway laborer h King

Wile Levi railway tankman h York



Zinc Charles railway painter bds Starr

Zwicker Alexander engineer h Jubilee Road




Boland James engineer Hebb’s Cross

Bradbury Sydney station agent Chester

Brooks Cornelius rwy employee Conquerall Bank Road



Church Loran B. engineer Chester

Conrad William section foreman Lake Pleasant PO Simpson’s Corner

Corbin Edward engineer New Ross West

Croft Lawson rwy section man Chester Basin

Crouse Aaron freight agent Dayspring



Daubin Richard railway section man Chester Basin

Dauphinee Alpine railway section man West Northfield

Delorey Burns railway section man Gold River

Dorey Charles engine driver Mahone



Ernst Alpheus engine driver Blockhouse



Green Joseph engineer West Northfield



Haine Levi engine driver Conquerall Bank Road

Hodges Frank rwy section man East Chester



Keddy Daniel rwy section man Mahone

Keizer Peter engine driver Gold River



Lantz Allister station master Mahone



Mossman Dennis section foreman Italy Cross PO Blockhouse



Naas Demas section foeman Italy Cross POP Blockhouse



Redden Joseph railway section man Chester



Veinot Charles railway section foreman Blockhouse



Walsh William railway section foreman Mahone

Wheeton Albert engineer New Ross East

Wilneff William railway section boss Mahone




Bell George engineer h School

Boland Daniel brakeman SWR h Main (Bristol)

Bowers Charles railway employee h Jail

Braun Joseph engineer h Main (Bristol)



Campbell J.L. agent H&SW Rwy. bds Elmhurst Main



Dexter Stanley P. fireman bds O Milton r (Bristol)



Eminot Gordon bag master H&SW Rwy. bds Main (Bristol)



Foster J.D. conductor H&SW Rwy. h Main



Gardner R.H. secty-treas Liverpool & Milton Rwy resides Brooklyn



Haley Timothy employee railway bds Wolf



Jonah Frank R. engineer h Main



Lindsay Construction Co. rlwy contractors office Main

Lindsay Hamilton of Lindsay Construction Co. bds Hotel Mersey

Liverpool Electric Marine Railway office Main

Liverpool & Milton railway Co. R.H. Gardner sec-tres Bridge



McSween Seward railway employee bds N Q Hotel



Peach William engineer h Jail St.



Rawding T.M.R. timekeeper on railway h off Main



Veinot William engineer bds Roberts House



Wentzell Joseph H supt. Marine Railway h Main




Ball Stanley section man RR Caledonia



Gardener Harding engineer Brooklyn

Gardner Clyde engineer Brooklyn

Graham W.H. engineer Mill Village



Kempton George engineer Port Medway



McLeod Robert engineer Milton



Rhynard Johnson engineer Brooklyn



Wagner Gilbert engineer E Port Medway

Wambolt William section foreman Caledonia




McGinnis James foreman railway construction h Water

McLellan D.R. station agent bds station




Davis Leverton rwy employee Barrington Head



Ferguson Sydney section man Barrington Head



Goodwin Herbert fireman Bear Point



Hogg Francis engineer Atwood Brook



McIntosh George E. engineer E Jordan



Nickerson Gilbert section man Shag Harbour



Ringer William A. engineer Lockeport

Robichaud George station agent Barrington Passage

Rodgerson John section boss Woods Harbour



Thomas Orville engineer W Point Clyde




Allen Daniel T. motorman h Richard’s lane

Ashe Daniel locomotive supt. DAR h Starr’s Road



Balkam George brakeman DAR bds Gardner

Balkam Percy fireman DAR bds Gardner

Blagf George section man H&SW Ry h Argyle

Brooks H.J. clerk DAR bds central

Brown Arthur laborer DAR bds Store Lane



Carter Thomas conductor tramway h Pearl

Churchill Charles engineer DAR h Main

Churchill Hugh C. clerk DAR h Main

Cleveland Grover railway employee bds Maple

Cleveland Ralph E. railway employee bds Maple

Coaldwell Marsden C. custom officer DAR h John

Conrad W.H. conductor DAR h Main

Cook David night watchman DAR h Main

Cook Hallett engine driver bds First

Copeland Hugh fireman DAR bds Main

Corey Clancy locomotive driver bds Main

Currie Robert chief engineer DAR bds South Lane



Devine George yard master DAR h Starr’s Road

Dill Blake fireman DAR h Maine

Dominion Atlantic Railway Office Water



Edgar John foreman boilermaker DAR h Ryerson

Eldridge Ashton conductor h Propect



Foulis George L. mgr Street railway h Tooker



Golden Adolphus fireman h Argyle

Green John of H&SW Rwy. bds Glove

Grimm Richard conductor H&SW Rwy. h Main



Haines William R. freight checker DAR bds Kempt

Handrahan James B. car cleaner DAR bds Water

Hanson E.J. steward DAR bds Queen Hotel

Halifax & South Western railway Station Water

Hayes Arthur brakeman DAR bds Main



Johnston William J. accountant DAR h Cumberland



Killam J.B. wharfinger DAR h Main



Lancaster Walter H. storekeeper DAR h Alma



MacGregor Alex E. Marine supt. DAR bds Parade

McIvar Kenneth brakeman DAR bds Main

McKay B.P. asst. freight agent DAR bds King

McMillan James constable DAR h Main

McNutt Edward S. conductor Pullman DAR h Kirk

Melancon Joseph flagman DAR h Water

Melancon Joseph engineer h Regent

Muise Peter boilermaker DAR h 185 Main

Murphy D.J. roadmaster DAR h Brunswick



Nichols Addy conductor DAR h Beacon

Nickerson Lovitt A. station agent H&SW Rwy. bds 60 Main



Parker George F. passenger agent DAR h King



Ritchie Spurgeon engineer DAR h Kirk

Robbins Ansell customs officer DAR res Arcadia

Rogers Keith clerk DAR bds Queen



Salvage Nelson motorman h Argyle

Saulnier Frederick section man DAR h Water

Smith Charles C. section man DAR h Water

Smith Frank P. night watchman DAR h Pleasant

Smith John engineer bds water

Suttie Alfred B. Jr. railway employee bds Byer’s Lane


Taylor William C. fireman h Church

Thompson Dana fireman bds Church

Thurston Edward fireman h Alma

Trask Charles street car conductor h Main



Veinot Alfred fireman h Argyle



Walsh Michael section foreman DAR bds Prospect

Ward Harry locomotive driver DAR h Main

Whitehouse Alvin fireman h Argyle

Whitney John employee H&SW Rwy. h Lonergan’s Lane off Main

Williams A.E. clerk DAR bds Brunswick

Williams George H. conductor DAR h Main

Wilson Thomas street car conductor bds 27 Cliff



Yarmouth Marine Railway Co. Ltd. Jacob Bingay, managing director office Main




Amiro Andrew station agent Lower East Pubnico



Boudreau Pius Z. engineer Tusket Wedge

Butler Harry engineer Central Chebogue



Doucette Peter section man Tusket

Doucette Simon section man Tusket



Foulis Thomas engineer Central Chebogue



Hughes Allister section man East Pubnico



LeBlanc Marc Lelis engineer Tusket Wedge

LeBlanc Pius engineer Tusket Wedge

LeFevre Amos section man Belleville



McCarthy John W. station master Tusket

McGray Frank engineer Plymouth

MacKinnon Charles fireman Central Chebogue

Muise William R. fireman Chebogue Point



Robertson Wilson section man Brazil



Spinney Arthur E. section man Central Argyle

Spinney Jonathan section man Central Argyle

Spinney Miss Odessa station agent Central Argyle (EDITOR’S NOTE: Miss Spinney was the only female station agent in the province at the time.)



Theriault Frank section man Ohio



Watkins Augustus railway man Brazil

Woodburn Robert engineer Ohio

Wyman Ernest engineer Wyman Road




Dennison Archibald freight handler DAR wharf h George

Dennison Robert freight handler DAR wharf bds George

Digby Station dining room G.A. Vye prop. First Ave.



Eisner Clarence employee DAR wharf h George



Germain George freight handler DAR wharf bds off St. Mary’s



Jones Orville C. station agent DAR h Queen



Marshall Walter freight handler DAR wharf First Ave.

McBride J.T. baggage master DAR h Sydney



Wright Walter baggage master Digby Pier DAR h Queen




Comeau William engineer Weymouth

Cowie George engineer Westport



Dugas Didio J. section man Ohio

Dukeshire Norman section man Joggin Bridge



Gaudet Edward agent Weymouth

Guadet Manda R. section man Ohio (misspelling, Gaudet)

Guadet Manda J. section man Ohio (misspelling, Gaudet)

Goodyear Clarence s’man Bear River (EDITOR’S NOTE: s’man is taken to indicate a section man)



Handshaw John A. tckman Bear River (EDITOR’S NOTE: tckman is taken to indicate a trackman)

Hawkinson Frank tkman Weymouth



Killeup Alex engineer Weymouth



McCormack Michael section boss New Edinburg

Morehouse Guy engineer Bear River



Payson Randolph engineer Weymouth Bridge

Purdy E. Bruce engineer Bear River



Robinson James section boss Joggin Bridge



Saulnier Volusien section boss Weymouth Bridge

Sulis Norman section man Smith’s Cove



Theriault John section man PO Digby

Theriault Moise section man N Range

Thompson S.S. station agent Smith’s Cove



Wagoner Manley engineer Harlem




Clark W.E. station agent DAR h St. George

Copeland Daniel engine driver DAR h Drury Lane

Copeland Hugh fireman DAR bds Drury Lane



Edwards Joseph baggage master h Station



Frizzell Arthur baggage master DAR bds American House



Gormley Joseph agent H&SW Rwy. bds Railway

Gough James baggage master bds American House



Hawkesworth George A. railway mail clerk h St. George

Herbert A.G. conductor DAR h St. James

Herbert Clifford engine cleaner bds St. James

Herbert Robert fireman DAR bds Commercial House

Lyghtel John brakeman H&SW Rwy. h St. Anthony



Mahoney Charles M. baggage master DAR h St. Lawrence

Mahoney William brakeman DAR bds St. Lawrence

Murray Thomas employee DAR h Railway



Riley Simon Jr. engineer DAR h St. Anthony



Sanders George brakeman DAR bds Railway



Taylor Arthur brakeman DAR bds American House

Taylor Harry brakeman DAR h St. Anthony




Craig Owen A. clerk H&SW Rwy. bds Court

Croskill Frederick station agent H&SW Rwy. h Granville



Jones W.V. station agent DAR bds South



Maritime Express Co. W.V. Jones agent DAR station

McAndrews Israel engineer res Carleton Corner

Mosher A. section foreman H&SW Rwy. bds Grand Central Hall



Phinney Charles section man h Park

Phinney Spurgeon baggage master DAR bds Court



VanBuskirk section man H&SW Rwy h Bay Road off Granville



Woodland Dow section man h Middle




Allen Harvey section foreman Springfield

Allen Henry section man Springfield



Bent William A. station agent Springfield

Bishop Victor E. station agent Lawrencetown

Braniff William section man Wilmot

Brooks Riley section man DAR Centreville

Brown Fred steam eng. Meadowvale

Burn Milledge section man Nictaux Falls



Cameron Aldrich agent Clementsport

Carter Frank rwy conductor Crossburn

Chipman John brakeman Tupperville

Clements Benjamin station agent Deep Brook

Conley Willoughby section man Thorne’s Cove

Cook H.B. section man H&SW Rwy. Granville Ferry

Corkum Thomas section man Middleton



Dean William engine driver Crossburn

Dorman George engine driver Crossburn



Earley William agent Margaretsville



Grady John employee railway N Albany



Hayes Jas. Railway employee Lower Granville

Hazelton William Bridge tender Deep Brook



Jacques Henry station agent Middleton

Jefferson William employee DAR Round Hill



Kennedy Jas. section boss Upper Clements



Lohnes Simeon section foreman Springfield



Mader Horton railway employee Crossburn

Marshall Herbert section man Bridgetown

Marston John railway employee Crossburn

McGill Reginald ry con. Lake Pleasant

McIntosh Gordon railway employee Crossburn

McKinnon Archibald section man No. Albany

McKinnon John section man No. Albany

Melanson George section man Upper Clements

Muir William railway employee Crossburn



Oakes Harvey A. station agent Alpenn

O’Hare Thomas railway employee Crossburn



Pearson Andrew station agent Wilmot

Pierce Richard section man DAR Lawrencetown



Ramsey Frank engine driver Crossburn

Ritchie Jas. section man DAR Lequille

Russell J.B. railway employee Middleton



Sanford Adelburt section man Springhill

Sawler Allister railway employee N. Albany

Shaw John engineer Clementsport

Spurr Charles E. station agent Round Hill



Tavenor Stanley station agent Tupperfield

Taylor Charles section man Middleton

Turner Anthony section man Springfield



Wallace George section foreman Lawrenctown

Wambolt Stewart railway employee N. Albany

Waterman Frank station agent Nictaux Falls

Wright Alonzo section man Clementsport




Aker John brakeman DAR bds Cornwallis

Andrews Frank fireman DAR h Main

Andrews Harry machinist DAR h Main

Atchinson Henry W. employee DAR h Aberdeen



Bardell William carpenter DAR h Oakdean

Barkhouse Joshua machinist DAR h Canaan Ave.

Barkhouse Obediah boilermaker DAR

Barnaby B.H. painter DAR h off Cornwallis

Barnaby Charles engine cleaner DAR

Barnaby George stationary engineer DAR

Beazley F.A. night operator DAR bds Webster

Bishop Frederick section foreman DAR h Cornwallis

Boylan Reginald blacksmith DAR

Brown James laborer DAR h Academy

Brown Robert B. chief train despatcher DAR bds Aberdeen Hotel

Burbidge George laborer DAR h Aberdeen



Carroll Frederick clerk DAR bds Main

Carroll Monson F. pipefitter DAR h Main

Chesley A.E.H. chief clerk Acct. Dept. DAR h Webster Court

Cleavland Grover fireman DAR bds pff Cornwallis

Cochran Charles fireman DAR h Main

Cochran Charles foreman boilermakers DAR h Main

Cole Thomas employee DAR h Chester Road

Coleman Allen painter DAR

Corbin A. engine cleaner DAR

Corbin Stanley laborer DAR

Corbin William boilermaker DAR h Main

Corey Alfred asst. store keeper DAR

Corey Frank L. tel. operator DAR bds Webster court



Daniels Leonard fireman DAR bds Webster

Dentith Ernest J. draftsman DAR h Main

Dill Blake employee DAR bds Webster

Dill Walter fireman DAR bds off Cornwallis

Dominion Atlantic Railway head offices, River

Dow Robert freight agent DAR h Church Ave.

Driscoll Joseph J engine cleaner DAR bds Canaan Ave.

Driscoll Leo engine cleaner DAR

Dykens James car shunter DAR h Millbrook



Franklin Newton employee DAR bds Village House

Fraser Frederick engine cleaner DAR

Fraser William traffic supt. DAR bds Aberdeen Hotel



Galley Wallace laborer DAR h Cornwallis

Gardiner William laborer DAR

Gifkins P. general manager DAR h Main

Gillingham George carpenter DAR h Klondyke

Gillingham Glen clerk DAR bds Klondyke

Gillingham Guilford clerk DAR bds Klondyke

Gillingham Robert carpenter DAR h Klondyke

Gould Owen employee machine shop DAR h Main

Gould Sydney S. carpenter DAR h Chester Road

Griffin John carpenter DAR h Oakdean



Hartlen William B. locomotive driver DAR h Main

Harvey Edward loco driver DAR h Prospect

Harvey Frederick baggage master DAR h Oakdean

Hawes George hostler DAR

Haystead John R. blacksmith DAR h Cornwallis

Herbert William conductor DAR h Main

Hibbird F. baggage master DAR

Hiltz Edgar fireman DAR

Hubley Roger carpenter DAR h Main

Huntley Chadwick R. night watchman DAR h Aberdeen



Jenkin John carpenter DAR h Cornwallis

Johnson Wesley fireman DAR h Cornwallis

Jones Benjamin laborer DAR h Exhibition Road



Keddy William laborer DAR

Killam Arthur S. foreman painter DAR h Main

Killam F. clerk DAR bds Main

Kirkpatrick Hugh machinist DAR h Main



Landry Charles carpenter DAR

Landry Frederick carpenter DAR

Layton James carpenter DAR h Oakdean

Leard G. Marshall stenographer DAR bds Prospect

Leighton James carpenter DAR h Main

Lockhart George W. laborer DAR bds Church Ave.

