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Railway Heritage Sites on Cape Breton Island


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Sections of railway now in use as trails are outlined in dark green.
For more information see the Rail to Trails website.
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West Bay Station West Bay Station
The remains of West Bay Station still stand beside the track. Photo taken on 20 June 2004 by David Othen.
28 Orangedale.

28 Orangedale
Intercolonial Railway station now the Orangedale Railway Museum.
TCH Exit 4, 6 km south.
Call 1-902 756-3384.
Open: Wednesday thru Sunday from 30 June 2006 to
25 August 2006 Daily 10 to 5 (Closed Mon-Tue).

For more information click here.

29 Port Hood 25 June 2006 29 Port Hood
CNR Station now Community Funeral Home.
30 Inverness

30 Inverness
The Inverness Miners' Museum occupies the station built in 1901 by the Inverness Railway and Coal Co. as the terminus of its route from Port Hawkesbury. Local pioneers and the coal mining industry that thrived in the 19th and early 20th centuries are featured in the station. 62 Lower Railway Street - off Route 19.
Call 1-902 258-3822.
Open: June to October - Monday to Friday 9 to 5;
Saturday & Sunday 12 to 5.

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31 The Bras d'Or
The Bras d'Or was VIA's luxury excursion train that glided from Halifax to Cape Breton and return during the summer season. Riders enjoyed elegant on-board meals and scenic dome cars offered maximum opportunities to enjoy the ever-changing vistas and seascapes. The train ran from 2001 to 2004 with a test run in fall 2000.

32 Little Bras d'Or

32 Little Bras d'Or
Coal to Cream is the story of this little caboose, now the Udder Delight Ice Cream Stand. Originally from the Anthracite Region of Pennsylvania, the caboose served the Sydney & Louisburg Railway in Cape Breton before becoming a favourite stopping place for ice cream connoisseurs.
Trans Canada Highway.
Call 1-902 736-9643.
Open: May to October Daily 9 to 9.

33 Sydney Mines

33 Sydney Mines
This 1900 Intercolonial station houses the collection of the Sydney Mines Heritage Society and features exhibits on the local coal and steel making industries. Don't miss the caboose, fossil museum and nearby railway mural.
159 Legatto Street - TCH Exit 12 to Route 305.
Call 1-902 544-0992.
Open: May to October Daily 10 to 5.

More photos are on the images pages of the Sydney Mines Heritage Society.
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33 Sydney Mines 34 North Sydney
Former CNR/VIA station now owned by CB&CNS
35 North Sydney former CN station 35 North Sydney
The former CNR station was in use by John C MacMillan Ltd on 14 September 2002 as a commercial Office
36 Sydney station for Bras d'Or 36 Sydney
VIA Station, was used for boarding the Bras d'Or.
37 Sydney crossing tower 37 Sydney
Crossing Tower, awaiting restoration. Photo 22 July 1986.
38 Sydney 38 Sydney
CNR/VIA station, awaiting restoration
39 Louisbourg

39 Louisbourg
The Louisburg Station is located at Louisbourg (note difference in spelling).
Route 22.
Call 1-902 733-2720.
Open: mid May - mid October Daily 9 to 5
(July & August 8 to 8).

For more information click here.

40 Glace Bay

40 Glace Bay
A simulated mine ride and guided tour of the Ocean Deeps Colliery at the Miner's Museum imparts the gripping story of coal mining in Cape Breton and the impact it had on railways and society.
42 Birkley Street off Route 28.
Call 1-902 849-4522. Admission charged.
Open: September to May - Monday to Friday 9 to 4;
June to August - Daily 10 to 6.
E-mail: info@minersmuseum.com

For information on the Miner's Museum visit their site.
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41 St Peter's 28 June 2006 41 St.Peter's
CNR Station now Senior's Centre.
38 Sydney 42 Port Hawkesbury
CB&CNS Station, in use by railway.
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