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About the NSRHS

crest.jpg (12800 bytes)The Nova Scotia Railway Heritage Society (NSRHS) encourages the preservation and interpretation of buildings, artifacts and information related to the development and history of railways in Nova Scotia. If you have information or resources that you would like to provide please contact the Society. The Society needs your support to continue this important work. Donations will be welcomed by the Society and by the individual sites to help sustain our preservation and interpretation activities.

Our logo is adapted from the timeless image of Evangeline, the Acadian heroine, by Scottish artist Thomas Faed. This design was used by the Dominion Atlantic Railway in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley commencing  in 1877.

PRESIDENT: Bill Linley (bill.linley@gmail.com)
Additional Directors elected at the 2008 AGM: Andy Chisholm, Wayne MacDonald and Andrew Blackburn.
WEBMASTER: Steve Boyko


Individual Memberships are available for $10 per year

Railway Heritage Site memberships are $25 per year

Donations are most welcome to help pay for the work of the society including our web page, brochures, heritage projects and submissions to task forces and commissions.

Copyright of the material on this site is held by several sources, so please do not assume that any portion of the content is in the public domain. If you wish to copy any material on this site, please contact us (the Nova Scotia Railway Heritage Society) to find out who holds the copyright. You will then have to contact the source provided for permission to use that material. If you would like to add the URL of this site as a link from another web site, please contact the webmaster Steve Boyko (steve@theboykos.com) for permission to do so.

This project was supported in part by the Strategic Development Initiative Program
of the Nova Scotia Department of Tourism and Culture

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