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Railway Heritage Sites along the Glooscap Trail

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Sections of railway now in use as trails are outlined in dark green.
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14 Brookfield

Thanks to Steve Boyko for the photo.

14 Brookfield
The Brookfield Station of 1933 was recently preserved and relocated to the Ed Creelman Park following many years as a section house for CN workers. Watch the passage of at least one passenger train each afternoon and the occassional freight train during daylight hours.
Route 289 from Exit 12 on Route 102.
Call 1-902 673-3334.
Open: June to August -  Daily 11 to 4.

E-mail: gordon.burnett@ns.sympatico.ca

15 Maitland

15 South Maitland
A 1975 CN caboose now painted in DAR colours is the focal point of the South Maitland Community Park. Nearby tides are the world's highest.
Routes 215 and 289.
Call 1-902 261-2360.
Open: June to October - Monday to Friday 10 to 6.

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16 Clifton
The Woodlands and Meadows Perennial Nursery & Gardens is home to CN 79873, a Point St.Charles-built caboose and to Terra Nova - a former CN Newfoundland sleeping car and then Terra Transport Official car. Ask about the on-site railway display.
827 Blackrock Road (Route102 Exit 14 Route 236 for 10 km).
Call 1-902 895-8727.
Open: May & June - Wednesday to Sunday afternoons; July to September by chance or appointment.

E-mail: garden.rail@ns.sympatico.ca

Web site: http://www.woodlandsandmeadows.ca/trains.htm
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DAR station Truro 26 August 2003 17 Truro
The DAR Station was until recently a warehouse for a truck transportation company, but its future is uncertain.
Truro station 1 September 2002

VIA 15 Truro 13 June 2004
18 Truro
The VIA Rail station, in use by the railway, is part of a strip mall. In the upper photo the entrance to the station is seen on 1 September 2002.

In the lower photo VIA 15, the westbound Ocean, is loading passengers on 13 June 2004.
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