Lynch Frederick employee DAR h Cornwallis

Lynch John car inspector DAR h Cornwallis



Mahoney Russell brakeman DAR bds Aberdeen

Margeson Norris conductor DAR h Main

Margeson T. clerk freight office DAR

Martin Miss Beatrice stenographer DAR

Matthews George painter DAR

McIver Daniel conductor DARE h Propsect

McKenzie James W. brakeman DAR bds Aberdeen

McPherson Phillip fireman DAR h Webster

Mennie Archibald B. carpenter DAR h Chester Road

Moore Charles blacksmith DAR

Morash A.H. ticket agent DAR

Mosher Edward blacksmith DAR

Mosher Richard locomotive driver DAR h River

Murphy D.J. asst. traffic mgr. DAR bds Main



Nichols Addie conductor DAR h River

Nichols Mansfield baggage master DAR bds American House



Parker G.F. trav. pas. agent DAR res. Truro

Parker George A., auditor DAR h Main

Parker Rupert U. acting pass. agent bds Main

Pemberton James laborer DAR bds Mill Brook

Pentz Cecil baggage master DAR bds American House

Pratt H.A. accountant DAR h Main

Purcell John laborer DAR



Quigley William brakeman DAR bds off Cornwallis

Quillan John carpenter DAR h Belcher



Rand Bayard carpenter DAR h Main

Reagh Charles fireman DAR bds Aberdeen

Ridge W. clerk DAR bds Webster Court

Ritchie John conductor DAR h Cornwallis

Rooney James restaurant DAR h N. Alton



Savage William brakeman DAR bds off Cornwallis

Schurman Cecil B. car inspector DAR h Prospect

Schurman G.M. clerk DAR bds Prospect

Shaw Ernest clerk DAR

Simmons James conductor DAR h Webster

Smith Peter laborer DAR

Spinney Joseph locomotive driver DAR h Webster

Sterling George paymaster Dar h River

Strong Robert clerk DAR

Swanson Donald H. machinist DAR h Main



Toomey William fireman DAR bds Church Ave.



Van Blarcom Frank machinist DAR bds American House

Van Blarcom Frederick machinist DAR bds Main

Webster Percy G. chief clerk audit dept. DAR bds Academy

Wigmore Frank brakeman DAR off Cornwallis

Wyman H. machinist DAR bds h Academy



Yould Benjamin locomotive driver DAR h Webster

Yould James H. foreman mechanical dept. DAR h Webster

Yould William engineer and mech. Supt. DAR h Main

Young Aaron carpenter DAR h River

Young Herman foreman blacksmith DAR h Cornwallis

Young Owen painter DAR off Main

Young William locomotive driver DAR h Main



Zwicker Cephus laborer DAR




Abbot George section foreman h Front



Coldwell E.F. engineer h Willow Ave.



Daniels A.T. station agent bds Royal Hotel



Forsythe Frank section man h Front Street



Selfridge Harold B. baggage master bds Locust




Barkhouse Arding section man Auburn

Barnaby George H. employee DAR Kentville

Beckwith George station agent Sheffield Mills Station

Borden Elijah station agent Kingsport

Brewster William section man DAR Canning



Colter John section foreman Berwick

Covey Alfred employee DAR Kentville



DeWolfe John A. station agent Canning

Dickey A.W. conductor DR Kingsport



Harvie Edward engine driver DAR Kingsport

Hicks Samuel station agent Aylesford

Hiltz Ephriam employee railway Kingsport

Holmes Thomas conductor Kingsport



Landry Frederick employee DAR Kentville

Lightfoot Rufus section man Waterville

Lockhart Harris engineer Hantsport

Lyman Joseph section foreman Waterville



Newcomb William F. station agent Coldbrook

Nichols Manfield conductor DAR Berwick



Palmer Howard employee railway Kingston Station



Selby Harry section man Avonport



Trenholm Stewart station agent Grand Pre

Tupper Thomas agent Kingston Station



Webb Clifford fireman DAR Kingsport

White Harry station agent Waterville

Woods Joseph section foreman Kingsport



Young Freeman employee DAR Kentville




Ackman B.P. engine driver h Victoria



Bancroft Percy trackmaster’s clerk bds Stannus



Caldwell Harry section foreman ICR h Burnham’s Hill

Chapman Ira engineer h Stannus

Coon Frederick section man h Gray

Coon James section man h Gray

Cooper Joseph R. baggage master h Cobbett

Cowell Henry section man h Water

Curry Charles fireman h O’Brien

Curry Timothy engine cleaner DAR h cor. Water and King



Della Torre Joseph baggage master DAR bds King

Dill Walter section foreman Gypsum Railway Co. h O’Brien

Donald Edmund engineer h King



Frizzell Fred W. engineer h O’Brien

Fudge Reuben fireman DAR bds Nesbit



Harvey George H. section man DAR h Park

Haystead Harry brakeman bds Gerrish

Hodden Arthur brakeman bds Nesbit

Hodden Frederick J. engine cleaner bds Nesbit



Kelly William track master ICR h King

Kilcup Herbert engineer h Elm

King William fireman h off Albert

Kuhn section foreman DAR h Gray



LeCain Addison baggage master h Elm



Matheson Alex yard master DAR h off Stannus

Maynard Charles E. asst freight agent bds Stannus

McCully G.W. railway conductor h Gerrish

McDonald John station agent h Station

McKinnon Gordon engineer bds O’Brien

McMonagle William engineer h Victoria

McRae John M. fireman DAR bds Gerrish

Munroe Coleman engineer h Gerrish



Perry W.S. tel. operator railway station bds Stannus

Purvis John engineer h Spa Spring Road



Rafuse James E. engineer h King

Redden Lewis engineer h cor. Stannus & Victoria

Redden Ralph D. fireman h Hawthorn



Sharpham Robert P. car inspector h O’Brien

Snyde Reuben freight checker h Stannus



Tracey Harry engineer h O’Brien



Ward Henry engine driver h Wentworth




Burgess Harry railway porter bds off Main



Colter Rufus engine driver h Main



Holesworth R.M. station agent h Main

Horton Hart engine driver h Indian Road



Leck George farmer and section man h Halifax Road

Logan Creighton A. engine driver h Halifax Road



McHeffy J.A. engine driver h off Main



Singer Robert ICR trackman h Windsor Road




Allison Ed L. station master h William



Forsyth E.N. section foreman DAR h Prince



Lockhart Harris engineer Kings Co. PO Hantsport



McDonald John engineer h Cottage

McDonald Roy fireman bds Prince

Morgan William engineer bds Foundry



Patten Terry engineer bds William



Rafuse Kempton engineer bds American House

Riley Ralph engineer bds Foundry



Woodlaver John R. engineer h Prince




Anthony Alonzo section boss Kennetcook Corner (DAR)

Armstrong Edward station agent Falmouth



Barclay, Neil stationmaster West Gore (DAR)



Campbell William G. section man Stanley (DAR)

Carson, Thomas Jr. tankman Elmsdale (ICR)

Crowell, George railway section man Newport (DAR)

Crowell, James railway section man Newport (DAR)



Dunbar Alex section man Newport (DAR)



Ennis W.A. station agent, Elmsdale (ICR)



Hall Robert, section boss Enfield

Holesworth R.M. station agent Shubenacadie



Killen George M. engineer Wentworth



Laffin, John section man Maple Grove



McArthur D.B. Station agent Milford

McLaughlan Donald engine driver Elmsdale



Noiles, Rufus L. station agent Brooklyn (DAR)



O’Brien E.G. fireman and lumberman Maitland



Richards Alex trackman Elmsdale

Richards John trackman Elmsdale

Ross Alex. farmer and section man. Barney’s Brook



Savage John section foreman Ellershouse

Scott Donald section man Enfield

Sharp Andrew fireman Newport Landing

Singer Norman section man Kennetcook Corner

Smith Arthur fireman Newport Landing

Stoddart Jason section man DAR Mount Denson

Swinehammer George section foreman Ellershouse



Woodworth John trackman Elmsdale




Agnew Frank car inspector bds Eddy

Archibald W.F. brakeman ICR bds Church



Babin --- employee ICR bds Abbott

Blanche Charles baggage master ICR bds Pleasant

Brownell F.R. ICR policeman h Pleasant

Brownell W.A. baggage master ICR h Albion



Campbell Duncan brakeman ICR bds Victoria

Canadian Pacific Railway Co.’s office T.E. McNair mgr. Victoria

Card James laborer ICR bds Havelock

Coates Hull employee ICR bds Church

Cormier Fred ICR employee h Fullerton



Embree Albert brakeman ICR bds Church



Fitzmaurice W.R. station agent ICR h Lawrence



Gilfillan John engine driver ICR h Abbott



Jackson John S. foreman passenger dept. ICR h Lusby

Jackson T.H. ICR employee h Church



Landry D.J. employee ICR h Abbott

Lusby Harry ICR employee h Chandler



McDonald Edward employee ICR h Nappan Road

McNair T.E. mgr Canadian Pacific Office h Eddy

Moffatt Walter clerk ICR bds Lawrence



Nicholson Leonard conductor ICR h Nappan Road



Purchase James ICR employee h Christie

Purdy C.B. checker ICR h Pleasant



Ralph – employee ICR bds LaPlanche



Sanderson Thomas R. brakeman ICR h Chandler

Simpson J.L. clerk ICR freight dept. bds Lawrence



Watt George fireman ICR bds Acadia

White Elias yard master ICR h Nappan Road




Fowler Edward railway section boss h Amherst Road

Fraser D.A. railway brakeman h Spring



Gilbert William E. ry car oiler h Beaver Dam Rd.

Gillespie J.H. mgr Standard Coal & Railway Co. h Partridge Island Rd.



Langille Clarence C. station agent h Main



Miller John railway section man h Mill



Noiles Nathan A. railway section boss h Sydney



Proctor Christopher M. locomotive driver h West Ave.



Rector James railway section man h Swan Creek Rd.



Standard Coal & Railway Co. Works, Newville & Pettigrew Settlement, office, Main

Swan Fred locomotive fireman bds cor. Main & Spring



Terris Neil railway brakeman h Spring



Wylie Harry railway conductor h Victoria




Alexander George fireman CRy&C Co. h Herritt Rd.

Alger Edwin fireman CRy&C Co. h Main

Arseneau John railway section man h Main



Barlow John engineer h Main

Brown Robert railway section foreman Junction Road



Campbell Duncan engineer h Church

Canning Albert fireman CRy&C Co. bds Herritt Rd.

Carmichael Charles engineer h Mechanic

Chisholm Roderick car repairman CRy&C Co. h Junction Rd.

Clark John H. fireman h Morris

Collis Jas. sectionman CRy&C Co. h Junction Rd.

Conn David engineer h Elm

Coon Alexander laborer ICR h Wolsley

Coon Howard engineer h Pleasant

Coon Joseph engineer h Magee



Davison Alfred D. ICR check-weighman h McFarlane

Delanty Richard section foreman h McFarlane (See Dulhanty)

Dobson Oscar trainman bds Elm

Dulhanty Richard railway trackmaster h McFarlane (See Delanty)



Elliott David baggage master and railway porter bds Elm



Finlay Howard fireman h Elm

Flynn Patrick fireman C Ry & C.Co. h Elm

Fraser Angus engine driver C Ry & C.Co. bds Herritt Road

Fraser James G. engineer bds Cowan



Gelling J.W. fireman h Main

Gogan Fred railway brakeman h Pleasant



Hall Robert engineer h Main

Hall William fireman C Ry & C.Co. bds Elgin

Harroun Stephen fireman C Ry & C.Co. h Queen

Horton Rupert engine driver h McKay

Howard Harvey engineer C Ry & C.Co. h Lisgar



Johnston Warren engineer bds cor Magee & Cowan



Kay George fireman C Ry & C.Co. h Main

Keith Esdaile ry conductor C Ry & C.Co. h Lisgar

Keith George W. brakeman h Main

Kennedy Stephen fireman h McKay

Kuhn John railway section foeman h Junction Road



Lynch John fireman C Ry & C.Co. bds Main



McCarron John engine driver C Ry & C.Co. h Herritt Road

McCarthy Harvey brakeman C Ry & C.Co. h Miller’s Corner

McCormick Gideon car repairer C Ry & C.Co. h King

McDonald Alex railway yard master h Victoria

McKenzie Alexander baggage master bds Herritt Road

McKinnon A.A. station agent h Fir

Mcmananman James fireman h cor. Pioneer & Drummond

McPherson Alex H. fireman bds Drummond

Mills Alfred car inspector C Ry & C.Co. bds Junction Road

Murray James fireman h Fir

Murray Robert locomotive engineer bds Fir



Natting George fireman bds Magee

Noiles John H. ICR coal inspector h Fir



Oulton Robert fireman h Gray’s Lane

Oulton Thomas conductor h James



Pettigrew James section manager C Ry & C.Co. h Miller’s Corner

Pinhan William H. fireman h Elm

Pippey Charles railway clerk h Fir

Price J.S. engineer h Mines



Robertson Daniel engineer h Fir

Rooney Herbert brakeman h Chapel

Roscoe William railway section foreman h Cowan



Scott John R. engineer C Ry & C.Co. h Queen



Whidden Henry fireman C Ry & C.Co. bds King

White Arthur railway section foreman h Chapel

White Theophilus railway section man h Chapel

White William railway section man h Chpel




Mills Coglin baggage master ICR h James



Patton Howard ICR ticket agent h Station (So.)



Rushton Henry railway section man Little River Rd.



Thompson R.T. engineer h Water



Wilson Abraham S. railway section foreman h Foundry (South)




Adams David engineer Southampton

Adams Robert section foreman Springhill Junction

Archibald Harry yard master Springhill Junction



Barclay Finley section man Wentworth Station

Beaver Charles section man Maccan

Belyea F. station agent Wentworth Station

Betts Charles car inspector Springhill Junction

Betts Charles B. car cleaner Oxford Junction

Betts Luther section man Malagash Station

Boutilier John section man Springhill Junction

Bryant Jacob section foreman River Hebert

Burchell G.B. mgr. Canada Coal & Railway Co. Joggin Mines



Canning Henry section foreman Thompson

Carr Alex tank man Springhill

Chignecto Marine Railway Co. Fort Lawrence

Colbourne Samuel section man Pugwash

Colborne Wilbur section man Oxford Junction

Connors Jas. engine driver Pugwash



Davis Charles section foreman Wallace Station

Davison Harry engineer River Phillip

Demings Alex section man Pugwash

Demings Alex section man Conn’s Mills

Demings Alonzo section man Conn’s Mills

Demings Jesse section foreman Conn’s Mills

Dewis Daniel fireman Joggins Mines

Dotton Percy fireman Oxford Junction

Doyle Edward fireman Joggins Mines

Doyle Frederick section man Westchester Station



Eagles Abner trkman Chignecto Mines (EDITOR’S NOTE: trkman is taken to mean trackman.)

Elliot E.P. station agent Pugwash



Ferguson David section foreman Wentworth Station

Fields M.A. car inspector Oxford Junction

Fillmore Hiram engineer Oxford Junction

Fillmore Robert trainman Oxford Junction

Fillmore Walter car cleaner Oxford Junction

Fillmore Walter A. employee ICR Oxford Junction

Finley William railway employee Conn’s Mills

Fisher George section man Athol

Forbes George O. station master Springhill Junction

Fowler Edward section foreman Cross Roads

Fraser A.M. asst. station agent Oxford Junction



Giles A.B. section foreman Athol

Giles O.L. station master Athol

Gordon Isaac section foreman River Phillip

Gordon Isaac section foreman Oxford Junction

Gracie Henry engineer Wallace Bridge

Gullen Robert station master Upper Malagash



Harrison Alex section foreman Maccan

Harrison Rufus section man Maccan

Harrison Thomas section foreman Salt Springs

Henderson Joseph station agent Maccan

Herrett Edward section man River Phillip

Hoeg Abner section man Maccan

Hoeg Trenholm fireman River Hebert

Howlet J.M. station agent Salt Springs

Huston Hiram engine driver Pugwash



Jones H.W. asst. station agent and postmaster Springhill Junction



Lamb John railway employee Joggins Mines

Legere A.J. asst. air brake inspector Springhill Junction

Leger Moses car inspector Springhill Junction

Lockhart Jas. section foreman Pugwash

Lowther Fleming engineer Chignecto Mines



Maine Nelson car inspector Springhill Junction

Manuge Alex section man Lake Pleasant

McDonald A.G. engineer Chignecto Mines

McDonald Daniel tank man Springhill Junction

McDonald James engineer Chignecto Mines

McDonald James L. railway contractor Pugwash

McDonald John W. brakeman Chignecto Mines

McDonald P.K. station agent Oxford Junction

McKay William engineer Chignecto Mines

McKenzie Adam station agent Malagash Station

McKenzie David trkman Oxford Junction

McLean Daniel section man Greenville Station

McLean J.Garvin baggage master Oxford Junction

McLean William car inspector Springhill Junction

McManamon John section man Salt Springs

McMillan John section foreman Pugwash Junction

McNab Robert railway employee Pugwash

McNeil George station agent Wallace Bridge

McPherson S.A. station agent River Phillip

Melanson J.P. section man Springhill Junction

Merrill A.D. clerk Springhill Junction

Middleton William section foreman Nappan

Miller James section foreman Wentworth Station

Mitchell David engineer Chignecto Mines

Moffatt J. Fred station agent River Hebert

Moffatt William fireman River Hebert



Nathan George station agent Pugwash



Palmer Chester section man Henderson Settlement

Parlee Harry section man Maccan



Rector Charles engineer Chignecto Mines

Robertson Stephen section man Pugwash Junction

Roulston George L. station agent Westchester Station

Rushton Redford engine cleaner Westchester Station



St Peters James section foreman Maccan

Stage William car inspector Springhill Junction

Stewart David S. section man Pugwash River

Sullivan J. Edgar fule man Springhill Junction (EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a misspelling of fuel man)

Sweetman Richard section man Joggins Mines



Taylor Hugh fireman Parrsboro

Thompson G.A. section man Pugwash Junction

Thompson Jas. engineer Wallace Grant



Watt George car inspector Springhill Junction

Waugh William station agent Wallace Station

Weatherbee George engine cleaner Springhill Junction

Webb J. Harris section man Westchester Station

Weldon J.J. section man Springhill Junction

White E.A. engine cleaner Springhill Junction

Wilson Alex section foreman Westchester Station

Wilson James H. section man Greenville Station

Wright Rufus air brake inspector Springhill Junction




Adams William F. brakeman ICR h 40 Pleasant

Adosey Ahmid prop. ICR Hotel, Havelock

Archibald Blair engine cleaner ICR h Munro

Archibald Cyrus road master ICR h 69 Queen

Archibald Frederick O. yard master bds Faulkner

Archibald H.M. car repairer ICR

Archibald Isaac brakeman ICR h Centre

Archibald James porter ICR

Archibald Lewis brakeman h Faulkner

Archibald Luther B. supt. Sleeping & dining cars ICR h 71 Queen

Archibald Samuel engine house man ICR



Baker Harry conductor ICR h Arthur

Baker R. Lee train despatcher ICR h Muir

Barnhill I. Logan conductor ICR h Queen

Barrow Isaac inspector locomotives round house ICR h Wood

Bartlett Charles P. trackman

Bartlett Daniel L. ashman ICR

Bartlett Peter H. trackman ICR h Dominion

Bentley Henry trackman ICR h Prince (East)

Bentley Samuel engine round house ICR h Wood

Betts Amasa B. engine house man H Young

Betts George fireman h 12 Munro

Bigney J.E. railway mail clerk h Pleasant

Bilby Gilbert fireman ICR h Prince (East)

Bilby James fireman bds Prince (East)

Biswanger Amos employee ICR bds Prince (East)

Blades Samuel fireman ICR h Brunswick

Blaikie Charles A. boilermaker ICR round house h Waddell

Blaikie Foster engineer h Arthur

Blair James E. baggemaster ICR h Alice

Blenkinsop T.W. railway postal clerk h Pleasant

Blois George fireman h Winburn Hill

Bond Roy O. locomotive driver

Boston Fred brakeman h Victoria

Brenton Charles trackman

Brenton F. Willis porter ICR bds Pleasant

Brenton Johnson fireman ICR

Brenton Lloyd brakeman bds Havelock

Brown Charles conductor ICR h Arlington

Brown John H. fireman h Revere

Brown William C. employee freight shed ICR h Water

Bruce Hector night yard master h Doyle

Bruce John brakeman bds Prince

Bruce Luther brakeman bds Prince

Bruce Oliver locomotive engineer bds Prince

Brunt Charles employee ICR h Cottage

Buchanan James conductor ICR h McLellan

Buchanan Samuel employee ICR h 3 McMullen

Buchanan Stanley section foreman ICR

Burris Harvey fireman ICR h Waddell

Burris Nathan engine driver h Brunswick

Byers R.W. porter baggage room h Dominion



Cameron L.B. engine-house man ICR

Campbell Joseph J. caretaker rest rooms ICR h Centre

C.P.R. Tel. Office Miss E.G. Hadley Inglis

Carle Peter employee ICR bds Esplanade

Carlyle Andrew brakeman ICR h 14 Pleasant

Carlyle Scott section man ICR h Arthur

Carter Allan employee freight shed bds Victoria

Carter George fireman ICR h Dominion

Carter L. porter ICR

Caudle Frederick fireman h Cottage

Caudle John tool checker ICR h Wimburne Hill

Cavanagh George H. fireman ICR bds 114 Queen

Chambers Thomas trackman ICR h Prince (East)

Champin John B. engine driver h Prince (East)

Chapman John surveyor ICR

Chisholm Frank K. engineer ICR h Wimburne Hill

Chisholm Hugh employee round house bds Prince (East)

Chisholm Lewis conductor ICR h Victoria

Christie Fred trackman res Valley

Clyke Oscar porter ICR dining hall bds Prince (West)

Connolly Smith machinist ICR h Alice

Cook Arthur fireman bds Forrester

Cottam Frank employee freight shed bds Esplanade

Cottam George freight checker ICR

Creelman Campbell employee ICR h Pleasant

Crockett Murray brakeman h Arthur

Crowe Everett conductor ICR bds 18 Walker

Crowe Harold employee ICR h Dominion

Crowell Graham fireman ICR h McLellan

Cullen Robert stores issuer ICR h Brunswick

Cummings Ross station agent ICR h Arthur

Cunningham R.P. employee ICR bds Muir



Daly James machinist ICR

Davidson Fred conductor ICR h Duke

Davis Bert engineer bds Forrester

Dawe George carpenter ICR h Arthur

Dawson Charles M. ticket agent ICR h Young

D’Armond Grover fuel man ICR h off Young

Dewar Alexander car builder ICR h Dominion

Dewar John brakeman Brunswick

Dewar John brakeman Forrester

Dewar Seymour brakeman ICR bds McLellan

Dickie Byard employee IRC h 8 Waddell

Dickson William employee ICR h Arthur

Dickson William L. porter ICR h 8 Walker

Dominion Atlantic Railway A.C. Webster city agent, office Esplanade

Douglas R.A. machinist ICR h 11 Logan

Doyle Herbert watchman ICR bds Centre

Doyle Hibbert brakeman bds Centre

Doyle Lewis employee ICR bds Forrester

Doyle Rupert conductor ICR h 4 Lyman

Duffus Nelson enginehouse man ICR



Edwards Charles locomotive engineer ICR h 211 Prince (East)

Edwards Thomas driver ICR h Faulkner

Ellis W.J. conductor ICR h Park



Feetham Evans stenographer Supt. ICR office bds 207 Prince (East)

Feetham george locomotive engineer ICR h 207 Prince (East)

Ferguson Beverley locomotive driver h Brunswick

Fielding Benjamin employee ICR h Forrester

Fielding James employee ICR h Brunswick

Fielding J.J. Sr. asst. baggage master h 55 Victoria

Fielding Robert asst. machinist ICR

Fielding William section man h off Prince (East)

Fields Jas. carpenter Round House ICR h Wood

Fisher Arthur employee ICR h Brunswick

Fisher George W. brakeman ICR h Prince (East)

Fisher Henry employee Round House h Alice

Fisher J.R. conductor ICR h 12 Walker

Fisher James call boy ICR

Forbes Ernest engine house man

Fowlie Frederick conductor ICR h 237 Prince (East)

Fraser Daniel H. section foreman h Willow

Fraser H.D. conductor ICR h 239 Prince (East)

Fraser Henry brakeman ICR h 5 Lyman

Fraser John R. employee ICR h Douglas

Frizzle John J. watchman ICR h Queen

Fulton H.C. chief clerk Supt. office ICR h Miller



Gazelay John engine driver ICR h Young

Gillies William employee ICR bds Esplanade

Gillespie Charles conductor ICR h Walker

Gladwin Arthur fireman h Doyle

Glenfield William employee ICR h Queen

Goodwin Duncan conductor DAR h Alice

Gordon William conductor ICR h Faulkner

Grant Alexander employee ICR h Queen

Guilliford John porter ICR

Gullford John employee ICR h Queen



Hadley Miss C.G. Mgr. CPR Tel. office bds Walker

Haines H.B. baggage master h Victoria

Hall Laurie fireman ICR bds 18 walker

Halliday Archibald carpenter ICR h Waddell

Hallisey Cummane M. clerk ICR bds Queen

Hallisey John T. chief train despatcher h Queen

Hamilton Elisha section man h Alice

Hamilton Frederick fireman ICR h Walker

Hamilton Robert fireman ICR

Hamilton Robert J. driver ICR bds Waddell

Hamilton William fireman ICR

Hamon Clarence brakeman h Havelock

Hanway Thomas employee ICR h Water

Hanway William fireman

Heard Oliver G. brakeman ICR bds Queen (East)

Henderson Archie car repairer bds Brunswick

Hennessey Edward W. brakeman ICR h Young

Hennessey Thomas engineer ICR h Winburne Hill

Higgins Gordon fireman Round House ICR bds Alice

Hill George F. brakeman h 5 Duke

Hoar William asst. agent DAR

Holmes Edgar section man ICR h Halifax Road

Hooper G.W. conductor ICR h Pleasant

Hooper I.N. conductor ICR h 12 Muir

Hunter George brakeman ICR h Lyman

Hunter Matthew L. ICR bridge foreman h Park

Hutchinson N.P. train despatcher bds Walker



Jacobs Fred employee ICR h Doyle

Jarvis George M. supt. ICR h Faulkner

Jeffries Frank engine house man

Johnson Brenton fireman ICR h Waddell

Johnson Edward brakeman ICR h Young

Johnson Harry E. engineer ICR h Brunswick

Johnson T.W. conductor ICR h Lyman

Johnston James H. brakeman ICR h Walker

Johnson Joseph engineer ICR h Brunswick

Johnson Ralph engineer ICR h 195 Prince (East)

Johnson W.B. engineer ICR h Brunswick

Joy Edward W. locomotive driver bds Alice

Joy N.F. painter ICR bds Alice



Kelly John locomotive engineer ICR Prince (East)

Kelly Thomas employee ICR bds Jubilee House

Kennedy D. asst. machinist ICR

Kennedy F.L. boilermaker ICR h Waddell

Kennedy Leonard boilermaker ICR

Kennedy Lorenzo G. conductor ICR h Pleasant

Kennedy John employee ICR h Centre

Kennedy John engineer h Arthur

Kennedy Rupert engineer ICR h Brunswick

Kemp W.H. fireman h Robie

Kemp Wallace S. fireman bds Robie

Keys G.C. conductor ICR h Prince (East)

King Leverett W. locomotive engineer bds Brunswick



Laird George car repairer h Centre

Lane S.B. employee ICR h King

Langille Alonzo employee ICR h Brunswick

Langille Arthur engine cleaner ICR h off Wood

Langille Frederick brakeman ICR bds Alice

Langille James trackman ICR bds Centre

Langille James W. conductor ICR h Alice

Langille Martin brakeman ICR h Cottage

Langille Murray section man h Cottage

Lauther George H. car inspector ICR h Queen (E)

Layton W.C. switchman ICR h McLellan

Leonard Peter C. brakeman ICR h McLellan

Leston T.W. baggage master ICR h Lyman

Lewis William employee ICR h Queen (E)

Lightbody J.R. driver ICR h Arthur

Lightbody Norman employee ICR bds Arthur

Livingstone Reid brakeman h Victoria

Logan George fireman ICR bds Alice

Logan George carpenter ICR h Alice

Logan John blacksmith ICR h Alice

Logan William H. locomotive engineer ICR bds Alice

Luter C.W. conductor ICR h Victoria

Lynds Charles employee ICR bds Forrester

Lynds Frank employee ICR bds Queen (East)

Lynds Frederick engine house man

Lynds Harry fireman ICR bds Queen

Lynds John employee ICR h Walker

Lynds Laurence employee ICR bds Queen



Madden Charles employee ICR bds Jubilee House

Marr John brakeman ICR

Marr William brakeman h Centre

Mattatall Almon B. carpenter ICR h Prince (West)

Maynard Charles ICR freight h Lyman

McBeath J.D. employee ICR h Arthur

McCabe Ross employee ICR h Walker

McCaulay Henry locomotive driver

McCallum Thomas engine driver h Centre

McCarthy Charles V. clerk ICR bds Louise

McClure John employee ICR h McClure’s Mills

McCulloch Stanley employee ICR bds Young

McCully Frank L. brakeman h Lyman

McDonald A.J. conductor ICR h Arthur

McDonald Allan A. cook ICR bds Brunswick

McDonald Angus engine cleaner ICR h Young

McDonald Gordon clerk ICR bds Pleasant

McDonald Howard engine driver h Brunswick

McDonald J.G. locomotive driver ICR

McDonald James N. conductor ICR h King

McDonald John B. conductor ICR bds 201 Prince (East)

McDonald John ICR engineer h Muir

McDonald Murdock brakeman h Arthur

McDonald Robert W. engine driver h Prince (east)

McDonald Ronald employee ICR bds Walker

McDonald Willis locomotive engineer ICR h Queen (East)

McDorman James employee ICR h Young

McDorman Joseph clerk ICR h 110 Queen

McDougall R.N. carpenter ICR h Charles

McDowell locomotive engineer ICR h Wood

McEachern Alexander machinist ICR h Queen

McEachern John D. machinist ICR h Queen

McElhinney Herbert A. asst. track master ICR h Dominion

McEwan George H. freight agent ICR h 42 Pleasant

McGillivray Daniel C. checker freight shed h Charles

McGregor Robert employee ICR h Brunswick

McInnes Peter machinist ICR h Victoria

McIntosh Daniel conductor ICR h Victoria

McIntosh John W. brakeman bds Laurie

McIntosh Kenneth car foreman h Laurie

McIntosh L.A. employee ICR bds Laurie

McIsaac David section man h Prince (East)

McKay John D. car inspector ICR h Wood

McKenzie Albert H. brakeman h 7 McMullen

McKenzie Burton fireman ICR bds Queen (East)

McKenzie Edward fireman

McKenzie J. Edward fireman bds Queen (East)

McKenzie Lorin A. fireman ICR h Queen (East)

McKinnon Allan employee ICR h Brunswick

McKinnon Alexander section man ICR h Brunswick

McKinnon Hector trackman ICR

McKinnon Malcolm machinist ICR

McKinnon Martin employee ICR h off Brunswick

McKinnon William W. machinist ICR h off Brunswick

McLean Archibald car repairer ICR bds Wood

McLean Daniel employee ICR

McLean John W. locomotive driver ICR

McLean Joseph ICR section foreman h Outram

McLellan Arnold S. mech. clerk ICR bds Arthur

McLellan Bentley conductor ICR h Prince (E)

McLarren Laurie employee ICR h Victoria

McLeod Daniel A. locomotive engineer ICR h Wood

McLearn M.M. train despatcher h Dake (Duke?)

McNeil Daniel S. employee ICR h King

McNutt Charles fireman ICR h Brunswick

McNutt Frederick C. brakeman ICR h Logan

McPherson Daniel B. employee ICR h Queen

McPherson S.P. employee ICR h King

Miller Israel employee freight shed h Queen (East)

Miller Walter first porter ICR

Mingo Thomas D. section man ICR h Arthur

Mingo Carnie brakeman ICR bds Lyman

Mitchell David A. car cleaner h Logan

Moore Ray car checker bds Victoria

Moran Edward clerk ICR

Moran John E. clerk ICR bds Pleasant

Morgan Allen M. brakeman ICR h Morris

Mosher Eugene C. locomotive builder bds King

Murdock James R. foreman (track) ICR h Prince (E)

Murray Howard brakeman bds Centre

Murray J. Harry brakeman h Brunswick

Murray Oran fireman ICR h Pleasant

Myles George T. employee ICR h 4 Lorne



Nairn James W. engineer ICR h Brunswick

Nelson E. car oiler ICR

Nelson Job D. employee IC R h King

Nelson Wallace W. employee ICR h Laurie

Newton Robert trackman bds Lyman

Newton Willard section man bds Prince (East)

Nolan John L. engine cleaner ICR Round House bds Queen (East)

Nolan Miss Minnie ICR bds Queen (East)



O’Brien John engineer ICR h Logan

O’Rorke John engine house man



Parker George employee ICR h Charles

Parker George chef ICR h Logan

Paul Stanley L. fireman

Pearson Charles employee ICR h Brunswick

Pearson James W. locomotive inspector h Queen

Pentz H. Sherman baggage master ICR h Young

Phillips Alfred policeman ICR h Pleasant

Phillips Charles conductor ICR h Queen

Phinney Archibald G. fireman h Lyman

Phinney John H. locomotive engineer ICR h Prince (E)

Phinney Robert fireman ICR h Lyman

Pollock Howard brakeman ICR h Young

Pollock John H. clerk ICR

Probert Angus engineer h Douglas

Purdy Arthur driver ICR h Arthur

Puttner C.E. railway contractor h Queen



Rath Burton employee ICR bds Prince

Rath Foster employee ICR h Prince (East)

Reid David employee ICR h Forrester

Reid T.A. switchman ICR h Brunswick

Richardson John employee ICR h Prince

Ripley Barry brakeman ICR h Centre

Ripley Alex engine house man h Douglas

Robbins Alex locomotive driver h Prince (E)

Robinson Thomas employee ICR h Arthur

Roddick Stanley fireman DAR h Walker

Ross Daniel brakeman h Lyman

Ross Obediah section man h Laurie

Roy E.W. locomotive driver ICR

Russell John employee ICR h Brunswick

Rutherford Hollis machinist ICR bds Brunswick



Saunders Charles engine driver h Munro

Schurman A.M. locomotive engineer ICR bds 8 Pleasant

Scott J.M. engine house man

Scott John employee ICR bds 235 Prince (east)

Scothorn William porter ICR

Shea George messenger ICR bds Queen

Shea William employee ICR bds Queen

Simmons W.E. train despatcher h Victoria

Simpson Richard engine driver h Lyman

Smith H.A. asst. ticket agent bds Esplanade

Smith Herbert B. fireman

Smith James H. employee Round House ICR h McLellan

Smith J.W. night foreman Round House h McLellan

Smith William locomotive driver h Centre

Smith W.P. conductor ICR h Arthur

Smythe W.K. engineer h Willow

Speers William B. car inspector ICR h Young

Starratt Luther engineer h Lyman

Steck F.A. tel. operator ICR h Bible Hill

Stevens Allison M. locomotive engineer ICR h 36 Dominion

Stevenson A. brakeman ICR h Young

Stewart Samuel driver ICR h Halifax Road

Suthers Archibald employee Round House h Centre

Suttis A.J. fireman ICR h Water



Tait Kenneth machinist ICR

Thomas Scriven brakeman ICR h Arthur

Tibbitts Charles brakeman ICR h Logan

Tibbitts James employee ICR Havelock

Tibbitts T. blacksmith ICR bds Brunswick

Tibbitts Thomas brakeman h Brunswick

Tolcan Harry machinist ICR bds Young

Tompkins Michael engine cleaner h McLellan

Turner J.B. car inspector ICR h Arthur



Vincent John locomotive driver



Wallace D.J. brakeman ICR bds off Brunswick

Wallace Fred bridge builder ICR off Brunswick

Wallace Charles bridge builder ICR off Brunswick

Wallace Walter section man ICR h Alice

Waller George policeman ICR h Arthur

Wall Edward fireman ICR h Doyle

Wall Judson locomotive driver h Lyman

Watson William boiler maker ICR h Young

Webster A.C. city agent DAR bds Walker

Weatherby Jospeh employee ICR h Laurie

Whidden George E. baggage master h Pleasant

White Muir engine driver ICR h Prince (East)

White Walter brakeman h Outram

Wiles James A. employee ICR h Alice

Wilkes Angus employee ICR h Park Road

William J.B. clerk ICR h King

William Robert brakeman h King

Willis William ICR operator h Brunswick

Wilson Harry F. engine cleaner Round House ICR bds Alice

Wilson William S. fireman ICR bds Cottage Ave.

Works Leander engine house man ICR bds Queen

Wright Ephraim engineer h Waddell

Wright Henry employee ICR h Brunswick

Wylds James locomotive driver ICR

Wynn Joseph fireman ICR h Brunswick

Wynn Joseph Jr. employee ICR h McClure Mills

Wynn Murray engine house man ICR



Yould David S. locomotive driver h 185 Prince




Betts J.P. engineer L.I.&M. Co. bds Church



Clarke John A engineer L.I.&M. Co. h Pleasant

Clarke Malcolm engineer L.I.&M. Co. h Lorne



Foreman Walter N. brakeman bds Main

Fraser James car oiler C.I.&F. Co.h Broadway

Fraser John section man L.I.&M. Co. bds Main



Hanlon Patrick locomotive cleaner h Church



McGillivary John section man L.I.&M. Co. h Broadway

McInnis Daniel section man L.I.&M. Co. h Spring

McKay Dan brakeman L.I.&M. Co. h Furnace (E)

McLaughlin Bayne engineer L.I.&M. Co. h Furnace (E)

McLaughlin Frank fireman L.I.&M. Co. bds Main



Patriquin Duncan engineer L.I.&M. Co. bds Foreman



Ryan William engineer L.I.&M. Co. h Pleasant



Stewart Trueman fireman L.I.&M. Co. bds Church



Tatterie E. brakeman L.I.&M. Co. h Furnace (E)



Walsh Frank engineer L.I.&M. Co. bds Church

Walsh James section foreman h Church

Weatherbee H. brakeman L.I.&M. Co. bds High




Archibald Elisha section man Kemptown

Archibald Harry M. ICR Salmon River

Archibald Isaac B employee ICR Salmon River

Archibald Louis employee ICR PO Truro



Bain Alex station agent Riversdale

Blair Jas. employee ICR East Mountain

Blair Thomas employee ICR Salmon River

Buchannan Phillip employee ICR Belmont

Buchannan Thomas section man Belmont



Campbell James J. section man Folly Lake

Carlyle Andrew employee ICR East Mountain

Carter Judson C. employee ICR Bible Hill PO Truro

Cooper Michael section foreman Shubenacadie Hants Co.

Cottam G.A. employee ICR Bible Hill PO Truro

Crowe J.W. section man Debert Station



Davison James employee ICR Bible Hill PO Truro

Doherty Wilbert employee ICR Valley



Farnan Noble fireman Lornevale

Fielding Robert employee ICR New P Road

Fields Samuel section man Folly Lake

Fisher A.A. employee ICR Bible Hill PO Truro

Fisher David motorman Great Village

Fraser James employee ICR Union

Fulton Hiram C. employee ICR Bible Hill PO Truro



George Frank section man Folly Lake

Gillis F.A. station agent Denmark

Gould Augustus brakeman Great Village

Grant Walter employee ICR Riverdale

Guinan Thomas employee ICR Bible Hill



Hall Laurie brakeman ICR North River

Hamilton J.J. station agent Brookfield

Hanway William employee ICR Bible Hill PO Truro

Hawkins John section man Upper Onslow

Higgins Robert D. employee ICR Crowe’s Mills



Irving John W. employee ICR Folly Lake



Johnston James employee ICR East Mines Station

Jones James B. station agent Tatamagouche

Joyce Robert section man Tatamagouche W



Kelley George employee ICR Bible Hill PO Truro

Kennedy David employee ICR Bible Hill PO Truro

King James station agent East Mines



Langille B.A. section man Londonderry Station

Langille William section foreman Brookfield

Langille W.A. station agent Valley

Larabie Richard employee ICR Shubenacadie

Larder A.S. employee ICR Lower Stewiacke

Lindsay Angus employee ICR Alton

Lindsay Clarence ICR porter Londonderry Station

Lynds D.H. employee ICR Lower Stewiacke

Lynds Rankin brakeman North Mountain

Lyon John employee ICR Lower Stewiacke



Marr James section man Londonderry Station

Mason John employee ICR Londonderry Station

Matheson William section man Brentwood

Matthews William H. section man and farmer Debert Station

McCulloch John section man Tatamagouche

McDonald ICR employee Riversdale

McDonald George employee ICR Bible Hill PO Truro

McDowell Henry station agent Londonderry Station

McEachern Angus employee ICR Bible Hill PO Truro

McKenzie Henry employee ICR New P Road

McLaughlin Joseph Jr. employee ICR Lower Stewiacke

McLaughlin Robert employee ICR Lower Stewiacke

McLean Stewart employee ICR Londonderry Station

McPhee William R. employee ICR Alton

McSwan Logan fireman Folly Mountain

Miller Walter ICR employee Salmon River

Mowatt D. employee ICR Valley

Murray Howard employee ICR Harmony

Patriquin Duncan fireman Folly Mountain

Patton Howard station agent Debert Station



Rath Lawrence employee ICR Camden



Scannon Watson section foreman Tatamagouche

Scott John employee ICR Alton

Smith John W. employee ICR Harmony

Spinney Havelock section foreman Tatamagouche West

Starratt Percy employee ICR Portaupique

Stewart Angus D. employee ICR Alton

Stewart James employee ICR North River



Teed Leonard section man Lower Truro



Vincent John employee ICR North River

Wall William J. section man Riversdale



Wilson Gavin trckman Tataagouche

Wynn John section man Hilden




Almore A.B. fireman ICR h Front

Arbuckle Isaac T. carpenter ICR h George

Arbuckle John carpenter ICR h St. Andrew’s



Beattie Frederick W.S. fireman bds St. Andrew’s

Benoit Plussy section man ICR h Sinclair

Bowen Robert employee ICR h St. Andrew’s

Bowles Watson employee ICR bds Chapel

Bray Henry janitor ICR station h Elliott

Brownrigg Johnson checker ICR h Water

Buckley J.E. clerk freight dpt. ICR



Calder Anthony C. conductor ICR h Denoon

Campbell Jerome employee ICR bds George

Campbell Kenneth checker ICR h Elliott

Campbell Lawrence foreman Round House h Spring

Campbell William brakeman bds Coleraine

Carroll Peter O. policeman ICR h St. Andrew’s

Cheverie William employee ICR h Chapel

Connolly Howard employee ICR h Water

Crawford George W. conductor ICR h Spring

Currie John Archibald employee ICR bds Martha



Dalton John employee ICR h George

Dunn James employee ICR h Falkland



Emery William D. machinist ICR h Farm



Ferguson John J. engine driver ICR h Wellington

Ferguson William employee ICR bds Church

Forbes Walter employee ICR bds George

Fraser Fred brakeman bds Chapel

Fraser Peter engine driver h Welsford

Fraser Simon carpenter ICR h Hill

Fraser William brakeman bds Coleraine

Fulmore Joseph C. track master ICR h West River Rd.



Gillis Clifford engineer bds Market

Gollan John Jr. employee Round House bds Creighton

Gordon John A. watchman ICR h Wellington

Grant William T. car inspector ICR bds George

Grattan Frederick engine driver ICR h Denoon

Grattan John locomotive engineer h Church



Hadley William fireman bds Coleraine

Harris Neil fireman ICR bds St. Andrew’s

Harris William employee ICR station h Chapel

Heighton James W. yard master ICR h St. Andrew’s

Henderson Alonzo carpenter ICR h West River Rd.

Hewson Clarence fireman ICR h Spring



Irvine Milton employee ICR bds Waverley House



Jollymore Warren checker ICR h Hill

Jordan George employee ICR h Farm

Joudrey Daniel employee ICR bds Church



Lawrence William section man ICR h Church

Little Samuel B. employee ICR h St. Andrew’s

Logan Edward employee ICR h Albert



McConnell Peter F. carpenter ICR bds Stanley Hotel

McDonald Angus engineer h Denoon

McDonald C.P. tel operator ICR bds Stanley Hotel

McDonald Charles A. machinist ICR bds John

McDonald D.F. baggage master ICR h Ross

McDonald Daniel J. conductor h Prince

McDonald Edward M. clerk ICR bds Falkland

McDonald Frank W. clerk ICR bds Falkland

McDonald Hardy mason ICR bds American House

McDonald John engineer h Water

McDonald John B. baggage master ICR h Spring

McDonald John L. machinist ICR h Denoon

McDonald Norman employee ICR h St. Andrew’s

McDonald Roderick conductor ICR h Elliott

McDonald Rory employee ICR h Marine

McDougall Angus employee ICR h Depot

McDougald William engine driver bds Coleriane

McEachern John clerk ICR h Denoon

McEwan Murdock employee ICR h Sinclair

McEwan Robert employee ICR bds George

McFarlane Daniel A. brakeman ICR h School

McFarlane David engineer Pictou Marine Railway h Marine

McFarlane William E. night foreman Round House bds Water

McGuire Blanche engineer h Constitution

McKaracher Simon brakeman ICR h Falkland

McKean James engineer bds Constitution

McKenzie Daniel employee ICR bds George

MacKenzie James M. employee ICR bds George

McKenzie John tel. operator ICR bds Denoon

McLaren William E. machinist ICR h Spring

McLean John brakeman bds Coleraine

McLellan Alexander brakeman bds Stanley Hotel

McLeod J.W. clerk freight shed ICR

McLeod James tel. operator ICR bds Stanley Hotel

McLeod Murdock M. fireman ICR h Spring

McMaster Allan laborer ICR h Denoon

McMaster Duncan employee ICR h Old Haliburton Rd.

McMaster William employee ICR station h Acadia

McMillan D.R. freight agent ICR h Elliott

McMillan Laurence foreman Round House ICR h Spring

McNeil John W. fireman h St. Andrew’s

McRae Daniel Jr. Employee ICR bds George

Meagher John F. employee ICR h West River Road

Mills F. employee Marine railway h Irving

Morrill J. pipefitter ICR bds American House

Morrison George employee ICR h Church

Murdock John engine cleaner R H

Murray Arthur employee ICR bds Coleraine

Murray Ross employee ICR bds Church



Noiles George section foreman ICR h Ross



O’Hanley W.J. clerk freight office ICR



Patriquin William H. fireman ICR h Denoon

Profit J.C. checker ICR bds Aberdeen House



Rogers James A. brakeman h Elliott



Shea Patrick employee ICR h Albert

Silva Raymond brakeman Quarry train bds Dawson

Smith Daniel employee ICR h Acadia

Smith Robert employee ICR bds St. Andrew’s

Sproul James H. engine drive R H bds Falkland

Stewart Hugh D. locomotive engineer h Kinnear

Sutherland Albert engineer ICR h Prince



Tanner John engine driver h Central caribou

Thompson William S. clerk ICR h West River Road



Veinot Joseph employee ICR h George



Ward Henry brakeman ICR h St. Andrew’s

Ware Allan engine cleaner R H

Webster Roland H. clerk ICR bds off Front

Weir Allan employee Round House bds Denoon



Yorston James prop. J&J Yorston, Pictou Marine Railway h Front

Yorston John prop. J&J Yorston, Pictou Marine Railway h Prince




Bone John railway employee h Donald



Calder James engine driver coal mines h Stellarton Road

Cameron James fireman bds McDonald

Campbell W.J.C. supt. Eastern Division ICR h Little Harbor Road

Chisholm Alex clerk ICR h Prince Albert

Clarke George baggage master h Washington



Dempsey Bert car inspector ICR bds Archimedes

Dwyer John section man bds Archimedes



Flaherty Charles mgr Egerton Tram Co. Ltd. h Temperance

Flaherty Leonard supt. Egerton Tram Co. Ltd. h Temperance

Fraser Alex S. yard master ICR h Washington

Fraser D.W. clerk ICR bds McDonald

Fraser Donald F. time clerk ICR h 11 Abercrombie

Fraser Stanley employee ICR res Eureka

Fraser Webster clerk ICR bds McDonald



Gray A.B. track master ICR h Glasgow

Gray Samuel yard master ICR h Brother

Haliday Alfred employee ICR bds Mrs. Mealey



Horne John T. tram conductor h Stellarton Road



Keough James employee ICR bds Glasgow



Laurie Andrew employee ICR h Bernard

Levangie Alfred employee ICR bds March



Marshall James section man bds Provost

Martin Rufus chief clerk ICR North Provost

McCann John section man bds Stellarton Rod

McCann Samuel section man bds Stellarton Road

McCann William section foreman h Stellarton Road

McDonald Alex flagman ICR h Glasgow

McDonald David fireman h Archimedes

McDonald J.S. tel. operator ICR bds Marsh

McDonald John C. watchman ICR bds Washington

McDonald John H. track master bds Glasgow

McDonald Ronald trackman bds Archimedes

McDonald Roderick G. policeman ICR h King

McDougall William Pullman conductor ICR h Bridge

McFarlane William G. engineer h Marsh

McGillivary Colin engine driver coal mines h Washington

McKay H.F. chief engineer Scotia h McLean (EDITOR’S NOTE: It is not clear if this is the Canso ferry vessel)

McKay James station agent Trenton bds George

McKenzie Neil engineer h Albert Extension

McKinnon William ICR engineer bds High

McLean Hugh section man h South George

McLean Lester stenographer ICR bds Temperance

McLeod Gordon conductor ICR h East River Road

McLeod J.J. ICR operator h N. Provost

McLeod John J. train depatcher h North Provost

McQueen John T. ticket agent ICR h Temperance

Morrison James track foreman h Glasgow

Morton William fireman bds High



Ottar Alex ICR brakeman bds Cottage

Ottar Fred fireman bds Cottage

Owens John section man h Archimedes



Rudland William engineer h McDonald

Ryan J. James train despatcher h Riverside



Saunders Clarence fireman h South George

Simpson Louis R. engineer bds McDonald

Smith Thomas B. conductor Egerton Tram Co. bds McDonald

Stewart Kempt train despatcher h North Provost

Sutherland James ICR freight agent h Park

Sutherland Roscoe G. tel. operator ICR bds Marsh

Swift J.P. tel. operator ICR res. Stellarton



Tait John employee ICR res. Hopewell




Bain John engine driver h Asphalt

Baker Edward motorman h Bridge

Baxter John S. ICR driver h Pennsylvania Ave.

Bennett Jeffrie brakeman ICR bds off King

Black Frank D. conductor ICR h Main S End

Blair James foreman Round House h River

Blackwood Hugh brakeman Tramway Co. Ltd. bds Acadia Ave.

Brownrigg William R. conductor ICR h George

Bruce Daniel conductor ICR h Stellar

Buckler George conductor Tramway Co. Ltd.

Burden George storekeeper ICR h Pleasant



Campbell Hugh ICR engine driver h Stellar

Campbell Joseph section man h Lourdes

Campbell Malcolm motorman Tram Co.

Carr Rufus fireman bds Front

Chisholm Angus fireman h Main South

Chisholm Walter conductor Tramway h Lourdes

Chisholm William engine driver bds Main South

Connolly Cornelius engine driver Coal Co. h Lourdes

Connors Kenneth engine driver Acadia Coal Co. King

Connors William engine driver Coal Co. Foster pit

Conway George driver ICR h Jubilee Ave.

Conway Guthrie conductor Coal C. h Coxon Row

Corbett David employee ICR h Acadia Ave.

Corbett James R. employee ICR h Main

Corbett John C. engine driver Steel Works bds Main

Crowe Evan fireman h S. Main

Culton David W. employee ICR h Main

Culton Henry S. engine driver ICR h Acadia Ave.

Cummings Henry engine driver ICR h off King

Cummings James engine driver Coal Co. h McKay

Cunningham Reginald brakeman bds Main

Cunningham S.R. carpenter ICR h Bridge



Davidson Trueman foreman ICR bds Main

DeCoste Anthony brakeman h River

Dewar John brakeman bds Acadia Ave.

Dickson George L. electrician Tramway Co. h Bridge

Dunbar John conductor Tramway Co. Ltd.

Dunbar Peter night switchman h South Main



English Harry brakeman bds Acadian Ave.



Falconer Edwin carpenter ICR h Main

Falconer James M. brakeman ICR h Acadia Ave.

Falconer Robert S. inspector ICR h Stellar

Falconer Thomas brakeman ICR h McKay

Ferguson James fireman ICR h Main

Ferguson John Jr. employee ICR h Pennsylvania

Fillmore H. engine driver h McKay

Flaherty C.A. Egerton Tram Co. Ltd. res. New Glasgow

Flaherty Leonard S. supt. Egerton Tram Co. New Glasgow

Flemming Clarence brakeman Asphalt

Flemming John F. brakeman Asphalt

Flemming Wilbert brakeman h King

Ford James engine driver Coal Co. bds Bridge

Frame Robert W. motorman Tram Co. bds Stellarton

Fraser Alex fireman ICR Acadia Ave.

Fraser Alex Sr. fireman h Acadia Ave.

Fraser Alex R. fireman h Mulgrave Row

Fraser Duncan J. employee ICR h McKay

Fraser Henry S. brakeman bds South End

Fraser James A. car inspector h George

Fraser William brakeman bds McKay



Gillis Duncan S. foreman carpenter ICR h Lourdes

Good Paul H. brakeman h Main South

Gosbie Pearl brakeman h McKay

Grant Clarence employee ICR h River

Grant Herbert brakeman bds George

Grant William employee ICR h Mount Rundall (EDITOR"S NOTE: This is a misspelling of Mount Rundell)

Gunning J.H. ICR driver h South Main



Halliday John F. brakeman h off King

Harrett Edward conductor ICR h Acadia Ave.

Harrett Frank brakeman bds Stellar

Hayden William brakeman ICR h Main South

Henderson Alex engine driver ICR h McKay

Henderson Angus M. engine driver ICR, S. Main



Jamieson John R. fireman bds Mulgrave Row

Johnston Harry brakeman ICR bds Acadia Ave.

Johnson Mason baggage master h Stellar

Jones J.H. engine driver ICR h Main



Keith John F. brakeman ICR h South Main

Kelley John F. conductor ICR h McKay

Kerwin John engine driver Coal Co. h Bridge

Kerwin Michael engine driver Coal Co. h Emanuel

Kitson Richard fireman ICR bds Main



Legese G.H. switchman ICR h River

Livingstone John night watchman Tram Co. h Main



Mahoney Joseph conductor ICR h South Main

Mahoney Lawrence engine driver Steel works h St. Joseph

Mahoney Mathew Jr. engine driver Steel Works h Emanuel

Mahoney Thomas engine driver Steel Works bds Emanuel

McDaniel Alban engine driver Coal Co. h Mount Rundall (EDITOR"S NOTE: This is a misspelling of Mount Rundell)

McDaniel Alvin chief engineer Tram Co. Ltd. h Main

McDonald Alex motorman Tram Co. h Lourdes

McDonald Colin D. brakeman ICR h South Main

McDonald Daniel section foreman ICR h McKay

McDonald Dan P. brakeman h Lourdes

McDonald Don L. brakeman h McKay

McDonald Duncan employee ICR Main

McDonald George D. employee ICR h Stellar

McDonald James brakeman h McKay

McDonald John R. employee ICR h McKay

McDonald Robert brakeman ICR h McKay

McDonald Ronald fireman h McKay

McDonald Stephen employee ICR h South Main

McDonald W.D. conductor Tram Co. Ltd.

McDonnell Alex car inspector h Lourdes

McDonnell Daniel motorman Tram Co.

McDonald John G. engine driver Coal Co. h Jubilee Ave.

McDougald William H. crane driver ICR h King

McFarlane John brakeman bds Pennsylvania

McGarrigle Lewis employee ICR h Main South

McGillivary Michael conductor ICR h Main South

McHattie George engineer Coal Co. bds Hotel Tremont

McIntosh Gillis conductor Tram Co. h Pleasant

McIntosh John W. brakeman h Union

McIntosh Robert employee Round House bds Main

McIntosh Ross fireman h South Main

McIsaac John employee ICR h McKay

McKay David R. engine driver Coal Co. Asphalt

McKay James W. brakeman h Main South

McKay John Charles engine driver ICR bds Asphalt

McKay Joseph carpenter ICR h Main

McKeen John F. brakeman ICR h South Main

McKeil Angus carpenter ICR h South Main

McKenzie Amos G. brakeman ICR h McKay

McKenzie Angus S. fireman ICR bds McKay

McKenzie Daniel E. brakeman h McKay

McKenzie Frederick fireman bds Main

McKenzie John motorman Tram Co. Ltd.

McLean Alexander D. fireman h River

McLean Allen fireman bds South Main

McLean Arthur brakeman bds River

McLean W.S. brakeman h Main South

McLellan John employee ICR h South Main

McLeod William asst. station agent bds McKay

McNeil Angus fireman h Main

McNeil John D. switchman ICR bds Main South

McPherson Angus section man h South Main

McPherson Clarence carpenter ICR h McKay

McQuarrie Summer brakeman Pennsylvania

Miller Alex P. night foreman ICR h Pleasant

Mickle Willam H. asst engineer Tram Co. res Mickle Field

Mitchell Edward Sr. engine driver Coal Co. h King

Mitchell James H. engine driver Coal Co. h King

Mitchell James S. engine driver ICR h McKay

Mitchell William B. machinist ICR h McKay

Munro Daniel ICR foreman h McKay

Munro Hugh S. engine driver Coal Co. h Coxon River

Munro Newton station agent h Main South

Munro Thomas brakeman bds McKay

Murray Arthur brakeman bds Acadia Ave.

Murray Frederick ICR fireman h George

Murray James brakeman bds Acadia Ave.

Murray Robert brakeman bds Stellar



O’Brien Edward conductor h King

O’Hanley Laughlan employee ICR h Acadia Ave.



Patterson David employee ICR bds Bridge

Pearson John C. employee ICR h South Main

Peoples H.A. engine driver ICR h River

Power Alex D. employee ICR h Acadia Ave.

Probert Abiather engine driver ICR h Pennsylvania



Reid James W. employee ICR h Pleasant

Rogers Malchias brakeman ICR bds South Main

Russell A.J. lineman Tram Co. h Main



Scott Mark fireman h Red Row

Shaw James engine driver ICR h McKay

Shaw John H. conductor ICR bds South Main

Skinner Alex McL brakeman ICR h Allan Ave.

Skinner Donald brakeman bds River

Skinner St. Clair brakeman h Allan Ave.

Smith A.R. tram conductor h Victoria Ave.

Sproul Arthur brakeman bds River

Sproul Edward fireman bds McKay

Stanton James F. employee ICR bds Back Main

Stewart James D. engine driver Coal Co. h Bridge

Stewart Robert foreman ICR bds McKay

Sutherland James W. engine driver Coal Co. bds Acadia Ave.



Taylor John brakeman ICR bds Hotel Tremont

Thompson Henry D. engine driver ICR h River

Thompson John fireman Coxon Row

Thompson William conductor Tram Co. Ltd.

Tibbetts F.E. ticket agent h South Main

Tighe George employee ICR h McKay

Turpinate Leon engine driver h King



Urquhart Alex engine driver ICR h Acadia Ave.

Urquhart James T. brakeman h South Main



Vanderoyten Peter fireman Cricket Row



White Napoleon employee ICR h Union

Wilson James boilersmith ICR h McKay

Wood Benjamin conductor ICR bds Main




Abbott Lewis fireman h Park

Arnold William engineer h Stellarton Road



Baker Simon brakeman h Drummond Square

Boudreau Lewis fireman h Purvis Ave.

Brown John engineer h Highfield

Burk Henry engineer h Purvis Ave.



Cameron Duncan W. engineer bds Church

Courts Harry engineer h Drummond Square



Duprey Alex engineer h Main



Fraser John C. engineer h Fox Brook Road



Good James S. engineer h Victoria

Gray John station agent resides ICR station

Gray Robert car inspector bds ICR station



Hayman John engineer h Highfield

Henloy James fireman h Main



Johnston Michael brakeman h Black Diamond



Kennedy Phillip brakeman h Campbell Road



Matheson Angus brakeman h Greenwood

Matheson Daniel W. section man h Ballarat

Matheson James conductor Coal Mines h Drummond Road

Matheson James section foreman h Fox Brook Road

Mattatall Nelson section man h Acadia Ave.

McDonald George E. fireman h Cowan

McElvie Guthrie engineer h Main

McGregor Duncan flag man ICR h Main (North)

McKenzie John D., engineer h Water

McKenzie Murdock engineer h North

McLeod Alex W. engineer h College

McLeod Norman track man h Main

Murray David engineer bds Main



Nelson Alexander engineer h Main

Nelson Wesley track layer Park



O’Neil Michael baggage master h Black Diamond



Rice John engineer bds Main



Saunders James engineer h Queen

Skinner John engineer h Church

Smith William H. engineer h Ballarat



Thompson James R. engineer h Purvis Ave.



Wilson John engineer bds Stellarton Road




Bruce D.M. conductor ICR Barney Station (EDITOR’S NOTE: This is Barney’s River Station)

Bruce George B. conductor ICR Barney Station (EDITOR’S NOTE: This is Barney’s River Station)



Cameron John W. section man Springville

Chisholm Daniel station agent Bridgeville

Chisholm William section man Thorburn

Christieson David section foreman Pictou Landing

Clark Fisher section man Poplar Hill

Clifton John engineer Thorburn

Colter Albro station agent River John

Cummings Harry station agent Merigomish



Dewar Alec section man Barney River Station

Dunbar peter J. brakeman Stellarton

Dwyer John section man Pine Tree



Forbes John W. ICR employee Churchville

Foster William J. conductor ICR Pictou Landing

Frame Robert motorman Stellarton

Fraser Alex employee ICR Trenton

Fraser Allister station agent Eureka

Fraser Gordon section foreman Hopewell

Fraser Hugh D. section man West River Station

Fraser John conductor Garden of Eden

Fraser John H. engineer Thorburn

Fraser Roderick W. track man New Glasgow

Fraser Samuel section man Pictou Landing

Fraser Stanley employee ICR Eureka

Fraser William employee ICR Hopewell

Fraser William employee ICR Trenton



Gray William D. brakeman ICR Hopewell



Irving R. Edward ICR employee Scotsburn



Langille Andrew section man and farmer River John

Langille Jonah section man West River Station



McBrien Thomas employee ICR Eureka

McDonald Hugh E. employee ICR Piedmont

McDonald Robert L. engine driver Hopewell

McDonald William tank man West River Station

McEwan Robert B. fireman Three Brooks

McGregor John engineer Coalburn

McIntosh James H. employee ICR Eureka

McIntosh John employee ICR Eureka

McIntosh William ICE employee Scotsburn

McKinnon Dan J. section man Thorburn

McKinnon Donald station agent West Merigomish

McKinnon Hector employee ICR Pictou Landing

McKinnon Hugh employee ICR West Merigomish

McKay James P. brakeman Lower Barney River

McKay James R. station agent Hopewell

McKay W.H. station agent Trenton

McLean Archibald section man Marshy Hope

McLean Dan H. engineer Greenwood

McLean Gregor carpenter ICR Hopewell

McLean H.K. station agent Woodburn

McLeod Norman section man Sunny Brae

McLeod William section foreman Thorburn

McMillan Kenneth station agent Eureka

McNaughton James section man Lorne

McNaughton Walter E. Employee ICR Eureka

McNeil Daniel section man Stellarton

McPherson John J. section man ICR Pictou Landing

McPherson T. Milton section man Pictou Landing

McPherson William A. baggage master ICR Pictou Landing

McVicar Angus section man ICR West Merigomish

Miller John A. employee ICR Eureka

Mosher Jacob section man Pictou Landing

Murray George A. section man Welsford



Napier Leopold section man Piedmont

Neal George section man Bridgeville



Oliver John Howard employee ICR and farmer Linacy

Ormiston Andrew section foreman Hopewell



Patterson George E. station agent Marshy Hope

Perrin James tank man River Road

Proudlock William section foreman River John



Reynolds Edward engineer Eureka

Robertson Duncan N. station agent Avondale

Ross Daniel section foreman and station agent Piedmont



Smith Charles S. station agent Scotsburn

Smith Christopher brakeman Pictou Landing

Smith Richard engine driver Eureka

Stewart Alex engineer Thorburn

Sutherland Robert station agent New Glasgow



Thompson William J. employee ICR Pictou



Urquhart James T. brakeman Stellarton




Chisholm Archie (R’s son) engineer bds St. Ninian

Chisholm William (R’s son) engineer bds St. Ninian



Gillis Daniel J. night operator ICR bds Water

Grant Alexander fireman bds Main



Hay James section foreman h Water

Hay John brakeman ICR bds Water



Jocelyn Edward brakeman bds Court



McDonald Colin J. asst. station master bds Bay

McDougall Alexander flag man ICR h Bay

McDougall Daniel H. carpenter ICR bds Main

McIsaac Joseph engineer bds Chestnut

McIsaac Ronald engineer bds College

McLean Daniel Jr. brakeman bds Bay



Power Harold express clerk bds off Main

Power Henry station master h off Main



White W.J. car repairer h Main




Gerrior John D. section foreman Big Tracadie



McDonald John E. station agent James River Station

McDonnell Dan R. station agent Tracadie

McDonnell John section man Afton

McLellan Angus conductor ICR rear Arisaig

McLeod Alexander section foreman Afton



Stewart John Archie section man Linwood

Stewart Neil section man Linwood



Webb J. Freeman station agent Harbour Au Bouche




Anderson John employee ICR h 17 Esplanade

Anderson John fireman ICR bds 37 Dolbin

Andrews Thomas employee ICR h 99 Argyle

Atkinson W.E. engine driver ICR



Baker Ross H. baggage master ICR bds Savoy Hotel

Bates William locomotive fireman Steel Works h 33 Amelia

Baxter John car inspector Sydney & GB Railway Co. h 263 Townshend

Bigney William H. brakeman ICR h r 403 Charlotte

Black Joseph W. Delaney clerk ICR freight shed

Black N. lamp trimmer ICR

Boomer W.I. checker ICR h Douglas Place

Boudreau Joseph engine driver h 32 Campbell

Boutilier Edward fireman h Union

Boutilier Edward night policeman ICR h Westmount

Boutilier Harry CBE Co. h King’s Road

Boutlier John engineer bds King Road

Boutilier John carpenter ICR h 642 George

Boutilier M. foreman and sand dryer ICR

Boutilier Thomas engineer 48 Amelia

Bray Walter express agent S&LR bds 193 Bentinck

Brown Alexander employee ICR bds Alexandra

Brown Arthur Edgar employee ICR h Alexandra

Brown Gil C. engineer DI&S Co. bds St Peter’s

Brown Roderick section man h Alexandra

Brown Walter messenger ICR h 404 Charlotte

Bryden Daniel conductor ICR h 48 Dodd

Bulley John foreman car bans CB Electric Co. bsd 173 Brookland



Cahill Jas conductor D I&S Co. bds 79 Charlotte

Cairns Guy fireman h 705 Townshend

Cameron Arch G. conductor ICR h 278 Townshend

Cameron Daniel employee ICR h 15 Ritchie

Cameron Dougall fireman ICR bds 9 Charlotte

Cameron John engine driver ICR h15 George

Cameron M. brakeman ICR bds Intercolonial

Campbell Alex employee ICR h 3 Ritchie

Campbell Alex engineer CBE Co. h 293 Esplanade

Campbell Alex engineer CBE Co. bds 349 Esplanade

Campbell D.J. brakeman ICR

Campbell Dan J. fireman ICR h 7 Armstrong Court

Campbell Ernest brakeman ICR rms 37 Dolbin (N)

Campbell Hugh fireman ICR h r 407 Charlotte

Campbell James porter ICR freight shed

Campbell John J. employee ICR bds 26 Alexandra

Campbell John S. brakeman ICR h 86 Amelia

Campbell Michael employee ICR bds 104 Intercolonial

Campbell Peter J. tram conductor h 14 r Victoria Road

Carlin Michael L. traffic supt. office ICR bds 39 Brookland

Clancey Edgar car repairer DI&S Co. h 66 Douglas

Cobb E.W. conductor ICR h 56 Johnston

Cockell Albert engineer DI&S Co. h 792 Victoria Road

Cockell Charles engineer DI&S Co. h 769 Victoria Road

Cockell J.W. fireman DI&S Co. bds 1107 Victoria Road

Collison John engineer ICR h 421 George

Collison Joseph messenger mech. Dept ICR bds 421 George

Cook John engineer h 697 George

Cooke Thomas brakeman DI&S Co. bds 44 Tupper

Corben Walter brakeman ICR h 36 Charlotte

Corbett Anthony P. fireman ICR bds 42 Corbett

Corbett John locomotive repairer ICR Round House

Cormier Frederick J. motorman CBE Co. h 167 Woodill

Cox George freight clerk ICR h 61 Ferry

Craigie James conductor ICR h 793 George

Curry Daniel J. engineer DI&S Co. h 16 Douglas

Curry Dan R. motorman CBE Co. h 142 Argyle

Curry George brakeman DC Co. h Paine

Curry Hugh R. conductor DI&S Co. h 155 Victoria Road

Curry N. motorman CBE Co.

Curtis Aubrey tram conductor h 416 Townshend



Daley Frank clerk ICR h Mitchell Place

Dauphney J.G. porter ICR freight shed bds Dolbin

Dick Murray engineer DI&S Co. bds 201 Bentinck

Donnell Hugh employee ICR bds r 48 Dodd

Douglas William H. car inspector DI&S Co. h 87 Victoria Road

Downing Christian brakeman ICR bds 51 Townshend

Doyle George fireman DI&S Co. h 1419 Victoria Road

Doyle James motorman CBE Co. bds 416 Townshend

Doyle Martin L. delivery clerk ICR h 465 Prince

Dube N.P. asst. Supt. transportation dept. DI&S Co. h 304 Whitney Ave.

Duff John fireman ICR bds 89 Ferry

Dunphy John tram conductor bds 12 Morrison



Edens G.W. accountant Sydney & G B Railway Co. h 173 Brookland

Embree Lewis G. brakeman ICR bds 76 Intercolonial



Fader Edward foreman trackman DI&S Co. h 334 Townshnd

Farrell S. brakeman ICR

Ferguson Daniel motorman bds 558 George

Fitch W.A. chief train despatcher ICR rooms 211 Esplanade

Fogarty Peter employee iCR h 30 Dodd

Fogo Adam G. engine driver h 16 Cossitt

Fraser J.L. car repairer ICR

Fraser John locomotive wiper ICR bds 54 Dolbin (N)

Fraser John D. engineer DI&S Co. h 79 Catherine

Fraser Peter fireman DI&S Co. h 2 Esplanade

Fraser Simon track master ICR h 161 Dorchester



Gallivan Edward fireman bds Shore Road

Gallivan James employee ICR h 28 Ritchie

Gallivan John Jr. engineer ICR bds Shore Road

Gallivan M. porter ICR freight shed

Gallivan Maurice porter ICR bds 96 Intercolonial

Gillis James F. brakeman ICR bds 25 Harrington Court

Gillis James A. conductor CB Tram Co.

Gillis Ronald motorman bds 17 Gritton Ave.

Good William T. engineer DI&S Co. h Muggah

Gouthro Michael L switchman DI&S Co. h Margaret

Grantmyre Alex carpenter ICR h 7 Ritchie

Grantmyre Andy employee ICR h 32 Intercolonial

Grantmyre Harry fitter ICR h 170 Townshend

Grantmyre Wilson brakeman ICR h 20 Pleasant



Hall John W. engineer DI&S Co. h 237 Roberts

Hatchett William Sr. engineer DI&S Co. h 1159 r Victoria Road

Hayes William cashier ICR 4 Charlotte

Henderson David engineer DI&S Co. bds 61 davenport

Hennessey John engineer DI&S Co. h 1179 Victoria Road

Howard Robert engineer CBE Co. h 288 Esplanade

Huntington Daniel motorman bds 558 George



Intercolonial Railway Depot foot of Dorchester

Intercolonial Railway Freight office foot of Ferry



Jackson William D. locomotive engineer DI&S Co. h Victoria Road

Jacobs John B. foreman car repairer DI&S Co. h 114 Intercolonial

Johnson Henry N. fireman D Coal Co. h 70 Dominion

Johnson Miss Kate car cleaner ICR bds Louise

Jordan James machinist ICR h 86 York



Keefe Colin railway engineer ICR h 64 Gritton Ave.

Keys Percy J. brakeman ICR bds Windsor Hotel

Knight H. fireman ICR



Lappin John employee ICR h 14 O’Neil’s Court

Lee Edward engineer DI&S Co. bds Paine

Lowe Clarence A. terminal agent ICR h 94 Johnston



Mader Albert engineer DI&S Co. h Hankard Road

Mader William engineer DI&S Co. h East

Mark Walter tram conductor bds 19 Glebe Ave.

Marr Henry flag man ICR h Argyle

Marshall B. engineer DI&S Co. h 231 Lingan Road

Martin Jeremiah conductor ICR h 26 Beacon

Matheson Daniel N. engineer ICR h 177 Dorchester

Matheson Norman fireman ICR h 17 Campbell

McAulay Ken fireman ICR bds 41 Dolbin (N)

McCormack Archibald clerk ICR h Leonard

McCuish John fireman h Lingan Road

McDonald A. carpenter ICR

McDonald A.A. brakeman ICR

McDonald A.J. yard man ICR

McDonald Allen brakeman ICR bds 76 Intercolonial

McDonald Angus brakeman DI&S Co. bds 1419 Victoria Road

McDonald Angus H, brakeman ICR bds 76 Intercolonial

McDonald Cline parlour car conductor h 763 George

McDonald Daniel conductor ICR h 51 Brookland

McDonald Daniel engineer ICR bds 15 Ritchie

McDonald Daniel D. locomotive wiper ICR bds 21 Douglas

McDonald Daniel S employee ICR bds 207 Townshend

McDonald H.J. motorman CBE Co. bds Townshend

McDonald Hugh employee ICR bds Forbes Court

McDonald Hugh brakeman ICR bds 76 Intercolonial

McDonald J.A. clerk ICR freight dept.

McDonald John A. fireman DI&S Co. h 631 Victoria Road

McDonald John A., freight clerk ICR h 391 Townshend

McDonald John D. clerk mech. dept. ICR

McDonald John J. employee ICR h 138 Henry

McDonald John T. conductor ICR bds 33 Charlotte

McDonald Joseph sec. hand ICR bds 216 Bncnck (possibly Bentinck)

McDonald Malcolm fireman h Alexandra

McDonald Michael tram conductor CBE Tram Co.

McDonald Murdock fireman bds 17 Douglas

Macdonald Neil J. fireman CB Elec. Co.

McDonald Ron motorman CBE Co. h 12 Argyle

McDonald Stephen fireman ICR

McDonald W.G. engineer ICR h 21 George

McDonald William employee ICR h 207 Townshend

McFadden Charles car repairer ICR bds 48 Wentworth

McFarlane Hugh C. ticket agent ICR h 54 Union

McGillivary Alex employee ICR bds 36 Reserve

McGillivary Dan A. employee ICR bds 181 Prince

McGillivary Joseph employee Round House h 536 George

McGillivary William conductor ICR h Chappell Court

McGowan Thomas motorman bds 247 Esplanade

McInnis Daniel employee ICR h 198 Dorchester

McInnis Daniel employee ICR h 104 Townshend

McInnis Frank fireman bds 8 Ritchie

McInnis John employee ICR bds 48 r Dodd

McInnis John car inspector ICR bds 198 Dorchester

McInnis John D. employee ICR h Alexandra

McInnis John Peter employee ICR bds Alexandra

McInnis William engineer h St. Anne

McIntosh Angus fireman ICR bds 41 Dolbin (N)

McIntosh Murdock fireman ICR rms 37 Dolbin (N)

McIntyre Hector car cleaner CBE Co. h King’s Road

McIntyre James boilermaker ICR h Louisa

McIntyre Michael brakeman ICR bds 76 Intercolonial

McIsaac Bernard ICR fireman bds 24 Fairview

McIsaac Daniel employee ICR bds 36 Reserve

McIsaac Isaac employee ICR bds 300 George

McIsaac Joseph car cleaner bds 133 Johnston

McKeigan D. car oiler ICR

McKeigan P.J. brakeman ICR rms 143 Dolbin (N)

McKenna Joseph D. brakeman ICR bds 76 Intercolonial

McKenna Joseph L. despatcher ICR bds 224 Bentinck

McKenzie A.F. fireman ICR

McKenzie Alex employee ICR bds 14 Morrison

McKenzie Allen E. engineer DI&S Co. bds 183 Dorchester

McKenzie Angus D. employee ICR h 7 Armstrong Court

McKenzie Duncan machinist ICR h 183 Dorchester

McKenzie Duncan R. fitter ICR h 34 Cossitt

McKenzie James H. conductor S & GB Railway bds 86 Argyle

McKenzie John brakeman ICR h 37 Dolbin (N)

McKenzie Peter baggage master ICR h 28 Pleasant

McKinlay Henry fireman DI&S Co. h 437 Prince

McKinnon Colin foreman ICR h 394 George

McKinnon D.F. brakeman ICR

McKinnon Daniel employee ICR h 141 Johnston

McKinnon John Alex employee ICR bds 104 Intercolonial

McKinnon Joe D. brakeman rms 46 Intercolonial

McKinnon Michael M. employee ICR h 7 Mitchell’s p

McKinnon N. hostler ICR

McKinnon Stephen N. brakeman bds 46 Intercolonial

McLean Alex H. motorman bds 165 Townshend

McLean Alonzo A. engine driver ICR h 43 Dolbin (N)

McLean Alex H. motorman CBE Co. bds Townshend

McLean Hugh J. baggage master h 146 Johnston

McLean J.A. employee ICR bds 171 Dorchester

McLean James conductor S&L railway rooms 43 Dolbin (N)

McLean John engineer DI&S Co. h McLeod

McLean John D. train despatcher ICR h Forbes

McLellan J.E. conductor ICR h 120 Crescent

McLellan Michael fireman h 470 George

McLennan Duncan mech. foreman ICR h 154 Dorchester

McLennan J. brakeman ICR

McLennan Kenneth fireman ICR bds 154 Dorchester

McLeod J.W. engineer bds 558 George

McLeod John trams conductor h 275 Townshend

McLeod Neil fireman DI&S Co. h 181 Victoria Road

McLeod Rod brakeman DI&S Co. h Paine

McMaster Duncan brakeman ICR h 48 r Dodd

McMillan Bert engineer DI&S Co. bds St. Peter’s Road

McMillan City clerk S&GB Rwy. h Broadway

McMullin Neil engine driver ICR h 12 Glebe Ave.

McNaughton J.A. conductor S&GB Rwy. h Ferris

McNaughton John conductor CBE Co. h 107 Ferris

McNeil Alex A. conductor ICR h 101 George

McNeil Allan car cleaner ICR

McNeil Angus mechanic ICR h 64 Douglas

McNeil Angus J. cleaner ICR Round House

McNeil D.W. flagman ICR h Tain

McNeil Daniel section man D.C Co. bds 80 Dominion

McNeil Hector employee ICR h 23 r Argyle

McNeil Hugh fireman bds 1409 Victoria Road

McNeil J.A. delivery clerk ICR freight shed

McNeil James employee ICR h 89 South Bentinck

McNeil John H. brakeman ICR h 8 Armstrong c

McNeil John J. conductor ICR h 14 Ritchie

McNeil Joseph E. brakeman ICR h 133 Johnston

McNeil Miss Kate car cleaner ICR

McNeil Malcolm tube cleaner ICR Round House

McNeil Michael N fireman DI&S Co. h 150 Catherine

McNeil Neil freight clerk ICR bds 160 York

McNeil Phillip section man D.C. Co. bds 80 Dominion

McNeil R.D. brakeman ICR

McNeil Rod fireman CBE Co. h Victoria Road

McNeil Roderick F. employee ICR h 26 r Reserve

McNeil Roderick J. conductor ICR h 346 Townshend

McNeil W.R. engineer h 298 George

McPhee Alexander employee ICR h 26 Reserve

McPhee Neil S. employee ICR h 128 Argyle

McPhee Stephen employee ICR h 22 Reserve

McPherson D.J. fuelman ICR

McPherson Dan motorman S&GB Rwy. bds Argyle

McPherson H.J. fireman ICR bds 76 Intercolonial

McPherson Joseph track foreman CBE Co. h off Victoria Road

McPherson Neil employee ICR h 215 Townshend

McPherson Stan A. brakeman ICR rooms 46 Dolbin (N)

McPherson W.J. ICR policeman h 31 Dolbin (N)

McQuarrie Laughlin employee ICR h 167 Prince

McRury James engine driver ICR h 208 Townshend

McSutten J. laborer ICR Round House

McSween Dan fuelman ICR

McSween John employee ICR bds 76 Alexandra

McVicar John fireman DI&S Co. h 19 Ritchie

McVicar John tram conductor Court House Charlotte h do.

Mentaquette P. laborer ICR Round House

Mitchell William foreman Round House DI&S Co. h 324 George St.

Moore William employee ICR bds 404 Charlotte

Moorehouse John engineer bds 87 King’s Road

Morgan Wilson brakeman D C Co. h Paine

Morley John conductor h 289 Bentinck

Morris C.C. supt. transportation DI&S Co. h Inglis

Morris F. engineer DI&S Co. bds Pitt cor. Johnston

Morrison Dan. C. employee ICR bds 149 Johnston

Morrison Duncan brakeman DI&S Co. bds 96 Intercolonial

Morrison Fred C. locomotive engineer bds 23 Douglas Place

Morrison Peter car inspector ICR h 14 r Morrison

Morrison R.D. motorman S&GB Rwy. Co.

Morrison William P. fireman ICR bds 149 Johnston

Muggah E.J. engineer S&L Rwy. h 2 Ritchie

Muggah David E. employee ICR bds 167 George

Muggah Henry W. employee ICR h 167 George

Muggah Nelson E. employee ICR h 44 Intercolonial

Muggah P.N. carpenter ICR

Muggah Sidney R. asst. track master ICR bds Marine Hospital George

Munn W.A. conductor ICR h 83 Bentinck

Munroe A.E. clerk ICR h cor. George & Cromarty

Murphy Arthur brakeman ICR h 14 Pleasant

Murray James H. train despatcher ICR h 88 Rockdale a

Musgrave Harry B. engineer DI&S Co. h 101 Victoria Road

Musgrave Hedley V. train despatcher ICR h Cromarty

Musgrave John R. brakeman ICR h 41 Dolbin (N)



Neise Frank engineer DI&S Co. bds 127 Victoria Road

Neville Charles brakeman D Coal Co. bds 78 Dominion

Nicholson John blacksmith ICR h Louisa

Noseworthy Charles brakeman DI&S Co. bds 86 Tupper



O’Handley Stephen machinist ICR h 83 King’s Road

O’Neil John engineer DI&S Co. h Shore Road



Palmer H.K. yard master ICR h 70 So. Bentinck

Peppitt Wilson locomotive inspector h 625 George

Phalen William baggage master S&L Rwy. rooms 43 Dolbin (N)

Phillips Sanford locomotive engineer DI&S Co. h 279 Whitney Ave.

Porteous James engineer DI&S Co. h 139 Prince

Pouchie Wallace engineer DI&S Co. bds 144 Dominion

Prowse Albert S. engineer ICR h 55 Douglas



Ray Robert J engineer DI&S Co. h 123 George

Richardson George clerk ICR freight shed h 2 Lover’s Lane

Robert Herbert brakeman DI&S Co. h 641 Victoria Road

Russell J.L. car sealer ICR h 9 Wentworth



Sampson Patrick H. employee ICR h 250 Park

Sampson Patrick P. employee ICR h 32 r Campbell

Sargent John machinist ICR h 25 George

Sears Thomas employee ICR freight shed h 27 Brookland

Sears William employee ICR bds 27 Fairview

Setchell Frank H. locomotive engineer h 130 George

Scothorne Charles employee ICR h Fairview

Scothorne Herbert engine driver h 19 Campbell

Shephard Harvey conductor CBE Co. bds 7 Ferry

Skinner George car inspector D Coal Co. h 62 Dominion

Smith Daniel engineer h 289 r Pleasant

Smith Hoyt conductor DI&S Co. bds 439 Prince

Smith John brakeman DI&S Co. bds Muggah

Smith Murdock A. engine driver h 164 York

Smith Patrick brakeman DI&S Co. bds Muggah

‘Stewart John R. locomotive engineer DI&S Co. h 308 Park

Stiles Nelson brakeman bds Inglis

Strickland Wallace engineer DI&S Co. h St. Anne

Sullivan James news agent ICR bds 15 Douglas

Suttie James engineer DI&S Co. h St. Anne

Sweeney Michael frman DI&S Co. h 309 Whitney Ave (foreman or fireman?)



Tabor Walter brakeman DI&S Co. bds off Paine

Taylor H.W. clerk ICR freight shed bds St. Peter’s r

Titus H. Benjamin engineer ICR h 39 George

Tobin Charles driver ICR bds 175 Prince

Tobin Rupert fireman ICR h 173 Prince

Tobin William pipefitter ICR bds 175 Prince

Townsend George call boy ICR freight dept. bds 1 Douglas p

Trider Frederick brakeman ICR h 12 Fairview

Trider John trainman DI&S Co. bds Fitgerald’s Field off Victoria Road

Trider Levi C. yardmaster DI&S Co. h 26 Douglas

Troke William conductor CBE Co. bds 7 Ferry

Tutty Stephen engineer DI&S Co. h King’s Road



Urquhart John brakeman ICR bds 380 George



Walker George clerk ICR freight dpt.

Walker John fuelman ICR bds 214 Townshend

Watson Andrew engineer DI&S Co. h 288 Park

Webster – engineer CBE Co. bds 115 Prince

Wellwood R.A. employee ICR h 102 Crescent

Wilkins R.H. conductor ICR h 46 Intercolonial

Wilson Charles driver ICR h 18 Fairview

Woodill Joseph employee ICR h 14 Prince

Wright V. fireman ICR



Yeo George C. locomotive engineer DI&S Co. h 56 Dominion




Barry William baggage master ICR h 89 Forrest

Boissoneau J.A. train despatcher NSS&C Co. 92 Prince

Boninni Sylvester locomotive engineer h 385 Queen

Butler John employee ICR Ross Ave. off Gannon



Cameron C.A. telegraph operator ICR bds Holland

Canadian Pacific Railway Company’s Telegraph and Ticket offices J.C. Robertson agent 122 Commercial

Cann Andrew B. engineer h 29-31 Brook

Cann Isaac baggage master ICR h 27 Brook

Christie W.J. ICR Ticket Office & General agent Canadian Express Co. 145 Commercial h Archibald Ave.

Cogan John conductor CB Tram Co. bds 17 Blowers

Cogan Joseph engineer bds 17 Blowers



Edwards Bart brakeman NSS&C Co. bds 70 George

England George section man ICR bds North Sydney Junction

Evans Frank fireman h 132 Stanley



Forbes William employee ICR h 254 Queen


Gannon Anthony T. car inspector ICR h 125 Archibald Ave.

Gillis Alex telegraph operator ICR bds Holland

Gillis R. clerk ICR h Pleasant

Grant William employee ICR bds 46 Purves

Gunn Malcolm employee ICR h 62 Beech



Henderson Daniel section foreman h 189 Caledonia

Hickey Charles car inspector ICR h 104 Purves

Hicks John fireman h 233 Commercial

Hodder Albert J. trainman bds 442 Queen

Hodder Jeremiah trainman bds 442 Queen

Holland John engineer bds 96 Court



Ings Clement employee ICR h Ross Ave. off Queen

Innis James engineer h 101 Peppett

Ivey John engineer h 33 Margaret



Jackson Robert station master ICR h ICR station, Archibald Ave.

Jefferson Charles trackman NSS&C Co. h 132 Pierce

Jones J.H. engineer h 170 Archibald Ave.

Johnstone Albert section man h Gannon



Keeping George motorman h 16 Margaret

Kelly S.W. clerk ICR bds Queen

Knight Daniel engineer CBE Co. h 25 Pleasant

Knight Hilton fireman ICR bds 132 Pleasant



Langille Alex conductor CBE Co. bds 40 Purves

Langley James engineer h 248 Queen

Lewis George W. engineer h 49 Park

Lovell Thomas fireman h 84 Stanley



McCormack W.A. checker ICR bds 5 Forrest

McDonald D.D. car tracer ICR bds Beacon

McDougall Alexander fireman h 161 Regent

McKenzie W.F. engineer h 160 Caledonia

McMullin Joseph J. porter ICR bds 91 Pierce

McMullin Michael checker ICR bds 142 Purves

McNeil A. engineer h 12 Blowers

McNeil James section man ICR bds 15 Forrest

McPhee William section man ICR res. North Sydney Junction

Mead William fireman h 29 Ingraham

Meech W.H. locomotive engineer h 46 Purves

Moffatt Andrew L telegraph operator ICR h 376 Queen

Moffatt Frank baggage master ICR h 269 Prince

Moffatt Horace car checker ICR h 162 Pleasant

Moore Abraham engineer h 42 Ingraham

Moore Roy engineer h 54 Brook

Murphy John employee ICR h 76 George

Musgrave Jack car inspector bds 77 Brook



Nesbitt Charles porter ICR h Commercial



Pichi Bernard employee ICR h 186 Caledonia

Pike Charles fireman h 105-107 Stanley

Pushie J.H. conductor ICR h 218-220 Pleasant

Reid William A. fireman h 145 Stanley



Scott W.G. engineer h 21 Caledonia

Shanahan Robert conductor NSS&C Co. h 231 Commercial

Steele Daniel section man h 163 Archibald Ave.

Steele Frank section man ICR bds Gannon Road

Steele Roderick employee ICR bds Gannon

Steele Roderick brakeman ICR h 65-67 Caledonia



Taylor Thomas fireman h 109-111 Stanley



Young John fireman bds r 31 Forrest

Young Malcolm conductor bds 31 r Forrest

Young Michael employee ICR h 24 Purves




Arsenault John Conductor NSS&C Co.



Baker Arthur engineer h 257 Main

Barry George engineer h Fraser Ave.

Bishop Joseph brakeman NSS&C Co.

Bonner Daniel fireman NSS&C Co.

Bothwick David section man NSS&C Co.

Boutilier Alex fireman NSS&C Co.

Boyce Abraham section man NSS&C Co.

Boyd J.R. locomotive driver NSS&C Co.

Brown James Sr. engineer h Vicker’s Lane

Brown Thomas J. gen., supt. NSS&C Co. h 2 Crescent

Brown William engineer h Vicker’s Cove

Butts George engineer h Main

Butts Joseph engineer h 237 King William Road

Butts Joseph engineer h Oxford Ave.



Caswell Henry fireman NSS&C Co.

Clow James section man NSS&C Co.

Conway John policeman NSS&C Co. h Pond



Dwyer C.C. conductor NSS&C Co.

Edmunds James conductor NSS&C Co.

Edwards Bart brakeman NSS&C Co.



Fudge Jerry section man NSS&C Co.



Gourski John fireman NSS&C Co.



Haggerty John section man NSS&C Co.

Hannon John fireman NSS&C Co.

Hannon Thomas fireman NSS&C Co. bds Ocean

Hare James oiler NSS&C Co.

Hodder Jerry section man NSS&C Co.

Holmes A.D. brakeman NSS&C Co.

Hoolihan James fireman NSS&C Co. bds Atlantic



Janes John fireman NSS&C Co.

Jefferson Charles track master NSS&C Co.

Jennex Ogle fireman NSS&C Co.

Johnstone Thomas S. manager railway NSS&C Co.



Keigan Angus section foreman NSS&C Co.

Keigan Edward section man NSS&C Co.

Keigan W.H. section foreman NSS&C Co.



McArthur Thomas track master NSS&C Co.

McAvoy Daniel fireman NSS&C Co.

McCorville John car man NSS&C Co. h 382 Atlantic

McDonald D.H. engineer h Main

McDonald Daniel A. car shunter NSS&C Co.

McDonald John employee ICR bds Pond

McGee George fireman NSS&C Co.

McGregor James oiler NSS&C Co.

McInnis James section man NSS&C Co.

McIsaac Joseph locomotive fireman NSS&C Co.

McKay E.G. asst. superintendent NSS&C Co.

McLean Joseph section man NSS&C Co.

McLellan Thomas locomotive fireman NSS&C Co.

McMillan Michael fireman NSS&C Co.

McMillan R.D. fireman NSS&C Co.

McMullin D.J. locomotive driver NSS&C Co.

McMullin Kenneth fireman NSS&C Co.

Mincini Dom fireman NSS&C Co.

Muirhead William fireman NSS&C Co.

Musgrave John car inspector NSS&C Co.



Newman Edward fireman NSS&C Co.



O’Donald John oiler NSS&C Co.



Penny Ambrose section man NSS&C Co.

Penny Phillip section man NSS&C Co.

Pero Hugh section man NSS&C Co.

Phalen William Sr. foreman fireman NSS&C Co.



Ramsey David section man NSS&C Co.

Ramsey James section man NSS&C Co.

Reid Moses section foreman NSS&C Co.

Reid William fireman NSS&C Co.

Ricketts James fireman NSS&C Co.

Robinson Christopher motorman NSS&C Co.

Russell E.J. fireman NSS&C Co.



Shannahan A.J. conductor NSS&C Co.

Skinner William section man NSS&C Co.

Small William brakeman NSS&C Co.

Snow Alex fireman NSS&C Co.

Somers Albert foreman Round House NSS&C Co.

Sparks Arden section foreman NSS&C Co.

Stewart Neil train despatcher NSS&C Co. h Main



Taylor Thomas engine oiler NSS&C Co.

Thomas Lockman engineer NSS&C Co.

Tompkins F.M. employee ICR h Queen

Trimlet Tobias fireman NSS&C Co. h 396 Atlantic

Tutty Joseph conductor NSS&C Co. h Diggins



Vatcher Manuel fireman NSS&C Co.



Whalen P.J. conductor NSS&C Co.

White Murray oiler NSS&C Co.

Woodford William fireman NSS&C Co.



Youden William brakeman NSS&C Co.

Young M.R. section man NSS&C Co.

Young Malcolm conductor NSS&C Co.




Adamson John locomotive fitter h Main

Arnold A.J. station agent S&L Rwy. bds Bridgeport



Bates William M. laborer S&L Rwy. Power house res. Sterling

Bert George fireman No. 4 Colliery Caledonia

Boomer Chester fireman S&L Ry.

Budge George car trimmer No. 4 Colliery, Caledonia

Budge William fireman No. 4 Colliery Caledonia

Burchell Garnet engineer No. 8 Colliery Bridgeport

Burchell James engineer h 11 Dominion No. 4



Calder Peter conductor S&L Rwy.

Cameron John brakeman h Curry N. Aberdeen

Campbell Bernard engineer h Main

Campbell Dan section man S&L Rwy.

Campbell Daniel engineer No. 8 Colliery Bridgeport

Carmichael Charles engineer h May

Chiasson Charles F. engineer h 113 Dominion No. 4

Cheverie Sylvester car builder h off Reserve

Chisholm P. engineer res. No. 4

Clement William section man S&L Rwy.

Colland James fireman Colliery No. 4 Caledonia

Crowdis Duncan conductor S&L Rwy.



Davidson Robert engineer S&L Rwy. res Glace Bay

Day John H. conductor S&L Rwy. h Quarrie Point

Day John M. brakeman S&L Rwy.

Dennis Fielding fireman S&L rwy.

Derzarzi Giovanni fireman Dominion No. 4

Dickson Charles brakeman S&L Rwy. bds Black Diamond Café

Dickson E. engine cleaner

Doucette William section man S&L Rwy.

Downs John fireman h Main



Feander Thomas brakeman S&L rwy.

Ferguson David locomotive fitter

Ferguson John engineer res. New Aberdeen

Ferguson Morrison oiler Colliery No. 4 Caledonia

Ferguson Neil laborer S&L Rwy. h Murphy’s Lane

Fisher Frank locomotive fitter

Fletcher Daniel fireman S&L Rwy.

Flynn Joseph conductor h Reserve



Gillis Hugh engineer h Water

Good Harry brakeman S&L Rwy.

Goodwin John brakeman S&L Rwy.

Graham W.D. track master S&L Rwy. h Reserve

Grant William car builder h Main



Henderson Courtney brakeman S&L Rwy.

Hickman Frederick fireman S&L Rwy

Hickman George locomotive driver S&L Rwy. H Reserve

Hogan Jerry engineer Colliery No. 8 Bridgeport

Holmes Oliver locomotive driver S&L Rwy.

Holmes Parker locomotive driver S&L Rwy.

Hull H.H. despatcher S&L Rwy. h Mechanic’s Row

Hull William car foreman h Union



Ingraham Bert policeman S&L Rwy.



Jamieson John J. fireman S&L Rwy.

Johnson James policeman S&L Rwy, h May



Kerr D.J. fireman S&L Rwy.



Langwith James fireman h Victoria

Langwith James engineer h 29 Dominion No. 4

Leaman John supt. car shops h Union

LeClare Frank brakeman Colliery No. 8 Bridgeport

Lewis Mark conductor S&L Rwy.

Lyons Robert fireman S&L Rwy.



Marne Henry fireman S&L Rwy.

Martell Alex section man S&L Rwy.

Martell Thomas section man S&L Rwy.

McAulay Kenneth clerk S&L Rwy.

McAulay Kenneth P. tram conductor h Victoria

McCuish Charles brakeman S&L Rwy.

McCuish John baggage master S&L Rwy.

McCuish John fireman Colliery No. 4 Caledonia

McDonald A.D. fireman S&L rwy.

McDonald Alexander engineer Colliery No. 8 Bridgeport

McDonald Alex N. fireman h Union

McDonald Archibald fireman Colliery No. 8 Bridgeport

McDonald C.J. conductor S&L Rwy.

McDonald Colin R. brakeman S&L Rwy.

McDonald Daniel E, engineer h South

McDonald Daniel R. conductor S&L Rwy.

McDonald Hector brakeman h off Main

McDonald Hugh fireman S&L Rwy.

McDonald James fireman h Union

McDonald John M. conductor S&L Rwy.

McDonald John W. section man S&L Rwy.

McDonald Kenneth J. fireman Colliery No. 4 Caledonia

McDonald L.J. car inspector

McDonald Malcolm A. section man S&L Rwy.

McDonald N. engine cleaner

McDonald Rod fireman bds Dominion No. 4

McDonald William fireman Colliery No. 8 Bridgeport

McDougall Daniel engineer h South

McEachern D.H. fireman S&L Rwy.

McGillivary Frank engineer h Union

McGillivary Melvin brakeman S&L Rwy.

McInnis John A. brakeman S&L Rwy.

McInnis Robert engineer h Union

McIntyre Allan section foreman S&L Rwy.

McKeen J.R. station agent S&L Rwy. h Main

McKeigan Daniel A. locomotive fitter

McKenzie Daniel fireman Colliery No. 4 Caledonia

McKenzie Daniel locomotive driver S&L Rwy.

McKenzie Daniel C. engineer h King Edward

McKenzie James P. engineer h Union

McKenzie James W. engineer h Union

McKenzie Michael conductor S&L Rwy.

McKenzie Murdock locomotive fitter h Water

McKenzie Peter engineer h Union

McKenzie Alex F. locomotive driver Colliery No. 8 Bridgeport

McKinnon Daniel J. oiler No. 4 Colliery h 40 Caledonia

McKinnon Joseph fireman h 117 Dominion No.4

McLeod Charles employee S&L Rwy. bds Chapel Hill

McLean J.W. brakeman S&L Rwy.

McLean James fireman Colliery No. 8 Bridgeport

McLean James conductor S&L Rwy.

McLean Keith engineer h 148 Dominion No.4

McLean Lauchlin supt. S&L Rwy h McKeen

McLean Thomas fireman Sydney & Glace Bay Rwy. res. Glace Bay

McLellan A.J. locomotive driver S&L Rwy.

McLellan Christopher engineer h Union

McLellan Martin car builder

McLennan Christopher locomotive driver S&L Rwy.

McLennan James section man h York

McLeod Alexander engineer Col. 4 Caledonia

McLeod Angus car builder

McLeod C.N. auditor S&L Rwy. bds Glace Bay Hotel

McLeod Charles freight handler S&L Rwy.

McLeod Colin oiler Col. No. 4 Caledonia

McLeod D.H. clerk S&L Rwy.

McLeod Rory fireman S&L rwy.

McLeod Richard fireman Col. No. 4 Caledonia

McLeod William fireman Col. No. 4 Caledonia

MacNamara L. despatcher S&L Rwy. bds Black Diamond Café

McNeil Alexander locomotive driver S&L Rwy.

McNeil Daniel engineer h Bridgeport

McNeil John A. brakeman S&L Rwy.

McNeil John A. section man S&L Rwy.

McNeil Michael locomotive driver S&L Rwy.

McNeil Michael M. engineer h Union

McNeil Stephen section man S&L Rwy.

McPherson Hugh engineer Reserve

McPherson Isaac brakeman S&L Rwy.

McPherson John T. engineer Quarrie Point

McPherson Rod engineer Sydney & Glace Bay Railway

McPherson Rory engineer Sterling Road

McRitchie Kenneth clerk S&L Rwy. bds S. Catherine

McRury James fireman S&L Rwy.

McSween James section foreman h Bridgeport

McSween Joseph section man S&L Rwy.

McVicar Duncan car shunter Col. No. 4 Caledonia

McVicar Murdoch fireman Sydney & Glace Bay Railway

Miller Emerson fireman Col. No. 4 Caledonia

Morris J.J. brakeman S&L Rwy.

Morrison Ernest oiler Col. No. 4 Caledonia

Morrison John section man S&L Rwy. bds Bruce

Moxner J.B. brakeman S&L Rwy.

Murray Michael section man S&L Rwy.

Myers George engineer res. Caledonia



Nickerson Arthur brakeman S&L Rwy.



O’Donnell Ronald section man h off Argyle

O’Neil C.M. engineer h Main



Parsons Joseph fireman Col. No. 4 Caledonia

Payne Thomas fireman res. Caledonia

Pentz Charles section man S&L Rwy.

Peters Bruce engineer S&L Rwy. h Brookside

Phalen William brakeman S&L Rwy.

Pushie A.D. foreman Round House h Union

Pushie Ernest engineer h Union

Pushie Nathan W. engineer S&L Rwy. h Reserve



Rensom Kennthe brakeman S&L Rwy.

Rice Morgan fireman S&L Rwy.

Roach John engine cleaner

Robertson James flagman S&L Rwy.

Robertson William fireman h 90 Dominion No. 4

Ross George fireman h 95 Dominion No. 4



Skinner John conductor S&L Rwy.

Southwell William fireman Col. No. 8 Bridgeport

Spencer Abraham W., engineer S&L Rwy. h Union



Townsend Arthur locomotive driver S&L Rwy.

Townsend David fireman S&L Rwy.

Townsend Enoch brakeman S&L Rwy.

Townsend Harry fireman S&L Rwy.

Townsend Henry N. engine cleaner

Townsend Phillip fireman S&L Rwy.

Toomey Simon engineer h North

Turrill William locomotive fitter

Tutty Napoleon section man S&L Rwy.



Wadden George brakeman S&L Rwy.

Wadden Reuben brakeman S&L Rwy.

Wadman Richard fireman Col. No. 4 Caledonia

Wadman Robin fireman Col. No. 4 Caledonia

Warner Charles freight handler S&L Rwy.

Warner Clarence baggage master S&L Rwy. h Senator’s Lane

Warner Harry fireman No., 2 bds Aberdeen Hotel

Warner Justin freight handler S&L Rwy.

Warner Justin fireman h Bruce

Welton Robert engineer Dominion No. 4

Whyte George S. engineer h Main

Wilson Walter fireman S&L Rwy.




Campbell Frank R. motorman h Church



Dooley Percy tel. operator S&L Ry. bds Dominion Hotel



Haley Edward P. engineer h Atlantic

Haley Martin J. engineer and President Workman’s Store Ltd. h Sea View

Hall Joseph fireman h King’s Road



McAdam John fireman h Park

McDonald William H. section foreman h King’s Road

McInnis Charles engineer h Commercial

McKay Alex fireman h Neville

McLean James conductor h Mitchell Ave.

McLean John car inspector h King’s Road

McLean Roderick engineer h Duggan

McPherson Patrick fireman h Neville



Powell George fireman bds Dominion



Squires Arthur station agent S&L Ry. h Church

Stevens Aubrey engineer h Duggan




Bagnell Thomas engineer Louisburg



Campbell Dougall engineer cr. Riverdale and Wolf

Campbell John engineer Main

Cann Percy engineer Havenside

Crowdis Duncan conductor Main



Dickson Charles fireman Commercial

Dickson Charles G. brakeman Commercial

Dickson Murray engineer Commercial

Dickson William J. engineer Commercial

Dillon John Jr. brakeman Kent



Grey William C. engineer Main



Hickman Frederick fireman Brittanac



Jackson John engineer Wolf



Kerr Daniel brakeman Riverdale



Ludey Patrick brakeman Kent



McCuish John D. brakeman Commercial

McDonald Alexander section foreman Havenside

McDonald Charles M. engineer Louisburg

McDonald Daniel W. engineer Main

McDonald John A. engineer Main

McDonald Malcolm A. brakeman Lorway

McDonald W. car repairer Main

McKenzie Kenneth fireman Kent

McKenzie Michael conductor Main (East)

McLean Donald section man Pepperell

McPherson Donald car repairer Main

McPherson James brakeman Main

Muggah Edward engineer Main



Nicholson Donald brakeman Pepperell

Nicholson Lauchlin brakeman Main



Peach Clarence fireman Main



Rafuse Kennedy brakeman Main

Ranson Joseph fireman Main

Ross Donald fireman Elwood



Spears Arthur fireman Alexander

Stacey A.W. engineer Main



Tilley Alfred station agent Main

Townsend Arthur M. engineer Main

Townsend Durmott fireman Main

Townsend Enoch brakeman Havenside

Townsend Henry N. fireman Main

Townsend Isaac fireman Main

Townsend Isaac W. fireman Main

Townsend Phillip fireman Main

Townsend William fireman h Main



Waddin George brakeman Main




Arnold Adolph station agent S&L Rwy. Mira Gut

Austin George B. station master North Sydney Junction



Ball Ingraham employee ICR Ball’s Creek

Bates William E. section foreman S&L Ry. Bateston

Battersby John employee ICR West Side

Battersby William employee ICR West Side

Bellefontaine William station agent ICR Shunacadie

Boutilier John fireman Florence

Boutilier Millege employee ICR West Side

Burbank Clarence fireman Florence



Campbell Donald section foreman Milton

Campbell Neil A. section man Boisedale

Cape Breton Coal Iron & Railway Co. Broughton

Clarke Andrew section foreman Milton



Devine Michael station master George’s River

Dickson Colin H. engineer Bateston

Donovan John engineer Reserve



Farrell Stephen brakeman ICR Benacadie

Flynn John engineer Reserve



Gallivan Edward engineer Reserve

Gardner David engineer Reserve



Hogan John H. engineer Reserve

Howie Duncan engineer Big Glace Bay


Johnston John employee ICR Ball’s Creek



Lewis Frederick engineer Reserve



Malcolm Ralph engineer Big Glace Bay

Matheson John A. brakeman Reserve

McAulay Angus engineer Port Morien

McAulay Hugh trackman Grand Lake

McAulay Malcolm engineer Port Morien

McAulay Norman E. engineer Dominion No. 6 (mine)

McCuish Charles employee S&L Ry. Catalone Road

McDonald John D. section man Catalone

McDonald Stephen D. bridge tender and farmer Grand Narrows

McDonald William engineer Reserve

McDougall Daniel J. section foreman Christmas Island

McKeigan Murdock ICR station agent North West Arm

McKenzie Archibald M. section man Christmas Island

McKinnon John P. section man Shunacadie

McKinnon Michael H. section foreman Big Beach

McKinnon Neil section man Glasgow

McLean Angus K. fireman Florence

McLean Archibald R. engineer Reserve

McLeod Alexander engineer Reserve

McLeod William engineer Dominion No. 6

McMillan Alexander engineer Florence

MacNeil Dominic engineer Port Morien

McNeil John D. section man Big Beach

McPherson Hugh engineer Dominion No. 6

Mitchell Edward engineer Dominion No. 6

Munroe Harvey engineer Barrachois

Murray George section foreman Big Glace Bay

Myers Harry engineer Harbour



Nicholson Allen section man Port Morien

Nicholson Hugh J. section man Barrachois harbour



Peppett Wilson employee ICR Ball’s Creek



Robinson Allen section man S&L Ry. Catalone

Robinson Donald section man S&L Ry. Catalone

Robinson John section man S&L Ry. Catalone

Robinson Roderick section man Bateston



Spencer Wentworth engineer Dominion No. 6

Steele Allan section man Boisedale



Tait Garvin engineer Florence



Wadden David brakeman FB Beach

Woods Charles B. engineer Port Morien




Cameron James A. fireman h 137 Central Ave.

Campbell Alexander fireman IR&Coal. Co.

Campbell William locomotive driver bds Central Ave.

Chisholm Daniel F. fireman bds 513 Mann Ave.



Davis Henry brakeman res. Ports Hawkesbury

Deagle George attendant cars IR&Coal Co.

Deagle John N. attendant railway cars h 8 Shore Road

Deagle John E. fireman h 409 Main Ave.



Gillis Stephen locomotive engineer IR&Coal Co.



Hill Joseph fireman IR&Coal Co.



Judson Charles attendant railway cars h 414 Main Ave.



Keiver D.W. conductor h 95 Railway

Kennedy Chris section foreman IR&Coal Co.

Kennedy John section man IR&Coal Co.



Ladd G.B. train hand Inverness Railway bds Central Ave.

LeBlanc Sylvester fireman IR&Coal Co.



McArthur Allan fireman IR&Coal Co.

McBean William station agent h 409 Mann Ave.

McDonald Angus R. section man IR&Coal Co.

McDonald Daniel brakeman IR&Coal Co.

McDonald Dougald attendant railway cars IR&Coal Co.

McDonald J.J. locomotive engineer h101 Central Ave.

McDonald John D. fireman bds 201 McKenzie Ave.

McDonald Ronald H. attendant railway cars h 144 Central Ave.

McDougall Angus conductor 203 Mann Ave.

McDougall Duncan attendant railway cars IR&C Co.

McEachern John conductor h 606 River

McFadyen Roderick conductor res Port Hastings

McInnis Angus brakeman IR&Coal. Co.

McInnis Hugh brakeman IR&Coal. Co.

McIsaac Dougald H. brakeman IR&Coal. Co.

McIsaac Lewis attendant railway cars IR & Col Co.

McIsaac Murdo brakeman IR&Coal Co.

McIsaac Rory conductor IR&Coal Col.

McKay Donald fireman h Quincey

McKinnon James locomotive engineer h 402 Central Ave.

McLean Angus brakman IR& Coal Co.

McLean Daniel R. attendant railway cars bds Central Ave.

McLean John locomotive driver IR&Coal Co.

McLean John section man IR&Coal Co

McLean Murdo brakeman IR&Coal Co.

McLeod Duncan fireman h 9 Shore Road

McMillan A.B. train despatcher bds 402 Mann Ave.

McMillan Allan fireman IR&Coal Co.



Rankin John P. attendant railway cArs IR&Coal Co.

Ross Stanley wiper IR&Coal Co.

Ryan John baggage man h 504 Mann Ave.



Smith Allister brakeman IR&Coal Co.

Smith Frederick fireman IR&Coal Co.



Tamary John asst. station agent bds 407 Mann Ave.

Tamary Thomas brakeman h 207 Mann Ave.




Bell Robert J. engineer h Main

Buckmaster Willie section foreman bds Main



Cameron Angus A. engineer h Main

Campbell A.J. mechanical superintendent Port Hood Coal & Railway Co. Ltd. bds Main



Getto Joseph fireman h South End



McDonald D.A. station master and local manager Canadian Express Co. h Main

McDonald John A. engine driver res. Seaside

McDougall Angus section foreman h Dunmore Road

McMillian Daniel J. section man h Main



Port Hood Richmond Railway Coal Co. Ltd. Port Hood Mines



Smith Fred W. engine driver h Main

Smythe Malcolm (Pete’s son) engineer bds Main




Beaton Alex station agent bds South Granville



Davis Robert engineer Scotia bds Brown



Embree Lewis employee ICR bds South Granville



Gillis Frederick employee ICR bds North Granville



Hennesy Daniel employee ICR h Nepean

Hennesy Peter fireman h Nepean



Joneas James F. engine driver h Pitt



Langley George B. section man h South Granville

Langley George E. engineer bds South Granville



McDonald Stephen fireman ICR bds North Granville

McEachern Arch D. fireman h Church

McEachern Daniel section man bds Brown

McIntosh Angus fireman ICR bds North Granville

McIsaac Daniel employee ICR bds River Road

McIsaac Stephen employee ICR bds South Granville

McKinnon John employee ICR bds Brown

McPherson Farquhar baggage master h Black

McPherson James (F’s son) employee ICR bds Black

Mills William P. employee ICR bds Church

Morrison Alfred section man h River Road



Philpot William fireman h South Granville



Ryan Wilfred (D.’s son) brakeman bds Church



Warner Thomas fireman bds South Granville




Blue Donald section man and farmer Valley Mills

Brown William station agent W B Road

Buckmaster William section foreman Seaside



Cameron Duncan (son of John) railway man North-west Arm



Davis Henry railway man Port Hastings

Deagle John E. fireman Inverness



Fownes C.A. s mill Orangedale ICR



Johnston William fireman Mabou



LeBlanc Sylvain fireman Grande Etang

LeLievre Dominick (son E.) section man Little River



McArthur Allan railway fireman Port Hastings

McDonald Alex section foreman Strathlorne

McDonald Dan station agent Mabou

McDonald Daniel (son of D.) brakeman Low Point

McDonald Donald trackman Lower Judique

McDonald Hugh D. railway station agent Judique

McDonald John H. section man and farmer Low Point

McDonnell Colin (son of Alex) railway conductor Judique Point

McDougall A. s agent Glencoe (station agent?)

McEachern Alex (s of Don) section man Port Hastings

McEachern Duncan farmer and railway contractor Queenside

McInnis Angus railway contractor Low Point

McInnis Angus brakeman Gen. Line

McInnis Duncan railway section foreman Newtown

McInnis Hugh (s J.) brakeman Gen. Line

McInnis John M. railway conductor West Bay

McKenzie William fireman Mabou

McKinnon James station agent and farmer Strathlorne

McLean Murdock brakeman Newtown

McLean William A. engine driver Troy

McMaster A. station agent Creignish

McMaster Angus railway section man and farmer Low Point

McMaster Duncan (s. Dan) railway section man Long Point

McMillan A.D. asst. s agent Port Hastings

McMillan Angus B. train despatcher Inverness

McMillan Dangabar asst. station agent Port Hastings

McPhee Angus section man Smithville

McQuarrie John section foreman West Bay Road

McRae William section foreman Port Hastings

Moffatt T.P. station agent Point Tupper

Morrison John section man West Bay Road



Patrie William coal agent and station agent Port Hastings

Petree W. s agent Port Hastings

Power John (s. John) section man So-West



Skinner D.J. asst s agent Port Hastings



No railway listings




Jackson Daniel (son Hugh) fireman St. Peter’s

Jackson Henry railway section man St. Peter’s

Johnson George E. secty-manager Cape Breton Railway St. Peter’s



Lindloff Frank railway section man St. Peter’s



Matheson Hector railway fireman St. Peter’s

McEwan William railway conductor St. Peter’s

McGlashing James railway engineer St. Peter’s

McLean John C. railway foreman St. Peter’s

Morrison Robert C. engineer and fancy goods St. Peter’s




Campbell Malcolm car inspector Point Tupper

Cass Alexander freight master Point Tupper



Gillis John C. railway foreman Point Tupper



Landry Simon fireman Sampsonville

Langley James railway section foreman Point Tupper



Martin Stewart A. engine driver Point Tupper

McDonald Angus section man Point Tupper

McDonald Daniel section foreman Point Tupper

McDougall Neil railway section man Grande Anse

McIntosh John L. railway section foreman Dundee

McIntosh Robert M. railway section foreman Dundee

McLeod M.A. mechanical foreman ICR Point Tupper

McPherson F. baggage master ICR Point Tupper

McPherson Stanley ICR brakeman McPherson’s Ferry

Morrison A.E. ICR transfer supt. Point Tupper

Morrison Henry railway engineer Point Tupper

Murphy Peter fireman Barra Head

Murray Albert ICR porter Point Tupper



Oliver William railway section foreman River Inhabitants



Poirier Alfred W. car repairer Point Tupper

Proctor William railway section foreman River Inhabitants

Proctor William J. railway section foreman River Inhabitants



Reeves Henry fireman McPherson’s Ferry



Urquhart John H. brakeman Grand River




Bethune Robert A.J. engineer Baddeck

Bleasdale John engineer Baddeck



Intercolonial Railway Ticket Office A.S. McDonald ticket agent Baddeck




Campbell Hugh locomotive engineer N Campbellton

Cary Samuel engineer Cape Dauphin



Fader Abner fireman Englishtown



Matheson John C. railway employee Ferry Landing Little Narrows

McDonald Archy M. bridge tender ICR Iona

MacDonald M.A.J. station agent Iona and of MacDonald & Gillis McKinnon’s Harbour

McDonald Neil H. railway employee Westmere

McDonald Peter B. farmer and section man ICR Ottawa Brook

McDougall Daniel fireman Upper Washabuck

McDougall James A. fireman Upper Washabuck

McKenzie William locomotive engineer New Harris

McKinnon Rory S. farmer and section man ICR McKinnon’s Harbour

McLean Peter railway employee rear Estmere

McLennan Lewis engineer North Campbellton

McLeod Colin jr. engineer Cape Dauphin

McLeod Roderick engineer Cape Dauphin

McNeil Alex P. bridge foreman ICR Iona

McNeil Francis F. farmer and section man ICR Barra Glen

McNeil John P. section foreman ICR Iona

McRitchie John D. engine driver Little Narrows

Morrison John engineer New Campbellton